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Viking/Old Norse Name Generator & Backstories

Thunder roared overhead as lightning streaked the sky, all around them bodies littered the filled, and the mud ran red with blood. Klakkr Bruisson hefted his axe and gave an almighty roar, before charging at his enemy.

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Skuld Haklangdottir

Slode Granisson

Hrollaug Grimolfsson

Gudbrand Hareksson

Turid Thrandottir

Hallfrid Jarlabankidottir

Oddbjorg Hrodidottir

Reginleif Sigeferthdottir

Ingibjorg Ragnardottir

Ragnfrid Herlaugdottir

Solvor Slodedottir

Gorm Athilsdottir

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Vikings are some of the coolest fantasy characters you can feature in your stories or play as. Viking and Old Norse names similarly reflect this bad-ass nature, all whilst remaining true to their naming traditions.

Good Viking Names

As mentioned, good viking names carry a certain weight and seriousness to them, whilst also keeping in touch with the clan or kingdom that gives a viking their strength.

  • Bjarki Kjallaksson
  • Sam Thidrandisson
  • Arngrim Gæirmundsson
  • Eyvald Raudebjornsson
  • Farmann Vesteinsson
  • Valbrand Skutisson
  • Klakkr Brusisson
  • Paul Gautisson
  • Finn Åsmundsson
  • Erling Englisson

Ormhild Onundottir

Ormhild was a fierce warrior queen who took over from her father at the age of 15 before leading a series of daring raids on the Sword Coast.

  • Gunnvor Giermundottir
  • Ljufa Lifolfdottir
  • Skuld Thorgeirdottir
  • Steinunn Kispingdottir
  • Gudlang Ulfketildottir
  • Hallveig Thordottir
  • Gro Steinbitrdottir
  • Æstrid Akidottir
  • Tola Iricdottir

Female Viking Names

One of the most progressive things about Viking cultures was that the women were just as ferocious as the men. Named with the suffix “dottir”, meaning “daughter” in old Norse, this names will surely send a chill down the spine.

  • Freydis Toredottir
  • Jaddvor Kolskeggdottir
  • Gerd Broddidottir
  • Yngvild Hemingdottir
  • Jarngerd Styrbiorndottir
  • Droplaug Asgautdottir
  • Gudfinna Thorlakdottir
  • Asny Uglubathrdottir
  • Thjodhild Thorormdottir
  • Kadlin Birningdottir

Dotta Arnulfrdottir

Dotta Arnuldrdottir once single-handedly broke from her chains after being captured and slaughtered the entire crew of demon-worshipping cultists in revenge, all before sailing back to her family with their vessel.

  • Ormhild Bjorgulfdottir
  • Asta Kolskeggdottir
  • Thyre Edgardottir
  • Ingibjorg Ragnardottir
  • Hallgrim Steinthordottir
  • Herdis Gretterdottir
  • Gunnvor Iulidottir
  • Frida Kispingdottir

Male Viking Names

Drawing from the Old Norse “sson”, male vikings also take their father’s name to carry on their legacy, whilst also trying to forge one for themselves.

  • Halli Ulfriksson
  • Hæming Värmodsson
  • Lifolf Gudlaugsson
  • Karli Steinolfsson
  • Haflidi Ubbeinsson
  • Hastein Hallisson
  • Ioketill Kætilfastsson
  • Slode Granisson
  • Sigelac Ulfljotsson
  • Thorod Elgfrothisson

Sigegar Sævilsson

Sigegar was a mercenary of deadly reputation who earned his name when he took the head of an elven prince at the Battle of Sogvalde Plain.

  • Iorthr Reginsson
  • Steinolf Hroarsson
  • Hrodi Tyrkirsson
  • Bodalf Thrainsson
  • Tyrkir Sinfiotlisson
  • Geirolf Hroaldsson
  • Valbrand Geirolfsson
  • Thorfinn Finnsson
  • Hrani Skjaldulfsson
  • Kveldulfsson

Viking Last Names

As previously mentioned, Viking last names primarily come from the family, clan, or kingdom that they hail from. Try out these fearsome surnames for your viking characters:

  • Bjornsson
  • Bjalkisson
  • Hrafnsson
  • Vandilsson
  • Sæmundsson
  • Hjorleifsson
  • Thokodolfsson
  • Hrodgæirsson
  • Geirfinnsson
  • Eilifdottir


The clan of Gædadottir made a name for themselves by building a castle on the treacherous Shipwreck Island. Their name still strikes fear into the hearts of sailors to this day.

  • Arfastdottir
  • Arnljotdottir
  • Onemdottir
  • Ketilldottir
  • Gærrardottir
  • Starridottir
  • Skufdottir
  • Thangbrandottir

That concludes our list of Viking name suggestions! We hope you found something useful or a source of inspiration for your own games here. Remember to share the article with a friend and comment your favorite name down below!

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