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Fantasy Hockey Team Name Generator

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to game seven of this thrilling matchup. The games have been superb so far, and we saw all manner of dekes, saves, assists, and goals, and some of the plays we saw could certainly be considered top-notch. And now, without further ado, the home team, our heroes on ice, Bruisin’ Blizzards!”

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The Perfect Strome

Lack Luster

Drunk Dahlin

Washington Walruses

Snow Owls

Burns Notice

North Kariya

Moose Knuckles

Fresh Out of the Ovechkin

Dicken’s Cider

Ice Town Mayors

Backes Door Bangers

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Hockey is one one the most famous sports across the globe, especially in North America where the toughest league in the world is played every year. Fans from almost every country tune in just to watch their favorite athletes and teams compete.

This, in turn, leads to many people wanting to try their own skills, lead their own teams, and compete against friends to see who has put their knowledge to best use and win a trophy of their own, a trophy that can rightfully become a bragging right.

You can take many different approaches to create a name for your team, and a good way to start is to take into account what type of a name you want, how much cleverness and humor might be appropriate, and who you’ll be playing against.

Good Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Good names usually take inspiration from different hockey-related things, such as team names, player names, equipment, the jargon used by the fans, and many other words that can fit that same narrative.

  • Twisted Wristers
  • Lucky Puckers
  • Hits Different
  • The Thicc Blue Line
  • Checkers and Chips
  • Tin KnightsLater, Skater
  • Thin Ice
  • Icing the Win
  • RedLine Energy
  • Bring Your Eh Game
  • Nothing but Net
  • Blades of Glory
  • Epic Enforcers
  • Moves Like Jagr
  • Cease and Assist
  • Slick Sticks
  • Mid Ice Crisis
  • Rusty Blades
  • Cashed Checkers
  • Foul Mouths
  • Puck Daddies
  • Skateful Dead
  • Goal Diggers
  • Cheapskates
  • Plow Kings

Inappropriate Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Sometimes you want a name that will raise eyebrows, have sexual innuendos, make someone chuckle, or simply show off your creativity in a more adult manner, and having such an inappropriate team name can set the tone from the moment others set their eyes on it.

  • Faulk You!
  • Who the puck drafted this team
  • Shattenkirk’s Mouth
  • Eager to get your Kiprusoff
  • One Kessticle
  • I Just Don’t Give a Puck
  • De Haan Job
  • Mother Puckers
  • He Shoots, She Screams
  • Grabner Tits
  • Here 4 The Letang Bang
  • Benn Dover
  • Stickin’ it to ya
  • The Bathroom Staals
  • Me So Vyborny
  • Big Buff Balls
  • Bros Before Hossas
  • The Butt Enders
  • Fussy Puckers
  • Mighty Pigs
  • Statutory Apes
  • Lick My Five Hole
  • Tig Ol` Bitties
  • Seed of Kovalchukie
  • Finger’n my Barasso

Funny Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Hockey is a game that doesn’t need to be serious all the time, at least outside the rink, and adding some humor to the mix might just be the thing that will show your friends and other people you play against that one can have fun while winning or losing.

  • Blackhawks Down
  • Capitals Punishment
  • March of the Penguins
  • Laich and Load
  • Jagr Meister
  • Turris Trap
  • Mighty Drunks
  • Ennis Envy
  • Welcome Back Couture
  • Backes Spasms
  • Fruit Lupuls
  • Stepan Stones
  • Wu LeTang Clan
  • Benn There
  • Wheeler Dealers
  • Done and Doan
  • Group Krug
  • Rask Force
  • Poulin Out
  • Doan Shifters
  • Despres Measures
  • LeTang Dynasty
  • Doughty Work
  • Smokin’ Budaj
  • Gaunce of Pain

Clever Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Whether you want to impress someone or simply be the owner of a team with a clever name, we can draw inspiration from many sources and wordplay is the most usual way to come up with a name that will satisfy your hunger for creativity.

  • No Regretskys
  • Beasts of the Baseline
  • Puck Norris
  • Ice Breakers
  • Ice Holes
  • Rink Rats
  • Ice Ice Baby
  • Ugly Pucklings
  • Eskimo Brothers
  • Back That Pass Up
  • Hatrick Swayze
  • Hockey Balboa
  • Me so Hornqvist
  • Staal Tactics
  • Too hot to Yandle
  • Jagr Bombs
  • No Rest for the Fleury
  • Survive and Prospal
  • Bettman Returns
  • Semyon & Garfunkel
  • Skate or Die
  • Victorious Secrets
  • The Seattle Shiverers
  • NHL Rejects
  • Ice Town Mayors

Fantasy Hockey is considered to be in the top 5 fantasy games played by people worldwide, and thousands of seasons and millions of games have been played so far. Whether one takes it seriously or decides to play for fun and fun only, coming up with a team name is most likely the first step to make, and there are far more ideas out there than what we’ve covered. Think of what you’re trying to achieve with the name, what would provide the most entertainment for both you and other players, and create a name worthy of the next great season that could be yours for the taking.

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