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GW2 Human Name Generator & Backstories

Ah, yes, of course. I’m traveling there myself, I’m a merchant, you see. You’re welcome to join me, the company will make the days more fun and the nights safer. Come, warm yourselves by the fire, it’s rather cold these days. Oh, forgive my manners, good sirs, my name is Varkag Jassi, and who might you be?

Generate Names

Carressa Estorus

Dylon Nuan

Walsh Rileltom

Logan Yalve Talmivu

Fulton Flatmourn

Carolina Hufizel Rhuku

Levin Sasciscor

Josefa Bidrinil

Lim Dirobu

Geneve Setul Pahlad

Tibault Starmoon

Dorette Runetoe

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As once a dominant species, humans have suffered all across the world, and the caravans that are still going strong continued to flock to bigger cities where people preferred to mingle with those who came from their own lands and cultures.

Many hardships befell the humans as the time went by, and everyone had to find the strength to adjust to a completely new life, something that was valiantly by all of them, where the whole race showed why they are considered capable survivors.

There are many social inequalities among the people, however, and the lack of coin causes many to take the road and see where it takes them, but also to get their names known, names like Derrek Jonno, Tess Erandan, and Otto Sesk.

Good Human Names

Humans come from all corners of the world, and their names can be as different as different languages or cultures, and each provides the first information on who and what the person might be.

  • Lim Dirobu
  • Heidrun Ostrone Heavywillow
  • Luana Adru Graystriker
  • Adreanna Kizzervoh Dreamtoe
  • Chlarimonde Nise Jizafk
  • Silvetta Rechihi Juuhruldrum
  • Selby Lurree Frostblade
  • Carolina Hufizel Rhuku

Khesen Folundon

One day he was the third son of a duke, soon to reach adulthood, and the very next he was thrown into the fire by the gruesome turn of events where all other members of his family, leaving him as the new duke and the last living Folundon, amidst a raging civil war.

  • Fadjer Suuhkuk
  • Gilon Shanin
  • Elicia Zozal Bag
  • Suzanne Jeilsurvu Rumblefall
  • Trum Grirnaz
  • Drivilvask Funkhakdut
  • Agim Winterthorn

Fui Vrumzura

She is an inventor, always was, and always will be. There is nothing sweeter than figuring out a problem, fixing something thought lost a moment ago, or finding a solution that improves something to the point it is considered a discovery of its own.

  • Rorna Nun
  • Zunaohpas Shadecutter
  • Mae Ci Grakrug
  • Anika Shachin Zogolda
  • Wenke Leinn Fodraco
  • Urte Honih Mala
  • Pevortaz Wao

Hahlar Ernindu

He was never fond of working in the fields, and numbers and fancy letters only served to fluster him. As such, it was no surprise he woke up one morning, more than fifteen years ago, told everyone he was leaving to join the army, and then left the very same day without saying whether he’ll ever return or not.

  • Natascha Lamay Nicklewillow
  • Brunneth Nav
  • Varkag Jassi
  • Kaitlyn Shudel Dheimmu
  • Ircirda Nie
  • Pof Slatedew
  • Celeste Zuduhmul Dhihrem

Jolien Jarb Bindane

Having seen her fair share of victims of the wars raging across the world, she always felt like she was born to help, born to try to do her best and save the lives of the innocent. Today, for more than a decade, she’s a war nurse that’s been through thick and thin.

  • Thihvah Ambercreek
  • Bettina Olgofro Flintstream
  • Kenzadot Bazruldruuhd
  • Sarah Si Dorgirsk
  • Jah Grirnyavutro
  • Audrey Zavimve Igorkudo
  • Lar-Vorar Forestfang
  • Leota Chao Mie

Fesdid Luekduuhk

Herbs and potions, it is all he does all day, every day. His obsession with alchemy ever since he was a child has brought him to a duke’s doorstep where a rare chance has opened up. All the years of practicing will soon prove to be very valuable as he’s about to be on the verge of discovering something truly magnificent.

  • Du-Na Burningbranch
  • Maschinka Bui Yiay
  • Mureir Urahi
  • Lacee Rafushuth Mildrokdat
  • Camile Bari Hilltalon
  • Chostiz Iaong
  • Shiu Himrilbimza
  • Alfonsine Hihna Sag

Human Last Names

Sometimes the last name is just a name and nothing more but other times it can be a nickname given after some brave deed, a profession, or a name that all members of a certain community have.

  • Urahi
  • Nav
  • Winterthorn
  • Bazruldruuhd
  • Suuhkuk
  • Dirobu
  • Grirnyavutro
  • Shadecutter
  • Jassi
  • Ambercreek
  • Midug
  • Flintslayer
  • Slatedew
  • Shun
  • Burningbranch
  • Grirnaz
  • Nie
  • Fusefury
  • Ernindu
  • Nun
  • Luekduuhk
  • Forestfang
  • Cehe
  • Shanin
  • Funkhakdut

The human race is a healthy mix of numerous cultures, people, and personalities, and it is no wonder why some other races consider them to be lost, unable to truly unify for the same cause, something that they have been lacking since the beginning of time. One thing that seems to ring true, no matter where you go, is that they all show remarkable defiance and the ability to survive, no matter the hardships at hand. Think about where the character was born, what kind of society and community have they been raised in, what kind of a person have they become, and think of a name worthy of countless wonders they will surely discover along their way.

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