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Briyan clenched his jaw and prepared the jack, pointing it delicately towards the cybernetic implant on his wrist, before plunging it downwards with a grimace…

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Sometimes there are going to be stories set in the future, in cyberspace, or in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. If that’s the case then it pays to have some fittingly futuristic names prepared for your characters: here’s a selection of our favorites.

Good Futuristic Names

Good futuristic names should focus on uncharacteristic spellings to highlight how the name may have changed over time. Lots of letters such as x, y, and z also help.

  • Malax
  • Xzav
  • Aeraf
  • Ahlan
  • Brigan
  • Ysaac
  • Acsel
  • Graeme
  • Derix
  • Malakye
  • Allan


Adone was a notorious black market upgrade dealer, famous for being able to get hold of the deadly Mindspike XT1 chipset interface.

  • Jaden
  • Tyze
  • Jayecob
  • Cayne
  • Rafel
  • Brodrik
  • Edam
  • Fyster

Female Futuristic Names

The best female futuristic names stick to some of the conventions named above, but focus on soft, longer vowel sounds.

  • Eriska
  • Karise
  • Mayve
  • Marixah
  • Akyra
  • Camryn
  • Kaedn
  • Lile
  • Rayegan
  • Thalira
  • Jemna


Lolea was the leader of the Blighted Pilgrims scavenger gang, infamous for their daring raids on the post-apocalyptic city of Detritus.

  • Alyce
  • Haylay
  • Dmi
  • Saraia
  • Banca
  • Tatum
  • Raelle
  • Ysaac

Male Futuristic Names

In contrast to the female names, male futuristic names should focus more on consonants and snappy sounds.

  • Ternce
  • Arihan
  • Briyan
  • Wayn
  • Derix
  • Jaxtom
  • Blayse
  • Briyce
  • Roys
  • Moriyah
  • Aellyce


Keana Darkweave was the most accomplished hacker of his generation, responsible for securing the access codes to the Titan Vault.

  • Mayve
  • Lilea
  • Gloriya
  • Brialeagh
  • Jaelah
  • Brialeagh
  • Galea
  • Nathn

Futuristic Last Names

Don’t get stuck only with forenames though – here are some great last names to give your characters a fuller sense of identity and legacy in your futuristic adventures.

  • Frankin
  • Rylan
  • Leeroye
  • Draxs
  • Acsel
  • Garreth
  • Ragan
  • Lushian
  • Brax
  • Alhan


Alixandr rose to become one of the most wealthy families in the post-collapse world thanks to their penchant for securing lost weapons tech.

  • Jaek
  • Brindon
  • Wils
  • Gavryn
  • Lasson
  • Koltn
  • Martn
  • Asan

That concludes our article for some amazing futuristic name suggestions. If you found something here you like then be sure to share the article around with friends and fellow players. Comment your favorite name in the comments and see who else agrees!

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D&D is a creative practice for me, in which I can explore everything from the surreal to the divine. I like to use names as a storytelling device, so every interaction helps players to build a stronger mental image of the world. I hope that my articles for Codex Nomina help you have more fun with fantasy names!

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