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ESO Imperial Name Generator & Guide

“Naturally!” – the shaggy-bearded man exclaimed, while his smile told the rest. “I have always been fond of doing business with you, my friend.” – he continued, never losing his grin as he counted the coins. “Well, well, well…” – the guard behind them suddenly said – “..if it isn’t Flohius Wotildor himself.”

Generate Names

Clale Laftagrius

Erissia Sceral

Rodetinaus Garrildor

Carihius Lerellus

Avrecina Macelli

Varnecius Pelusius

Peleloe Lorulus

Sevevera Senes

Fravita Benustius

Arenarana Trupis

Vientea Runorel

Dumalene Anzand

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Table of Contents

Imperials are also known as Cyrodiils as they are native to the cosmopolitan and rather civilized province of Cyrodiil. They are educated, cultured, and well-spoken, making for excellent ambassadors, diplomats, traders, and disciplined soldiers.

While some may be rude and pretentious, most of them are accepting of other races and cultures, welcoming all who may contribute to the land and the people, one way or another. Their province borders with many, and it is only natural to trade with all.

Imperials have the potential to succeed at anything they do thanks to their discipline, tenacity, and willpower. Many become adventurers and even achieve fame. Some examples of good names are Ontiir Titulus, Honna Pevarian, and Piloria Nirana.

Imperial Last Names

Imperial last names are considered important, especially to some of the more noble families with a rich history.

  • Scotarus
  • Urtely
  • Midades
  • Muspin
  • Fuliand
  • Pullustiris
  • Cnisugrius
  • Hataennius
  • Midustius
  • Vantino
  • Mantotis
  • Furon
  • Iulitian
  • Ramennius
  • Cinina
  • Vunnicius
  • Tullilius
  • Idoluleius
  • Laferia
  • Hasenagus

Female Imperial Names

While some do fight in the army, most female Imperials prefer trading, diplomacy, and other peaceful jobs. They are just as proficient as the males are, and there is certainly no place for prejudice in any way.

  • Tulia Rufuius
  • Rosevolia Accevius
  • Praxelva Macrello
  • Sabrildana Venotepelus
  • Horora Pontunceia
  • Indane Vlinaso

Adriaviera Idolician

A merchant of the highest caliber, her knowledge in gems and other precious metals is vast indeed, and not many can say the same. As the fifth generation to own the same jewelry shop, she’s done wonders in the past years, truly elevating her standing in the society.

  • Faricella Burtaria
  • Ariedonia Alfuius
  • Caunstance Anzusiso
  • Flanoa Nericius
  • Erirta Senyidenius

Restintula Viralius

As part of an envoy group, she’s traveling back to the capital city, bringing a whole lot of news and trade agreements with them. They have achieved what was thought impossible, and in a peaceful way as well.

  • Votira Rufagrius
  • Galennia Leruttian
  • Indana Pullician
  • Raforcella Invimius
  • Septinee Dontoria

Vittonicia Petrilchiotus

A captain in the Imperial army, she’s a very capable soldier and an even better leader. She received one of the highest recommendations during her efforts in the last several battles as one who accomplished all set goals, and more.

  • Indanara Gratand
  • Marcenda Hatadia
  • Vinintea Cinnennius
  • Galoe Oranance
  • Vilelotta Amphucia
  • Eliadia Malelli

Male Imperial Names

Agents, emissaries, merchants, mercenaries, bandits, and much more, an Imperial is equally capable at most tasks, during which their tolerance and openness come into view.

  • Bendek Plinotus
  • Darinian Petino
  • Androri Valel
  • Claupius Caerey
  • Namutis Afrus
  • Orilinus Caelifus

Falcurius Plotimus

A very capable Battlemage and part of the court in one of the major cities, he provided much-needed insight when it comes to magic and war tactics. Secretly, he’s been working behind the Duke’s back in order to secure a much brighter future for himself and his family.

  • Nigintin Carimus
  • Luvexus Valellus
  • Pavolin Hassiotus
  • Terenian Menillius
  • Depunroy Lorunia

Antinus Garustius

Better known as General Ironsoul, he charges into battle at the head of his troops, always leading the way. Each soldier feels rather proud to serve under him and goes beyond their way to achieve far more than expected of them. He inspires loyalty, courage, and valor.

  • Fricyon Culluleius
  • Fandula Nonagan
  • Inigley Julludilius
  • Musunus Attenus
  • Venavius Mabich

Stlurius Catius

Just five years ago, he was reselling various food, treats, and even trinkets, making his way up the financial ladder. Today, he owns three different shops and is doing quite nicely, though his old gambling addiction is proving to be more resilient to leaving than he expected.

  • Caiunus Pullidicus
  • Rieto Leonureius
  • Marsicus Vinain
  • Valund Julan
  • Jarunivus Maxician
  • Iniebonius Munimius

Imperials are versatile people who trust in a hierarchy and law, are forthcoming towards strangers, and accept facing the unknown. As such, they can be brave travelers and adventurers, facing many dangers almost willingly and without shying away. While playing an Imperial can seem somewhat unoriginal at first, we soon realize their deep culture allows many roleplaying options, making them have the potential to become anything you want. Create your Imperial name and show the world what they have to offer.

Did you enjoy this guide? Tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with an Imperial name.

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