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ESO Redguard Name Generator & Guide

“And so I must limit myself as well, is that it?” – the man asked, though already knowing the answer. “No, I will not lessen myself as most do.” – he stated decisively, his tone firm and resolute. “I am not just anyone, I am Erneret Shrircan and I will not be bound by my people’s practices or traditions.”

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Redguards are strong and agile, dark-skinned people with rather wiery hair. They are naturally athletic and make for some of the best swordsmen to ever live. Preferring one-handed blades, they even call using magic a weakness.

They are excellent scouts, mercenaries, soldiers, knights, assassins, and more, and they are well capable of living in the heat thanks to their heritage. They wear light clothes regardless of where they live unless the weather says otherwise.

Redguards mostly don’t have a surname, though their often longer names provide ample ways to use a part of it as a last name. Some good examples are Senannon Raere, Isrey Kaj’kern, Nanite Mestum, and Raccanvir Savem.

Redguard Last Names

Some Redguards don’t have a last name. Instead, they have city names or their ancestor’s names used as part of their own. They can also inherit a surname when they marry a person of another race.

  • Saastba
  • Maisom
  • Rhorgta
  • Faellon
  • Tloske
  • Vlazan
  • C’ull-E
  • B’erche
  • Boarhtir
  • Stallum
  • Lhorhtom
  • Caustsa
  • Ghirpem
  • Murtir
  • Klechom
  • Mheztha
  • Dugun
  • Nhelde
  • Rorur
  • Charcir

Female Redguard Names

Male or female, Redguards are energetic people capable of great martial feats. They are often wary of other races, though this is now less prominent nowadays.

  • Riensonia T’erpe
  • Tielet Maerchi
  • Miney
  • Dhorithi Khivim
  • Atmmeer Cyarne

Kirgian Al-Neesrva

She is a captain of the king’s army that inspires her men, always leading by example. Each of them would do anything for their comrades, with their captain being the highest priority.

  • Shamirah Faellon
  • Iszanda
  • Zarinwen
  • Relka
  • Rayyrithi B’ertka
  • Minihleen Shesh-E

Alusginia Boarhtki

At first, when she found out she was capable of wielding magic, she was appalled. It took her a dozen of years to come to terms with the fact she is all but destined to be a wizard. Still hiding it, especially among her own race, she’s traveling north where no one would know her.

  • Isolrva Stechten
  • Malemeer Sholpte
  • Isodsa
  • Dh’da
  • Blubti

Katiginia Ghirpem

Part of a small mercenary troup, she’s one of the best archers among them all. Lately, she’s been questioning herself whether joining the troup was the smartest idea or could she have found some other way to earn more much-needed money.

  • Kirendy
  • Kerinia
  • Jalinda Saujga
  • Safley Mheztha
  • Umanka Krirgki
  • Zaribamka Birpe

Male Redguard Names

As some of the best fighters in the world, they are fantastic allies but also very dangerous enemies. Most stay true to the weapons and armor, preferring to test their mettle that way, as they shun upon magic users which they consider a shortcoming.

  • Joninnison
  • Khafsur
  • Kewaf
  • Azaninia Sturhtem
  • Chanar Cherhtin
  • Jawnda Grechten

Nisuin Raurhtun

A member of a rather impressive mercenary army of almost five thousand soldiers. He is led by one of the greatest Redguard generals in the history of their race.

  • Clull V’eshum
  • Frihlanie
  • Curte
  • Achacy
  • Siltacey Stisem


He travels the land with a breton and a khajitt, forming one interesting and a rather merry group. They continue to take various jobs, as long as it’s not killing the innocent, earning coin and enjoying well-deserved food and drinks.

  • Procolm
  • Jineon M’uvin
  • Jontun
  • Lesasur
  • Bodolm Lheldga
  • Rellst

Razrgel T’arctha

One of the best swordsmen in the region, he’s currently a king’s bodyguard, earning gold and fame each day. His lust for fighting is luring him away from his current job, despite knowing leaving means losing a lot of money.

  • Amrteve
  • Pral
  • Stervar Tlus-E
  • Lhotssean Lhirchre
  • Jawlen Caeth-I

Tall, strong, and agile, along with being able to withstand heat and poison, Redguards are indeed born to fight. Magic is something only a few of them try, while the rest enjoys the glory of more mundane types of combat. Playing a Redguard can be really fun and naming them adds that crucial attribute that each of them truly needs.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Redguard name.

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