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Green Dragon Name Generator & Guide

“I can be benevolent, little one” – the green dragon uttered, almost too convincingly. “But you have to earn it, otherwise…” – he paused, only to snap his deadly jaws close to the dwarf in front of him who nearly soiled himself. “Oh, come now, don’t be afraid. Ol’ Marwoleath won’t hurt you, why would I?” – the dragon asked.

Generate Names

Fikentis – The Mysterious

Frimoarth – Lady Of The Black

Tainne – The Victorious

Fraersa – Eternal Fire

Hizze – The Barbarian

Vupolu – The Clever

Riemmai – The Tall

Nythocre – Destroyer Of Life

Raidoalth – The Warm

Ogyrayn – The Taker Of Life

Forlynte – The Victorious

Posyss – The Dead

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Green Dragons are expert manipulators among their kin, using guile and diplomacy with stronger creatures, and intimidation and threats against creatures they can easily overpower. They play with their victims, terrorizing them, before attacking.

A Green Dragon usually dwells in overgrown forests, with their lair entrance well hidden underwater, behind a waterfall, or by nature itself. They are caring parents and guard the egg until the wyrmling reaches adulthood.

Not everyone knows a dragon’s true name, and it’s much more common to know one of his nicknames, especially when it comes to a Green Dragon. Having said that, Fll’Yissetat, Slyfthan, and Vorgansharax are good names.

Green Dragon Female Names

Both parents safeguard the egg, but the female is often the one to show more care. They keep the egg in a pool of acid or bury it under moistened ground, covered with leaves and other plants.

  • Pothyssunra
  • Udynyxhe
  • Rumryphylth
  • Iellyrth


Elves started to travel the old forest as a way to remain undetected. She uses this fact to spy on them and gather much valuable information which will prove crucial in her future endeavors.

  • Frindrot
  • Gamynhra
  • Ugarlithy
  • Ermeoss
  • Dedhiryshaes


She has fled two lairs so far in order to keep herself and her egg alive. An older black dragon aims to slay her and destroy her egg, ending her legacy there and then.

  • Zivnudai
  • Eldroaly
  • Nyrsior
  • Darginth


One of the rare dragons to actually have several eggs at once. Her wish is to have all her children do her bidding once they grow older. If you ask her, a group of green dragons could do much more if they stick together.

  • Zergaes
  • Ozithenarhry
  • Zellin
  • Shonarah
  • Forvuntyt
  • Byzzadirth


Decades ago, she fled the land for the eastern islands. Now, almost a century later, she’s keen on revenge as she commands a horde of orcs, ready to attack at her command.

  • Zorgol
  • Eponmilreas
  • Sarmylth
  • Olloath
  • Desonyries
  • Nendriaes


As a young dragon, she’s been manipulating the goblin tribes of the region into raiding caravans and travelers alike, hoping a certain elven captain of the guard will lead his men in order to find them. Needless to say, she owes him a scar or two, to say the least.

  • Meirmilorth
  • Ymradys
  • Ildrephu
  • Irsaulri
  • Ivelarynhinx

Green Dragon Male Names

Deceitful, deceiving, and a skillful schemer, a Green Dragon is a creature with whom you should always keep your guard up.

  • Aglaraerose
  • Claugiyliamatar
  • Mornauguth
  • Fll’Yissetat
  • Ishenalyr


One of the most feared dragons in the realm, yet no one has actually seen him. Some claim it’s a red dragon, while others swear it’s a black one. He enjoys the confusion and continues to torment the land, with no hero on the horizon.

  • Sirvinhandra
  • Verdant Cloud
  • Andareunarthex
  • Athauglas
  • Avaryx


Once a wyrmling of a famous dragon duo, he’s trying to learn as much as he can about his parents and their past as he keeps growing up. Once powerful enough, he intends on finishing what they started.

  • Venomfang
  • Vorgansharax
  • Chryselephantine
  • Thaklantyrchyll
  • Vesaria


Licking his wounds, he’s celebrating his hard-earned victory over a black dragon. The battle and the war has been won, where the much-needed lair is now his to live in.

  • Slyfthan
  • Fellfane
  • Glyfaradain
  • Marwoleath


He recently managed to capture a hydra, which he now uses for a constant food resource. Keeping well fed, he’s been growing quickly as the kobolds he’s swayed into his service keep mining his new lair.

  • Olohimba
  • Taxthyl
  • Zedoran
  • Ornazindyss
  • Viovreogys
  • Agyulverix


Having charmed the elven king, he now has indirect power over the whole southern part of the continent. Slowly but surely he’s been turning the whole elven kingdom towards war and if not stopped soon, the whole land will suffer.

  • Ummidirnah
  • Tairrogvox
  • Ommedyrth
  • Froammor
  • Eghasrax

Green dragons can be behind a plethora of seemingly unrelated events that seem to have someone else involved. They are a nice example of power behind the throne. Their name strikes fear into others.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Green Dragon name.

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