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“I am Beechtalon, Defender of the Grove! I will warn you once and once only to leave this place. If you do not, rather than consuming us as you intended to, you will fertilize our next generation.”

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The Ghoran are sentient plants created long ago by an obsessive Druid. Because they were made to be an expression of perfection, however, they were also created to be delicious, a fact that nearly resulted in their extinction.

While Ghoran are plants, they are also humanoid in form and possess the capabilities to reproduce speech as beings of flesh do. Draw inspiration from the sounds of nature when coming up with good Ghoran names!

Good Ghoran Names

A good Ghoran name captures a sense of the natural world, either in sound or by using specific plant names in its construction.

  • Sylxalim
  • Elamyar
  • Beinan
  • Xyryra
  • Oriwraek
  • Thistleburn
  • Firstub
  • Cherrynettle
  • Hardhazel


Fenlynn is a Druid, dedicated to continuing the work on fertility that has allowed her people to return from the brink of extinction. They are plants! They should be able to spread far and wide! This conviction has led her down some dangerous roads as she experiments with strange magics.

  • Krisquinal
  • Xiljor
  • Yllasalor
  • Eilxisys
  • Silentwalnut
  • Crueloak
  • Oakenshrub
  • Larchfury
  • Burnedbirch


Captain Wrankalyn would swear that starlight is somehow more fulfilling than sunlight, even though she knows suns and stars are the same. Being dirtside just doesn’t taste right, she says. She’ll do anything to keep sailing amongst the stars. Anything.

  • Oritris
  • Chaeren
  • Liaric
  • Pasatra
  • Firburn
  • Weepingjuniper
  • Aldertwig
  • Juniperhusk
  • Yinzorwyn


As much as many Ghoran would like to deny it, good relations with other sentients in the galaxy is vital to the continued prosperity of the Ghoran. This is why Xyrkrana takes her work as a diplomat so seriously. That and the bribes. She does like a bit of graft. Pun intended.

  • Dorwarin
  • Chaekrana
  • Iliran
  • Walnutleaf
  • Ashtendril
  • Thistlestand
  • Sharpherb
  • Ironlimbs
  • Zumhorn


Nature can be poisonous, and Venzorwyn has taken that fact well to heart. His people were eaten almost to extinction, so he is seeking ways for them to incorporate a wide variety of toxins into their physiology. No one will are risk eating them if he succeeds!

  • Ulatumal
  • Shaneiros
  • Romaer
  • Meanleg
  • Hazelroot
  • Oakenhusk
  • Locustburn
  • Blackyew
  • Faelanar


Tall and willowy, Winceran discovered early after sprouting that he responds to thoughts and emotions the way other Ghoran respond to sunlight. He gains great nourishment from them, and it has only enhanced his innate mystical skills. Though the temptation to delve deeper into the minds of other beings is always there.

  • Falynn
  • Oloralen
  • Morpeiros
  • Cherrytalon
  • Pineflesh
  • Shadowalder
  • Beechlimb
  • Pygmybeech
  • Faran


Roots dig deep and travel wide, they intermingle and trees communicate along them. Olahana is like a root system. She is complex, has hidden depths, and will slowly choke you without your even realizing it if you’re not careful.

  • Favalur
  • Zinxalim
  • Wranmaris
  • Graypoplar
  • Cedarclaw

What appeals to you most about playing a Ghoran? How often do Ghoran appear in your games? What strategies do you have for coming up with unique Ghoran names? Let us know in the comments!

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