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ESO Bosmer Name Generator & Guide

“Ahh, I do love this part of the forest.” – the older Bosmer said, taking a deep breath. “We’ll reach the waterfall soon and it’s one of the most magnificent sights of them all. There we’ll b….” – he started only to stop mid-sentence as his son wasn’t following him anymore. “Dendras, are you listening to me or gazing at the birds yet again!?”.

Generate Names

Aerialthir Roserun

Nonaen Nightvale

Dothon Oakmire

Pengbedir Bluewood

Faurilgor Greenrock

Hundduin Rivergrove

Baurafil Willowstone

Alvthil Foresthollow

Naelae Greenrock

Cinghelorn Bluevale

Berangirfin Greenbrook

Tuucher Duskgrove

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Bosmer are referred to as Wood Elves by other races and they are considered to be the masters of the bow. Quick, witty, and agile, they mostly live in the wilds and get along well with nature and its inhabitants. Their life span reaches to about 300 years.

They hunt together using horn bows, and arrows made of various animals, as well as feathers from different types of birds and creatures. On the other hand, they show great respect towards nature, animals, and everything that surrounds them.

Each of them goes through the so-called Rite of Theft, where they steal something and then ask for a favour of equal value to the item stolen, a ritual few outsiders understand. As for names, some good examples are Gelum Dornvale and Bourhel Balfwing.

Bosmer Last Names

Although many live together in clan houses, they have a last name that belongs to their families, or at the very least their ancestors.

  • Ivylake
  • Lichenpool
  • Mossblossom
  • Shadygrass
  • Elmdale
  • Oaksky
  • Willowshade
  • Shadydale
  • Forestsky
  • Sagerock
  • Camohollow
  • Mossrun
  • Timbergrass
  • Springvale
  • Nightbranch
  • Greenwood
  • Ivysky
  • Ivyvale
  • Pinebranch
  • Lumberdale

Female Bosmer Names

Most Bosmer females are taller than the males, which outsiders sometimes find rather interesting and strange at the same time.

  • Faelrchel Acornthorn
  • Areanneth Riverhollow
  • Belnea Mossshade
  • Nathicia Lumberwood
  • Aerialthir Roserun
  • Cirhaelyn Lichensky

Nonaen Nightvale

She likes to roam the forest more often than not, as well as sleep under the open sky when she can. Recently she made a new friend, a lynx, who keeps following her knowing fully well meat is on the menu when she hunts.

  • Andeneth Oakenwing
  • Cardraen Greenshade
  • Falichel Oaklock
  • Araeredhel Pinepool
  • Baelaen Forestshade

Eraia Lumberhollow

She uses magic songs to shape the tree branches without harming them, creating elaborate and unique homes for other of her kind. Whenever someone from the community needs a new home, they call her for assistance.

  • Ulanea Springrun
  • Wylne Softgrass
  • Ganreylin Pinethorn
  • Thaldiol Lichenlock
  • Gealalthir Oakengrass
  • Belwaenyl Balfhollow

Adanaelyn Camobrook

Having stolen a rather important family heirloom for her Rite of Theft, she’s thinking on what she might ask in return as it could very well change the course of her life once she does.

  • Baurafil Willowstone
  • Iingenena Elmmire
  • Naelae Greenrock
  • Hynielyn Dornvale
  • Elethilith Dornbranch

Male Bosmer Names

They are truly exceptional at using the bow and make for some of the best archers in the whole world. Using a unique technique of pulling and shooting an arrow in a single fluid motion, they hit their target almost all the time.

  • Mingthragoth Seedrock
  • Nirunir Lumberthorn
  • Endrus Barkrun
  • Anglsor Mossscrub
  • Elrralorn Softbrook

Tarnlorn Barkgrove

The best shot in his part of the forest. There is really no one who can rival his skill with a bow. He’s in the middle of a hunt now, though had to split from the rest of his group which means he’s in more danger than he realizes.

  • Thalgor Mossbranch
  • Gwinvenin Roseshade
  • Alveangirfin Duskthorn
  • Thurhragoth Sagevale
  • Mortalem Bluewing
  • Elorrilgor Mosshollow

Basrien Greenscrub

Even though it’s rather forbidden, he’s collecting plants and using them for his own mixtures he then turns into potions. No one knows about it, but lately he made so many potions he’s actually worried what would happen if someone did find out.

  • Sylrond Springsky
  • Anglroth Ivylake
  • Sylcronor Lichenpool
  • Sylelor Barklock
  • Basthendor Mossblossom
  • Elronor Barksky

Sylcaer Shadygrass

A decent shot with a bow, but a master ambusher and a tactician as he knows most of the forest as others know their own treehouse. He usually leads when defending the land or during hunts, both of which prove successful in that case more often than not, to say the least.

  • Anruhrannir Elmdale
  • Fitlmir Applewing
  • Baenlorn Barkscrub
  • Angdus Oaksky
  • Fauthaur Willowshade

Swift, agile, and clever, though rather short, Bosmer make for excellent scouts, thieves, and even spies. Their ability with the bow is unrivaled, though they are seldom seen using metal weapons and you won’t find any forges in their forest homes. Most stay in their homeland for all of their lives but there are some that leave to see what the world has to offer. They have no reason to hide who they are so come up with a name for your Bosmer character and see what they get to experience.

Did you enjoy this guide? Tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Bosmer name.

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