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Red Dragon Name Generator & Guide

“Who is Xaighainth?” – asked the older man who couldn’t hide his puzzled expression if his life depended on it. “Xaighainth the Firestarter? The Dread? The Eater of All, the Eternal Fire?” — he continued, looking more and more confused as his words seemed to make no sense to the person across the table. He gasped and exclaimed in perplexion – “Don’t tell me you never heard of Xaighainth the Destroyer of Life!?”

Generate Names

Qydhel – Destroyer Of Life

Cirvyn – The Firestarter

Udyny – Champion Of Dragons

Vuldrun – The Evil One

Gyrmeo – The Nocturnal

Forvuntyt – The Gifted One

Miegho – Destroyer Of Life

Enna – The Scary

Arla – Destroyer Of Life

Laigorth – Destroyer Of Men

Freogoneit – Eater Of Sheep

Esseth – The Powerful One

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Without a doubt, Red Dragons are unrivaled in their arrogance who believe everyone is beneath them, including other dragons. They value wealth above all else and work constantly during their long lives to amass as big of a hoard as they possibly can.

A Red Dragon prefers to live on high mountainous terrain, somewhere high enough where it can survey the land. They are highly territorial creatures who will fight anyone encroaching their domain, especially those stupid enough to enter their lair.

Most dragons earn various nicknames that portray their nature and power, and it is not a surprise when a dragon has more than one nickname. Some good examples are Fryrvys, Veolrurel, Ighycrem, Nindreorys, and Ayndierth.

Red Dragon Female Names

They usually reproduce once a century, where eggs hatch in little under 300 days. After reaching the young adult stage of life, the mother then essentially exiles all her children out of her territory.

  • Qyvissir, Champion Of The White
  • Dutheleilth, The Red
  • Tyssantan, Protector Of Xilith
  • Tazir, The Great

Frervys, The Jealous One

Despite having four pregnancies so far, she never left any of her children alive for more than a few years. Some say she went mad long ago, while others say her ego is too much to tolerate anyone else.

  • Fassys, The Deathlady
  • Shurass, Lady Of The Red
  • Hapi, The Youngling
  • Hikyn, The Eternal One
  • Hyrainth, Sharp Mind

Frygodieth, The Dead

Rumors have it she became a dracolich, and while it isn’t true, the truth also isn’t far off. She is indeed working with a cult of necromancer, searching for ways to achieve eternal life.

  • Fyghinti, The Puny
  • Otassainth, The Powerful
  • Tosinth, The Swift
  • Cilli, The Strong
  • Poadho, The Deathlady

Horlysns, The Blue One

Her scales are of red color with inexplicable shades of blue, the sole reason how she got her nickname. It also seems the blue color is taking over, as the glint of the dragon’s scales diminishes over time.

  • Vomrayn, Gentleheart
  • Aghorth, The Voiceless
  • Rildry, Champion Of Men
  • Redhairirth, The Eternal
  • Frirsussa, The Young One

Fripoarra, The Calm

She earned her nickname in the battle against a group of giants looking to slay her and take her treasure. She kept her cool and using numerous traps and surprises of her lair she defeated them all before feasting on their flesh.

  • Fruzzis, The Red Hope
  • Symrei, Champion Of The Brown
  • Anneth, Protector Of The Sky
  • Heldras, Champion Of The Green
  • Igen, The Gentle
  • Eissat, The Rabbit Slayer

Uphinth, Giver Of Life

She’s the mother of all red dragons across the whole continent who are younger than three hundred years.

  • Zipynirys, The Mysterious
  • Ymmodio, The Careful
  • Logidyst, Protector Of Fire
  • Gargy, Lady Of The Black
  • Burgylth, The Nocturnal

Red Dragon Male Names

They simply can’t stand other dragons being better than themselves, in any regard. Other types of dragons are beneath them by default, and the other Red Dragons are rivals more often than not.

  • Vaylie, Protector Of Death
  • Xurrailth, Lord Of The Dread
  • Niadoi, The Magnificent
  • Frizaed, The Scary One

Gaedhug, Protector Of Higla’s Crown

Living high on a mountain peak, he resides in a long forgotten cave which is the entrance to a tomb of a fallen hero.

  • Gudeit, The Gentle
  • Ayrsoin, The Black
  • Fraygiephoarth, The Warm
  • Mayzonoi, The Barbarian
  • Sezyryn, Lord Of Ice

Talrit, The Warrior

Best known for defeating two black dragons at once. Despite heavy injuries, he prevailed and amassed more treasure in the next few days than during his whole life before that. At least a dozen of adventurer groups died trying to steal it from him.

  • Cydyss, Protector Of The None
  • Dudras, Quickmind
  • Kimras, Protector Of Creatures
  • Pured, Longtail
  • Urvarth, Gentleheart

Rilzryss, Bringer Of Death

Also known as The Slaughterer, he has slain whole nations of humans, elves, and other goodly folk. As the oldest dragon to ever roam the region, he’s a true terror to any living creature. However, an unlikely hero is making his way across the land, one who would save everyone by doing something completely unexpected.

  • Innyrod, Firebreath
  • Oigiarry, Longtail
  • Fretudu, The Victorious
  • Nianneit, The White One
  • Qoinnayth, Lord Of The Black
  • Sidus, Eater Of All

Daevoath, Destroyer Of Men

MOre than six human generations have lived in terror before him, where heroes tried and failed in ridding the greatest calamity the land has ever known.

  • Vuldrun, The Evil One
  • Chursunth, The Loud
  • Xaighainth, The Firestarter
  • Gyndrossoig, Destroyer Of Men
  • Xeguntaiss, Protector Of The Sky

Griegy, Eater Of Dragons

He has slain so many dragons, including several red ones, that the remaining dragons of all kinds are actually thinking of working together to defeat him.

  • Cusseiphi, The Kind
  • Cergad, The Fast One
  • Frordoin, The Chosen
  • Nondro, Lord Of The Brown
  • Izo, The Clever

Vain, evil, powerful, wise, and intelligent, a Red Dragon is one of the most iconic creatures there is. In love with its treasure hoard, it protects it at all costs, breathing fire upon the enemies when needed. Due to their nature, a Red Dragon is best used as one of the main characters who are on the top of something terrible going on. All in all, they deserve a name that will be known throughout the land and put terror on people’s faces at the mere mention of it.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Red Dragon name.

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