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ESO Altmer Name Generator & Guide

“Why help any of them?” – the Altmer asked incredulously, not looking like he wanted to hear an answer so he immediately continued – “They are weaklings, Jovllorantier, all of them. You know this to be true, so let us not pretend anymore. Time to make the real plan.” – he finished, indicating nothing more will be said about it.

Generate Names

Volrenen Thromorinh

Eldaire Joronin

Ohteussa Jaerian

Psyeminwe Tahromlock

Araonilmo Salingaine

Inieahil Jorkaender

Yarllon Saelinaine

Estaarume Thilinus

Aidenar Thaorwatch

Undille Aelsinious

Elanmaninde Laemlock

Elanden Thramlock

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Table of Contents

Altmer, or High Elves as others call them, are a very proud and self-centered race. They look upon other races as lesser, while in return they get distasteful looks at the very least. While they are very potent magic users, it’s also their biggest weakness.

Today, they live in a rather rigid class hierarchy, where the Wise are on the top, followed by Artists, Princes, Warriors, and so on.

Altmer names are actually extensive, detailing histories of both sides of their family, and their whole culture is heavily based on social status. They consider their own name important, and some good examples are Trenarto Athal and Sirorne Elsinor.

Altmer Last Names

Not all Altmer have a last name, and most of them would tell you they don’t need one, with a pompous attitude. Some simply don’t feel the need for anything more than a first name, which should be more than enough to prove their importance and value.

  • Caemious
  • Chamwatch
  • Larenhkaender
  • Aedthius
  • Jorour
  • Spellaine
  • Thramfaere
  • Faeuseus
  • Highaine
  • Granlock
  • Jaerore
  • Thaorahl
  • Larethfhaer
  • Saelinour
  • Athoth
  • Thilinus
  • Silinihle
  • Jorius
  • Loreihle
  • Loraethor

Female Altmer Names

Some females are twice as proud, for being Altmer and the ones who bring them to this world. They are as easily skillful as any of their kind, and they use their long lives to study things to perfection.

  • Tuiende Grayore
  • Nirlae Laraethbinder
  • Vallina Spellthaer
  • Eilonn Loraethian
  • Elanante Elsinosin

Gialnden Aedihre

For more than a century, she’s been studying the ways of the arcane arts, looking for any way to offset her natural susceptibleness to magic. While she found more than a few solutions, they all seem to be limited in potency, being rather temporary than a permanent solution.

  • Rumaion Grayus
  • Mirine Thaoran
  • Elaafire Thromaine
  • Psynayne Gaethuseus
  • Aniria Highthius
  • Siloril Larethiath

Ayrnoore Highus

As an archmage and ambassador in one of the major cities, she holds high status among the nobles. Doing her best at pretending she’s fond of them, she’s plotting to bring each and every one of them down, without anyone suspecting her in the slightest regard.

  • Nenyia Tahromihle
  • Endanae Alkinaen
  • Inieahil Jorkaender
  • Elanden Thramlock
  • Muurlinde Larenhaine
  • Earaya Sillonuseus

Elanmaninde Laemlock

Having been quite fond of a bow from an early age, she has grown into a powerful magic user as well, resulting in her using arrows she enchanted. The creature that’s been terrorizing the region will finally meet its demise, whether it takes one arrow or all she has.

  • Cumanalda Laemaere
  • Termaya Sillonious
  • Ariden Larethour
  • Erilene Larethuseus
  • Aryamanwe Stormael

Male Altmer Names

Some join Thalmor, a xenophobic Altmer organization of radical movement and goals. They are some of the most dangerous people in the world, especially the worshippers of Talos who the organization looks to eradicate as much as possible.

  • Uuleertilim Grayuseus
  • Ancoonrootan Stormihle
  • Falmaillin Thromeus
  • Ciriochtus Silinor
  • Ohtilian Lareththius

Arnynnarion Laembinder

An ambitious individual of an even bigger appetite for power and glory. Working his way through Thalmor ranks, he’ll soon prove to be one of the deadlier scourges of the region.

  • Falonniss Loraethaerith
  • Faseiel Alkinor
  • Faelandial Elsinthaer
  • Ryaielmoellith Koral
  • Voraedendil Cambinder

Faseanonyaramen Thromaen

One of those who decided to make his way across the land, he’s traveling with a group of merchants, to whom he said he was a scholar making his way to his family. What the truth might be, no one but him knows.

  • Erunrim Aedaerith
  • Aicdilgondorin Larethkaender
  • Fanntar Stormus
  • Arioov Granoth
  • Yakelde Gaethbinder
  • Mollrion Anaedthius

Cirar Khraemfhaer

Underestimating the power of a certain group of “lesser races”, he now lies in his bed, his throat slit, bleeding away towards his death. He might have avoided it, was it not for his pride and ego.

  • Telingoth Caemorinh
  • Eldave Caemfhaer
  • Vorira Grayiath
  • Qorotar Thrambinder
  • Atheriil Stormaere
  • Undille Aelsinious

Proud to the bone, Altmer are potent magic users who, ironically, have weaknesses to it at the same time. Thanks to their long lives, they can spend a great amount of time studying, improving, and trying to overcome their disadvantages. Due to a lot of prejudice coming their way, mostly deserved, playing such a character can provide many ways to roleplay them, offering a wide variety of playstyles. Create a name for your Altmer and see how much fame you can achieve.

Did you enjoy this guide? Tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with an Altmer name.

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