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299 Dragon Names & Backstories

dragon name ideas

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Dragons are magical and fascinating creatures with equally peculiar names, much akin to Elves, and they usually have names that Humans would consider strange. Regardless of where they could be found, all dragons share a love for treasure and are often a target for brave adventurers who hunt dragons with names like Xathiad, Fraetax, Xedur, Payvros, Tethayss, Xoikoadeid, Zirgararth, and Shorgyrriss.

Good Dragon Names

A good dragon name looks exotic, though is usually easy on the tongue despite its initial impression. It can also be heavy on the consonants, while the number of syllables varies, and if we can use letters like “q”, “x”, “y”, and ”z”, and keep the name easy to pronounce, we are on the right path. Using consonants with “y” in the middle, such as “dyd”, “rym”, and “xyr”, we can also add a bit of strangeness to the name. For example, names like Borkar or Torim are plain enough, but when we apply suggestions from above, we can come up with names like Xorrymiir, Yorkardyd, and Thormymxyr.

  • Dukaernox
  • Qipyrymar
  • Qimydyd
  • Ayldross
  • Myndrym
  • Kunxdroir
  • Eighaesyor
  • Haxnydryen


This blue dragon lives atop the highest mountain peak in the whole region, where his lair is safely hidden in a cave just under the peak’s ridge, and protected further by powerful spells of his own making, making his lair all but impregnable.

  • Yldrephath
  • Pydorxrym
  • Damranxar
  • Iennerymax
  • Avnopheox


The red dragon is considered one of the most dangerous creatures alive, yet this young specimen will have to survive for another couple of centuries before he reaches the pinnacle of his power, and this won’t be easy as many dangerous beasts and monsters live in what he likes to call his territory.

  • Rogyldyd
  • Dammissxar
  • Taerodiear
  • Ciodydhait
  • Grymyres

Female Dragon Names

Female dragon names are usually less complex, with fewer double or triple consonants, and often start with a vowel. Pronouncing the name out loud is still the key here, and when it flows off the tongue easily or feels somewhat melodic, you know you’re doing it right.

  • Immary
  • Aipyr
  • Euthorth
  • Chenielalth
  • Zorgilyr
  • Othyupa
  • Novanaerth
  • Yzirth


After a successful mating period, she drove the male dragon away from her lair, and for the last three decades, she’s been taking care of her offspring who was now a hatchling no more. While he’s still too young to take care of himself he is still very dangerous to other mere mortals, although he’s not allowed to leave the lair under any circumstance.

  • Pamnorax
  • Illethya
  • Alluntharia
  • Mundreia
  • Nellithara


After losing both of her offspring in an ambush to human hunters, it took her quite some time to accept such a fate but when she did, she quickly transformed back into a stone-cold killer, one that managed to locate the very same hunters, months later, and brutally slaughter them to the last man.

  • Valdrotha
  • Gozathy
  • Eindyntes
  • Chaige
  • Byrroathy

Male Dragon Names

Starting and ending the name with a consonant, or a double one is a good way to make the name feel as if it belongs to a male dragon more than a female. For example, while Noxmiora sounds more like a female dragon, Zhoxmiorath would be more of a male name.

  • Neraynth
  • Chainneth
  • Timiphyr
  • Braydirax
  • Daillul
  • Sarmylth
  • Mallalain
  • Judrum


Being a white dragon, species that prefer to live in cold environments, he enjoys the snow and the harsh northern winds, and his natural skin color blends in perfectly into most of the surroundings, and the hunting has been more than successful this winter.

  • Tirvyg
  • Byrvo
  • Xeddrasdom
  • Vimrunoal
  • Daevonix


As one of the older dragons on the continent, this vicious black monster has made the biggest swamp in the region his home, and ever since he arrived the swamp and everything around it started to slowly die or wither away, to the point where the local elves are starting to take notice.

  • Mexyvoyd
  • Molboinin
  • Horsailth
  • Frisodenym
  • Zhayginth

japanese dragon

Cute Dragon Names

Dragons can be cute, especially when they are still young and small. As for the names, we can come up with a cute dragon name by imagining what kind of a name would be cute for an animal, some mammal that we can see us cuddling. Then, we can use the type of the dragon, their nature, and also their tendencies to determine how to best adjust that potential name we have in mind.

  • Sunny
  • Bitsy
  • Scaly
  • Pinky
  • Elektra
  • Mirage
  • Pookie
  • Izzy


This little white dragon can’t stop burping, at least a dozen times per day, and every time he does a puff of snowflakes bursts out of his mouth, showering everyone around with snow. While this is all very amusing, especially to those around him, unfortunately, this also means he will have problems letting his icy breath loose like others of his kind, and this severely diminishes his power in the future.

  • Cici
  • Bella
  • Noodle
  • Bloom
  • Sparkle


As a very young creature, especially for a dragon, she’s nothing short of an innocent playful individual, and the elf who found her is having a hard time saying goodbye. They both enjoyed each other’s company for the last couple of years but the elf’s parents are now insisting the dragon has to be let go, once and for all.

  • Draky
  • Moonpie
  • Angel
  • Spikey
  • Nessie

Funny Dragon Names

Funny dragon names are all about wordplay, using their habits, abilities, appearances, and daily behavior, among other things, to help us come up with an entertaining name. It’s also a good idea to try using contradictions with the words associated with dragons, as such a combination can be a good source of humor.

  • Breathless
  • Darude Sandstorm
  • Flamey McFireson
  • Yurr Toast
  • Clawy Chewmuch
  • Lizzard Offoz
  • Scalebeard
  • Iceburn Firefreez

Kenkohl Ablizzard

He feels he’s a master of negotiation, and while some would say he fails rather often, he explains that’s not technically true as when this alleged failure happens, it is always followed by a reminder that he can call upon a storm at any point in time, after which he then gets what he wants.

  • Lahv Magold
  • Eyeit Djems
  • Strohnngr Denkevlar
  • Bob the Dragon
  • Shynees Cales

Dragonardo Davinchi

This dragon is a true artist, and some of his research has been nothing short of brilliant. Due to being so busy with all of his work, he keeps a dozen kobolds in his lair as assistants who help him write his thoughts down, prepare food, mine for gems, and anything else he or they might need.

  • Notha Draggon
  • Lil Pinchy
  • Unfree Zabble
  • Bludra Gonn
  • Shipeat Err

Badass Dragon Names

The deeds the dragons do are what makes them badass, and what makes their names known, and we can use this information during the naming process. This means imagining what they did, how did they do it, and what would they be best known for. For example, a dragon that terrorizes a region burns villages and homes, and lives in a nearby volcano could be named Emberscale, Hellbreath, Scorchtail, or Chartooth.

  • Drogon
  • Smaug
  • Paarthurnax
  • Silverwing
  • Deaevidra
  • Paieviies
  • Netinenth
  • Brotunas


The human kingdom has pretty much always been in danger but never as much as when this dragon decided to make one of the nearby mountains his home. From one of the highest peaks, he’s been surveying the area and is the true master of the region he calls his territory, and many brave adventurers died trying to dethrone him.

  • Vermithrax
  • Tessarion
  • Vhagar
  • Gnawghast
  • Everdusk


Like a creature from the worst nightmares, this black-scaled dragon soars through the sky, stalking and hunting humans and animals during the night. While he’s not the biggest dragon one could ever see, his ferociousness can rival any creature, and even if one was to survive his attack, they wouldn’t be willing to even try remembering it, let alone speak about it.

  • Deathwing
  • Alduin
  • Onyxia
  • Fafnir
  • Tatsuya

evil dragon

Evil Dragon Names

While it’s certainly not the only way to do it, we can add surnames or titles to the dragon’s name to make them sound more sinister. For example, names like Tuzzyd, Ivroirryr, and Nyrsony are simple enough when it comes to dragons and don’t necessarily allude to any danger, apart from the obvious. On the other hand, Aynophyx the Disintegrator or Eyherleira Elfbane can immediately tell us who we’re dealing with.

  • Sehmasah Icesoul
  • Eirienax
  • Ignicioutys the Blazer
  • Kalameety
  • Deafrona
  • Aldoron the Wicked
  • Xintaraan
  • Jisamni

Tyranthrax the Kingmaker

This red dragon plans to rule the whole continent and he started with a Dragonborn kingdom which he now rules from behind the throne, as the Queen has been firmly in his grasp for a long time now, and the time to invade the unsuspecting human kingdom draws near.

  • Nazboo
  • Ghidorah
  • Girkix
  • Maleficent
  • Eternatus

Ancalagon the Scarred

After suffering a terrible injury in a fight against another dragon, he lost his left wing while only ten percent of his right remains. Somehow, he managed to survive the injuries, leaving him with horrendous scars, and life has just become far more dangerous even for a magical creature such as he is.

  • Maddox
  • Axcerbix
  • Zhaitan
  • Shruikan
  • Mordremoth

Fire Dragon Names

Fire dragons are all about fire, as their name suggests, and we while the usual dragon names certainly apply to them, we can also use words associated with fire, flame, burning, heat, and blaze, among many other synonyms, and come up with names such as Inferniax and Heatgaze.

  • Arhrax
  • Chanticox
  • Xiuhcoatl
  • Eborsisk
  • Otorachys
  • Sizzlyx
  • Tatsuya
  • Yagyabys


While some rumors have it that he isn’t a true dragon but a great wizard in disguise, others say that he is a fire drake from the east that came to these lands searching for a better climate where more food can be found, and with this region being far more plentiful it was no wonder he decided to stay and call this particular valley his home.

  • Longwei
  • Iormungand
  • Glaurung
  • Dagahra
  • Fuegan


Apart from being a dragon, she is best known for her ability to breathe fire for a long time, far longer than most other dragons, and this isn’t anything to be surprised about as she’s lived for over six hundred years by now, and is the oldest dragon on the whole continent.

  • Dragonite
  • Hephaestus
  • Lykxion
  • Scorch
  • Xarveom

Ice Dragon Names

Just like with fire dragons, only the opposite, they are all about ice and everything about it. Their breaths freeze their victims, and their white scales blend perfectly in snow regions, and while their true names are often unknown, people still fear dragons known as Frozenhorn, Icetooth, and Frostclaw.

  • Frozentail
  • Glacierix
  • Valkoinen
  • Chrysophylax
  • Gelidyrin
  • Snowpike
  • Verglax
  • Vizyros


When she breathes, it’s not fire but a snowstorm that can freeze anything in mere seconds, and this is exactly how she saves food for later, bringing the frozen victims back to her lair and unfreezing them only when she’s hungry.

  • Chilalea
  • Lixuerhax
  • Blizzclaw
  • Freezebone
  • Stormtooth


This magnificent dragon is also albino and is often mistaken for a different species, and ever since he’s been saw for the first time, the news about him spread like wildfire, and numerous groups of adventurers started hunting him, all for the promise of a reward and his gorgeous scales they plan to put to good use once he’s dead.

  • Shiveryxian
  • Eirwen
  • Eisdrachen
  • Yukina
  • Frostine

fire dragon

Water Dragon Names

It is said that Water dragons are the most gentle kind of all dragons and that they get along with everyone except fire dragons, for obvious reasons. Their names also sound softer and more delicate, and the letters like “x”, “y”, and “z” can be found less often. While some other dragons might be called Yrymrelth or Mypheraix, water dragons have names like Qogis, Lanoin, and Oghurru.

  • Hadlyrs
  • Rainsoul
  • Giannariis
  • Soakscale
  • Mayaquim
  • Mazuun
  • Venusir
  • Aquatix


This serpent-like dragon has a kind soul, and he spends most of his time moving swiftly through the depths of a certain huge lake, and while he believes no one knows of his existence, a young girl caught a glimpse of him during one of the rare times he visits the surface, and the word is beginning to spread.

  • Henrietta
  • Riverys
  • Melody
  • Sonazaki
  • Coralia


This young dragon made her lair deep in a mountain, and the only way in is through the lake at the bottom of it. However, even if one can swim and dive without problem, they would still need to be able to find the entrance in the first place as it is protected by potent illusion magic, set there by the dragon herself.

  • Aqrion
  • Blairfin
  • Wetclaw
  • Avrilys
  • Heaveem

Earth Dragon Names

Also called plant and thorn dragons, they are probably the only type of dragons who will let other races ride them if there is a strong enough bond between them. The easiest way to come up with an earth dragon name is to mix the words associated with earth and soil, dragons themselves, and the synonyms for those same words, such as Dustwing, Claytooth, and Ironclaw.

  • Geoninax
  • Mudclaw
  • Crusteye
  • Landtail
  • Alluvium
  • Gravelxy
  • Onyxar
  • Sublunary


Luckily, this fearsome dragon resides deep under the world’s surface, where other subterranean races tend to avoid him at all costs. He also enjoys a lot of support from the many worshippers in the region, where the orc and goblin tribes make the majority as they make regular sacrifices to please the one they consider their lord and master.

  • Rumbleys
  • Osmium
  • Corebite
  • Fossiliriux
  • Mudmine


At first, the people thought they were unlucky to be hit by an earthquake, albeit a seemingly smaller one. However, after it kept happening at a rather unnatural rate, the local major city gathered enough money to hire a group of experts to check the source, and in less than a day they will get the surprise of their lives, and not a particularly good one.

  • Cliffraxio
  • Dustirion
  • Digbone
  • Terrafix
  • Terrancealt

Lightning Dragon Names

Living on the highest mountain peaks, preferably the ones surrounded by thick clouds and violent storms, they bask in lighting as flowers in the sun. Their names can often allude to terms such as bolt, electricity, spark, flicker, and glow, names such as Glintscale, Sparkeye, and Glowtail.

  • Shyrlonay
  • Flasheye
  • Uwibami
  • Bronte
  • Nurixirys
  • Scylla
  • Electriux
  • Levina


The nearby mountain peak, the highest in the region, has been under a great storm for weeks, although the people say their gods protect them as the storm doesn’t seem to be moving at all. The town’s wizard has his doubts about the whole situation, while the local ranger is starting to get worried that the rumors about a dragon settling the land recently might actually be true.

  • Chusi
  • Peruunh
  • Rhiainfelt
  • Lyn
  • Kaminari


This dragon is actually very revered and held in the highest regard by the people of the human kingdom he resides in. During the great drought of the past, she was instrumental in saving the population as she used her powers to conjure a storm and cause much-needed rain, and has been praised for it ever since.

  • Damini
  • Aashni
  • Lightclaw
  • Foudre
  • Ramman

earth dragon

Japanese Dragon Names

Japanese culture contains rich dragon lore, and many are heavily influenced by Chinese dragons. Most are portrayed as wingless serpent-like creatures with claws who are associated with rainfall and water bodies in which they usually live in. Their names have a deeper meaning behind them, such as Kuraokami (Darkness), Mizuchi (Hornless Dragon), and Orochi (Big Snake), and it’s best to delve into their culture to find inspiration for a name of your own.

  • Sayômï
  • Kanesumera
  • Tunôusi
  • Akatokimï
  • Takaopokimi
  • Tanomoopokimi
  • Amoopokimi
  • Kuyasitatu


It is said that this dragon can transform into a beautiful waterfall, and vice versa, which always seems to make sense regardless of where it might be located, and if one was to drink from it they would have amazing luck for the remainder of their whole life.

  • Yamapemi
  • Tupitatu
  • Apidaonosi
  • Matamasumera
  • Adumasi


After catching a glimpse of what seemed to be a great serpent in the lake, the monk believed he just witnessed the great dragon many ancient scrolls and books speak about, and as time went on, a temple was built close to that lake in honor of this majestic creature.

  • Nutatu
  • Kagetatu
  • Akidumï
  • Ipasi
  • Iranapemi

Chinese Dragon Names

Chinese dragons are said to bring fortune, luck, hope, and wisdom, and they represent the forces of mother nature. Some of the better-known ones are Yazi, Chaofeng, Pulao, Chiwen, Bi’an, Suanni, and Ba Xia Dragon. The best way is to look into the Chinese culture, and their myths and legends, and find examples upon which you could potentially build.

  • Juhuo
  • Mulong
  • Zhaishe
  • Laolong
  • Malong
  • Hulong
  • Guolong
  • Chonglong


Instead of fearing the dragon, the local population praises and prays to him for good luck, knowing they are not to be mixed with their evil counterparts in other places in the world, and this dragon is considered a spiritual creature that brings peace and harmony.

  • Xionglong
  • Xinggeng
  • Lushe
  • Yulong
  • Tiantou


A whole empire gives thanks to this creature, and the Emperor himself ordered that the icon of this dragon was to be put on their flag and coat of arms, for both good luck and the power it possesses. Coincidence or not, ever since they’ve done so, the empire hasn’t lost any of the last four wars.

  • Houlong
  • Pulong
  • Huangwei
  • Lanshen
  • Huteng

Norse Dragon Names

The Norse culture speaks of dragons as large venomous serpents, often described as huge worms of horrendous power bent on destruction. The dragon names all come from their myths, and delving deeper into different Scandinavian cultures can offer much inspiration for coming up with an original Norse dragon name, where Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian have many words and terms for us to use.

  • Falkor
  • Coaxoch
  • Jormungandr
  • Góinn
  • Roinoin
  • Fofradr
  • Móinn
  • Merkanikr


The original name is Níðhǫggr, and he is considered a foul and evil dragon gnawing at the roots of the famous world tree, Yggdrasil, and back in Viking culture, “níð” refers to a situation where one lost all honor, thus becoming a villain in the process.

  • Yrnadatl
  • Grafvölluðr
  • Durnmfir
  • Ormnir
  • Ofnir


While it’s a perhaps less known legend, a certain story speaks about a dragon capable of transforming into a human so that they can walk among mere mortals to better understand them, and see whether they were worthy of everything this creature could potentially offer.

  • Fafnir
  • Grábakr
  • Ehecatl
  • Svafnir
  • Grafvitni

Many cultures have countless stories, myths, and legends where dragons take the main role as one of the most iconic creatures in the world. Start with thinking about what type of dragon the character is, check our suggestions on that kind, and try coming up with a name on your own using the information we have here as guidelines and inspiration. You can also find more examples that will inspire you further at our Dragon name generator

Are you also in awe of these majestic and magical creatures? Ever found yourself daydreaming about them, imagining their power and abilities? Let us know what type of dragons you find most interesting, how did you name them, and the naming process used for that particular name by leaving a comment below.

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