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Blue Dragon Name Generator & Guide

“I am not unreasonable, young human, for I am not like the rest of my kind.” – the dragon started his argument, this time without any magic to enhance it – “Continue bringing me cattle on a weekly basis and you, and everyone else living here, will be safe. I give you my word.” The man had doubts, to say the least, but he also knew he had no choice in the matter.

Generate Names

Darsessun – Champion Of The Green

Mussulth – Champion Of The Blue

Teghonus – Icebreath

Olranth – The Bunny Killer

Endroit – Protector Of Creatures

Tagesdam – The Firestarter

Oarmynth – The Careful

Esseth – The Powerful One

Odo – The Creep

Iondais – The Chosen

Seozzir – The Redeemer

Xumbunth – Champion Of The Black

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Blue Dragons, also known as storm dragons, are proud creatures who usually live in arid and barren places, such as deserts. Apart from the color of their scales, they are recognized by a large protruding horn on top of their head, much like a rhinoceros.

They are expert flyers, probably the best of their kin, and they use it wisely. In combat, they release lightning from range. They also use their breath to cook their food before eating.

They are very fond of gems, especially sapphires due to their blue color. Those who encounter a Blue Dragon usually don’t have the time to learn their name, though some of the common ones are Ayndierth, Katherth, Zethoss, and Frezentylth.

Blue Dragon Female Names

Guarding an egg is a serious matter and the blue dragons do it responsibly, almost never leaving them out of sight unless the situation warrants it.

  • Fremrilnas
  • Nierinna
  • Irrathys
  • Bomredo


One of the few who live atop of some of the highest mountains in the region, she enjoys nothing more than the frequent thunderstorms that occur there on a daily basis.

  • Hoarranterth
  • Frygodieth
  • Humrenth
  • Morvelth
  • Qersirth


Having gotten used to cow meat, she has a long-standing agreement with more than a few villages which make sure to provide enough cattle on a monthly basis.

  • Gildrath
  • Lannay
  • Qyvissir
  • Dutheleilth
  • Tyssanton


Responsible for terrible storms that have plagued the kingdom ever since she settled there. King’s wizards are advising him as we speak, telling him this won’t end unless they manage to somehow get rid of the dragon.

  • Frervys
  • Fassys
  • Tyssanton
  • Redhairirth
  • Hoarranterth
  • Hyrainth


Ever since she learned about the whereabouts of a certain knight’s tomb, she’s been stalking and ambushing adventurers, trying to lure them into her service. She keeps promising to let them live, along with a reward, if they go and retrieve a tome that’s been buried with the knight.

  • Fyghinti
  • Otassainth
  • Tosinth
  • Cillivied
  • Poadho


Still a wyrmling, her parents have left her and the lair. Unbeknownst to her, they will not return as they ran into an ambush by an ancient red dragon, slaying them both. A group of storm giants that will discover the lair will soon be responsible for her, essentially investing into a powerful future ally.

  • Vomrayn
  • Aghorthas
  • Rildryburkyr
  • Redhairirth
  • Frirsusso

Blue Dragon Male Names

A Blue Dragon can burrow quite easily, something which they use for many purposes, including getting through one of the hidden entrances to their lair.

  • Alasklerbanbastos
  • Araugauthos
  • Arharzel
  • Boraksaghegirak


Polymorphed into a human by a mighty wizard, he now roams the land, angry at his powerless form, searching for a cure and ultimately his revenge.

  • Eshaedrath
  • Faenphael
  • Gloriankithsanus
  • Idrizraele
  • Iryklathagrar


Having saved an injured cloud giant from a pack of hungry dire wolves, they now rule the land together. He uses the giant, who swore an oath to protect him, to establish a rule over the lesser giants, thus building his very own giant army.

  • Kizilpazar
  • Krashomorueme
  • Lennithon
  • Maldraedior
  • Nahaunglaroth
  • Nystalancer


Has a large group of followers, cultists, who do his bidding and are currently trying to find adventurers. The plan is to send them to a hidden cave that holds the entrance to a long-forgotten temple full of treasure.

  • Olothontor
  • Roraurim
  • Saluuknir
  • Sapphiraktar
  • Tekthyrios
  • Anaxaster


As the storm rages on, he’s flying above what seems to be a whole armada of ships that hold an army of barbarians. As soon as they reach the coast, they will all descend upon the unwary people who live there.

  • Cioldroi
  • Niegiorth
  • Cullayss
  • Veinoil
  • Vinnaentoin


Also known as Gem Eye, he lost his left eye in a terrifying one on one combat with a red dragon. They both lived, but each has more than one reminder of the battle.

  • Muvriodoi
  • Esyrhinath
  • Rymminth
  • Gughesdir

Strong, proud, and sure of their abilities, Blue Dragons are masters of the sky. They can prey from the sky above or from underneath the ground, equally surprising their victims. While being naturally evil, they are more calculated than some of their kind, and they tend to be a bit more rational in their decisions, leaving emotions aside. Give your Blue Dragon a name, mention it, and let the fear do the rest.

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