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ESO Orsimer Name Generator & Guide

“Why would I kill my son now?” – chieftain asked his advisor. “He might challenge you and kill you when he’s older, mighty Lorbgakh.” – came the all-too-expected answer. “If he does, the stronghold will only become stronger, so fate will decide. Make no mistake, however, I will be ready.” – the glimmer in chieftain’s eyes testified to his sincerity.

Generate Names

Othrub Buribul

Umugon Dumrat

Ulmhnag Magarn

Bakbul Gragarn

Dubn Bargmog

Urogh Orumel

Rolk Buglnar

Ghobarz Bagdarz

Magag Glorrz

Mogrulakh Shazmba

Agrozub Atuar

Luromul Nolrz

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Orsimer, or perhaps more popularly known as Orcs, are a rather brutish and powerful race of elven origin. Though they have elven blood, they are considered to be both Beast and Goblin-kin. Most other races consider them rough and cruel.

They live in clans, led by a chieftain who holds the right to have wives and father children. For the clan to have a new leader, one of the sons has to challenge and defeat his father. Despite how it may seem, their society is pretty sophisticated.

Examples of good names are Bragglak Malad,  Duluurz Sharbug, Orolg Gro-Loror, and Volba Gra-Bagum.

Orsimer Last Names

Orsimer use their stronghold name as their surname unless they have business with outsiders. Now and then, some might use their father’s or mother’s name as their last, with Gro- and Gra- prefixes, respectively.

  • Magarn
  • Khashnag
  • Shatlam
  • Uzugrba
  • Lazm
  • Glohug
  • Durgash
  • Murzor
  • Bharr
  • Bagrgramph
  • Lagdmakh
  • Dragrz
  • Yargrolg
  • Shakrbag
  • Traum
  • Luzgdub
  • Bogaulg
  • Nolrzuf
  • Buribul
  • Burblug

Female Orsimer Names

While females tend to have some of the more crucial roles within the stronghold, many are given to other clan leaders as wives and future mothers. That is one of the main reasons why some females choose to leave, even escape, their home to search for a better life.

  • Urzompha Gulharzol
  • Uglarz Mughhel
  • Bulfz Ghasrak
  • Rolmalah Muzgdub
  • Umogsha Agambak

Ushuakh Yarggurz

The chieftain’s first wife and the head of all blacksmiths in the stronghold. She prides herself on her work and sees herself having a higher status than the rest of the wives.

  • Glasgat Bharth
  • Oragish Rushrol
  • Arorz Ugrufim
  • Basg Masrzuf
  • Lazgbul Kashdu

Shufesh Dragrob

Ambushed by bandits, she managed to escape her escort during the commotion. She was to be a gift for the neighboring chieftain but now she keeps traveling west, as far away from her home as possible.

  • Glulur Naygarz
  • Ugakdurz Gortrba
  • Gulfa Morbug
  • Garagat Dulogk
  • Mornba Ogduhol
  • Homrmalah Bogrhnag
  • Ragkh Magukh

Urzouk Barggramph

Born in a city, she always wanted to visit one of the orc strongholds, yet she knows such an endeavor could prove to be dangerous, even fatal. Still, she’s persistent in that goal, even if it’s not her current priority.

  • Lazgat Uzganikh
  • Garum Lumhol
  • Yatbut Luzrolg
  • Batbut Lurkgakh
  • Urogh Orumel

Male Orsimer Names

Strong, with high endurance, they are one of the best front-line soldiers in the world and their war-skills are very sought for. Orsimer are ruled by one leader, meaning they had to be the strongest, one way or another.

  • Dumumbu Dulash
  • Dubn Bargmog
  • Umugon Dumrat
  • Braurn Maloarz
  • Oram Shuglar

Ghobumol Rugogarz

As a chieftain of the X tribe, he’s inciting his own people into aggressive actions by telling them lies, using trickery to instigate a clan war. His ambitions to unite the strongholds by force is destined to fail.

  • Dusrn Gamoel
  • Muzzgob Guraharz
  • Bummok Bharel
  • Mogrumph Bamol
  • Grogrul Dusgdub
  • Garora Khalob
  • Ghorurz Bargdbu

Yambgam Ghorim

A good hunter, and the only skillful fletcher in the clan, he’s valued enough to matter. He doesn’t seem to want to fame, regardless of him being almost openly opposed to some of the latest decisions his chieftain made.

  • Yargnak Mularbush
  • Yashn Shumbuk
  • Bughulakh Shakga
  • Khagklak Lumlump
  • Murabub Ushmba

Burarzob Logrlfim

As one of the generals in the Imperial Legion, he’s traveling back from the fight and final battle, victorious once again. Thanks to him, the lands in the east have been retaken.

  • Kurzumbu Bargkul
  • Bazbub Ologurz
  • Snael Bumgur
  • Kurumol Khaslump
  • Malmborz Ugruush

Mighty, tenacious, and skilled in warfare, Orsimer are quite an interesting race. Despite being patriarchal, and often faced with prejudice, they are sophisticated enough to function wherever they may go, and with more success than perhaps thought. Traveling isn’t something they would shy from and they are more than ready to face any danger. Give your Orsimer a name and see how famous it might become.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with an Orsimer name.

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