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Silver Dragon Name Generator & Guide

“P…pp…..please, help us!” – the injured elf cried out at the sight of the dragon. “Orcs….they attacked us, Adalon. This time in greater number than before. We can fight them, but the red dragon leading them proves to be a more difficult foe, to say the least.” – he finished, trying to catch his breath as he held his broken ribs.

Generate Names

Bronne – The Tyrant

Kadynteom – The Tyrant

Cokyrth – Lord Of The Skies

Sedy – The Gifted

Ighycrem – The Warm

Deomro – Champion Of The Green

Tosentol – Lady Of The White

Nugaeth – The Nocturnal

Jyrveod – Protector Of The Sky

Sirmolth – Destroyer Of Life

Mopy – The Taker Of Life

Lendy – The Taker Of Life

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Silver Dragons are good-natured and although they don’t actively search for evil, they oppose it any time they encounter it. They have a regal stature, noble-like face, and beard-like frills under the chin. They can exhale ice and paralyzing gas at will.

They can live over 4000 years and they are known to spend most of it polymorphed into a human. They like to live among other humanoids as they try to learn their short-lived ways, and they especially like human dining, looking forward to any feast.

Silver Dragons are very protective and eager to help, as long as those in need approach them. They often stay in their human form using a different name, while some examples of their true name are Xaerrior, Payllailth, Tyset, and Ierroanth.

Silver Dragon Female Names

Silver Dragons live in clans, in a somewhat loose organization, where the whole community changes turn in guarding the eggs and young ones.

  • Ollaraeth
  • Lomath
  • Itheirini
  • Illantira


She prefers the company of elves, especially wood elves as she already befriended half a dozen of them. The time to leave approaches, though, and she’s contemplating whether to tell them she’s a dragon or keep the secret to herself.

  • Cuvirroinr
  • Qaizan
  • Zirit
  • Zairlail
  • Odotanirys


Her whole clan is helping certain human king in defending his land from the incoming onslaught of the gnoll horde, which is lead by a deadly demonic creature who seeks nothing but slaughter and chaos.

  • Sheipos
  • Parrielth
  • Athioli
  • Fikentis
  • Odhossyn
  • Deghaen


Polymorphed into a gnome, she enjoys her time living among the gnome clan. She’s been enjoying good food, ale, and talking to smaller animals for so long that she almost forgot how it is to be a dragon.

  • Seizynth
  • Goldrel
  • Diranhlryx
  • Riemmai
  • Cotha
  • Timiphy


In order to secure an advantage over her red dragon rival, she polymorphed into a human and joined a group of adventurers who are now well on their way to find the lost treasure. She’s hoping to find a certain tome among whatever else might reside in the forgotten tomb.

  • Vupolubru
  • Lithiss
  • Godynth
  • Giphair
  • Tirmir


Having recently cleared an old wizard’s tower from all dangers, she’s licking her wounds and organizing her new home.

  • Sygioneera
  • Posyssenn
  • Shozzyssa
  • Illoarrath

Silver Dragon Male Names

Due to the fact they like to occupy similar places as red dragons, it is only natural they face each other from time to time. When they do, both sides would do anything in order to slay the enemy.

  • Nugaeth
  • Azhaq
  • Dargentum
  • Havarlan
  • Jaerlethket


Traveling in his human form, he ran into a young prince. Bonding during a hunting trip, they quickly became good friends. Years later, he now serves as an advisor to the same man, only now a king.

  • Miirym
  • Mikkaalgensis
  • Mithbarakaz
  • Otaaryliakkarnos
  • Pharyssolnyth


As a captain of his ship, Freedom, he sails the seas in his elven form and continues to increase his reputation by luring pirates and capturing them for ransom.

  • Silverywing
  • Clarion
  • Nondro
  • Jivrirth
  • Oimisdog


Helping the southern barbarian clans against the oncoming horde of beastfolk who are being led by a group of power-hungry minotaurs.

  • Roirrayss
  • Zeinnairth
  • Bynnut
  • Paitoi
  • Qirvionth
  • Baydhyrth


Preferring his human form, he travels the roads as a knight, alone and fearless. He tries to talk to everyone he meets, helping those in need, and learning as much as he can from them.

  • Uvrodon
  • Baizzaessainth
  • Jummog
  • Xylryrth
  • Innaid


He’s been polymorphed for quite some time, earning a rank of Captain in the town’s guard. Currently traveling to battle, he’s hoping he’ll turn the tide in his favor, along with finding the leader of the enemy in order to stop him.

  • Rindrianth
  • Qersyrer
  • Jazzurrei
  • Koved

Always ready to help, a Silver Dragon is like a shining knight who’s always ready to face evil. They can polymorph into a human, and do so often, where they prefer either an old wise man or a young and beautiful humanoid. They oftentimes befriend generations of a family, even to the point where they reveal their true form. Silver Dragons offer a multitude of roleplaying opportunities, making them one of the most interesting characters to play.

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