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“He called himself Dakon, I think. It’s so hard to remember, and I didn’t hear them say anything with my ears, only in my mind. Details are fuzzy, but I woke up and this bright light was above me, and I could see their heads, their gray skin, and those eyes!”

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The Gray are enigmatic alien humanoids seemingly driven by the thirst for knowledge and scientific progress. They regularly abduct members of other species and people and perform experiments upon them. Few, if any, outside of their species know where they come from.

Gray are enigmatic and their natural telepathic powers ensure that few who encounter them are ever quite certain precisely what happened. This uncertainty gives massive scope for fun Gray names taken from a wide variety of sources.

Good Gray Names

Good Gray names are enigmatic. They might sound familiar like a common word has been simply rearranged. Or they might be a random collection of syllables.

  • Arugu
  • Dakon
  • Avoca
  • Gherk
  • Ionon
  • Otamot
  • Beath
  • Negi
  • Ceriac


May is fascinated by time. Different species react so differently to it. Theyeven took the name they use amongst the outsiders from a concept of time they found in a strange mind from a faraway world. Now if she only had more…time…for her studies.

  • Erkin
  • Dorje
  • Lima
  • Gyuel
  • Seenzil
  • Paldon
  • Jinpa
  • Chodag
  • Yungih


Someone has to maintain the ships the scientific fleet uses for its experiments. Mohn would like more time to study other technologies, but they are content with their position. Though there are strange new ships in the sector, powerful ones, and Mohn is worried their technology may be a threat.

  • Pamen
  • Zunrus
  • Tode
  • Ridok
  • Pernok
  • Dornoq
  • Holek
  • Allaya
  • Ehayi


Ke has embarked upon a dangerous path. They have left the safety of the research vessels and ventured out into the wider galaxy alone. If the true aim of their exploration is knowledge, why not attempt to gain true insight by living and working amongst other species? It is a somewhat radical idea and may not be welcomed by other Grays.

  • Hu
  • Gimang
  • Penu
  • Ren
  • Xoha
  • Shunu
  • Oyong
  • Liya
  • Ingami


There is knowledge to be found inside as well as out. Kolo is one of those select few that choose not to explore but to withdraw to a remote location and explore the inner world and the limits of Gray telepathic powers. Though they never seem to find a place quite isolated enough.

  • Magh
  • Lota
  • Zi
  • Lulok
  • Cuto
  • Ezan
  • Ilull
  • Nirri
  • Zazo


The Gray are not infallible. Their ships malfunction and crash, juSt as others do. Such a mishap has stranded Bi, alone, on a barely-liveable moon near an inhabited but relatively primitive planet they had come to study. Now, all they can do is watch as the society’s technology develops too slowly to do them any good.

  • Alo
  • Ibok
  • Rovos
  • Sope
  • Eshith
  • Areith
  • Irea
  • Romam
  • Narroll


These other species have such varied bodies! It’s endlessly fascinating to Mungo. So many different orifices and muscles! Limbs and bones and organs! How is anyone supposed to catalog all of it? Though they will have a good time making the attempt.

  • Ojok
  • Ano
  • Solim
  • Fana
  • Cafie
  • Ehel
  • Icen
  • Lossu
  • Cato


There is rank and hierarchy on any ship, but Jolu, as Chief Researcher, has more control than the Captain likes. Small rebellions and errors and cropping up, threatening to derail the mission. Jolu may be forced to oust the Captain and assume the role themselves, but if they do, that might also ruin the mission, as none of Jolu’s subordinates have their intellect in this field.

  • Aco
  • Zah
  • Sipeth
  • Tonan
  • Rophean
  • Efe

What is your favorite part about playing Gray characters? Do you like them as an option in your games more or less because they also appear in standard alien folklore on Earth? Do you have any tips or tricks for coming up with good Gray names? Let us know in the comments!

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