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Gold Dragon Name Generator & Guide

“There once lived a dragon, with golden scales that shimmered as majestically as the most beautiful gem in the whole world.” – the old man sitting by the fire said as four children gathered around to listen. “Wings rippling like a ship’s sail, he could fly to the end of the world. He was wise, strong, and powerful and his name was Gaxloranthar.” – he finished with almost a whisper, ever-ready to continue the story.

Generate Names

Yrviphilth – The Taker Of Life

Fripoarro – The Calm

Chaizyrei – The Great

Nondro – Lord Of The Brown

Bythy – The Barbarian

Sendriss – The Tender

Gaindruss – The Tall

Byreo – The Deathlord

Chiarra – The Tyrant

Cunayss – Giver Of Life

Cydyss – Protector Of The Weak

Ena – Redeemer Of Men

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Table of Contents

Gold dragons are the apex predator of the metallic kind, true warriors of justice, righteousness, and everything goodness stands for. They are relentless enemies of evil that they pursue until destroyed.

They are graceful and magical, and can even polymorph into a humanoid creature, hiding their presence. They have telepathic abilities and they prefer to parlay and negotiate, leaving fighting for the last available option if all else fails.

Gold Dragons are usually the so-called beacons of light, having a major role in the politics and dealings of the lands they live in. Their true name is often unknown, and they can go by many, though some good examples are Palarandusk, Lareth, and Aurinax.

Gold Dragon Female Names

After what could be a long time of courting, Golden dragons can have one or more mates during their lifetime. They take good care of their children and the role of a mother is very important.

  • Gandilth
  • Lendy
  • Qopor, Lady Of The Green
  • Urgis
  • Akiss

Sammeenhxir, The Skinny One

Maimed as a young dragon, she somehow managed to survive. However, the wounds were too great for her wings to recover and she grew up to be gaunt and rather scrawny.

  • Apu
  • Adalyl
  • Yvedyn, The Powerful
  • Bythodyt
  • Givnorth, The Strong Minded

Zervilirih, Gentle Mind

Mate to the current King of Justice, she is known by all of her race, no matter where they might live. She bore many eggs throughout her lifetime and has produced numerous strong and wise dragons strengthening her kind sizeably.

  • Mepheo
  • Idinth
  • Ypo, Protector Of Creatures
  • Vuma, Lady Of The Skies
  • Oanorth
  • Shizani, The Strong

Mozziphass, Protector Of The Sky

Killing a red dragon, she took his lair atop of the mountain. She rarely stays there, in fact only when she seeks refuge, peace, and isolation. Most of her hoard remains there, guarded by multiple magical traps and other dangers.

  • Lovepharth
  • Tenneiss
  • Lermon
  • Chyrlenth, Protector Of Life
  • Yghuth

Oarmynth, The Careful

Known for her empathy, she is in charge of protecting the lair of several golden dragons, who are too young to live alone. An interesting dynamic is happening, where those very same dragons just might decide to keep working together.

  • Yrmeranxa
  • Ondonth
  • Ryllynti, Lady Of The Sun
  • Yldrinir
  • Podhorii

Orriolth, The Eternal One

As old as time, dozens of human generations spoke of him and still do so, as he remains the shining beacon of life, a true guardian of the vale they all live in.

  • Ethirinix
  • Foasso, The Wise
  • Atheorha
  • Errasiir

Gold Dragon Male Names

All Golden Dragons, fall into the same group with a King (or sometimes a Queen) of Justice, the very top of their hierarchy.

  • Ighycrem
  • Froammor
  • Dirraetyr, The Insane
  • Toaleolth, The Adorable
  • Dotaig

Meonaryx, The Loud

When he roars, the whole region, even the whole continent, hears it. Almost a deafening sound. Having heard his roar, no creature can hold their ground.

  • Gindryss
  • Frieghur
  • Mairruirhyx
  • Isoilei, The Mammoth
  • Mussulth

Froirrurer, Braveheart

As a young dragon, he saved a merchant caravan from a dozen bandits, getting almost fatally injured in the process. Later in life, he rescued too many to mention, having truly earned his name.

  • Frievrerry, The Gifted
  • Koddrudhariy
  • Mysom, Protector Of The Weak
  • Reonom
  • Guldronhiir

Mothud, The Quiet

Whether it has to do something with magic, or simply his will alone, he has remained quiet for more than a century now. None but a few of his closest dragon friends know the real truth behind it all.

  • Qundryrrynth, Eater Of Sheep
  • Nindreorys
  • Gaedhug
  • Jamrydo, Champion Of Men
  • Vaylie
  • Xurrailth

Ayrsoin, The Clean

Never has anyone seen such shiny golden scales as he possesses. The sun could blind you as it reflects off of them, and he is quite a magnificent sight to witness. The lucky ones that did, swear on their mother’s grave that he shines more than the brightest angel there is.

  • Frizaed
  • Gudeit
  • Niadoi, The Magnificent
  • Mayzonoi
  • Sezyryn

Fraygiephoarth, The Warm

His firey breath burns all in its way, so much so his belly scales feel warm to the touch even in the coldest of nights.

  • Talrit, The Warrior
  • Cydyss
  • Dudras
  • Kimras, Protector Of Creatures

Wise, just, proud, and acting out of goodness and righteousness, Golden Dragons are the epitome of fighting evil and are worthy allies. They certainly deserve and need a name as they always make a difference and prove to be crucial for what is to come. Without them the future certainly looks grimmer.

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