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Copper Dragon Name Generator & Guide

“Now, don’t stop me if you heard this one but here’s another..” – the dragon started yet another of his jokes. “Two dwarves walk out of the bar…” – he said, ending then and there, letting it sink in. “Tee-hee, that’s a good one, lord Kaseinthgal.” – the goblin stuttered, chuckling nervously as he glanced at his friends in confusion.

Generate Names

Goalruloil – Destroyer Of Life

Givnorth – The Strong Minded

Lermon – Destroyer Of Life

Veolrurel – Destroyer Of Men

Esy – The Mysterious One

Deghaen – The Great

Chesyrth – The Strong

Othyt – The Champion

Qoinnayth – Lord Of The Black

Symrei – Champion Of The Brown

Chemresdiss – The Insane

Goldrel – The Magnificent

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Copper dragons are jovial, ready to trick and tease you, as well as charm you with their wits and humor. They think highly of themselves and are rather selfish, especially when it comes to their treasure hoard, which they hide in their hill lair.

They like good humorous stories and jokes, though their love for precious metals is even stronger. A Copper Dragon won’t tell others about their hoard, let alone where it is located. They are excellent climbers, something they utilize well in their snug lairs.

The strongest of them can polymorph into humans and beasts which they use to associate with humans. Their true name isn’t shared with just anyone if not needed, but some good examples are Chatulio, Galadaeros, Ilnezhara, and Tazmikella.

Female Copper Dragon Names

Partners are won using wits and a sense of humor, where each side makes the other laugh as often as they can. Females would tell you they are the ones who decide in the end.

  • Immylria
  • Humrenth
  • Morvelth
  • Qersirth


She has been courted for days by a somewhat young copper dragon, who is more charming than he should be. Nevertheless, she’ll make sure to test his limits before thinking of accepting anything further.

  • Gildrath
  • Lannayryr
  • Qyvissir
  • Dutheleilth
  • Tyssanton


After losing her eggs twice in her life, she is making sure they are well guarded this time. Her mate is also nearby, allowing her to focus solely on the soon-to-hatch wyrmlings.

  • Frervyross
  • Fassysiltith
  • Shurasslkah
  • Hapiyrella
  • Hikonglanara
  • Hyrainth


She loves to hunt, especially dangerous animals and creatures. Her favorite meal is a big poisonous snake that lives deep in the forest swamps.

  • Fyghintilla
  • Otassainth
  • Tosinth
  • Cillirallarys
  • Poadhollera


Polymorphed into a gnome, she has been living in a gnome clan for several decades now. Her charm and humor, along with interesting and funny stories, have made her one of the most popular members of the community.

  • Vomrayn
  • Aghorth
  • Rildry
  • Redhairirth
  • Frirsusso


Having finally found a good place for her new lair, she’s been making it as snug as she can, to the point she couldn’t spread her wings inside.

  • Fruzzoseliath
  • Symreisorath
  • Anneth
  • Heldras
  • Igengalhara

Male Copper Dragon Names

Pranksters as they are, they might have a labyrinth leading to a fake lair entrance, for example, while the real one is actually located in plain sight. Oh, and if you’re thinking of not laughing at their joke, think again.

  • Pyvial
  • Raynnet
  • Kovedgal
  • Mulzress
  • Frindyella


Considers himself to be the best riddler there is, he tries to tell one at every opportunity. Known to polymorph into an old man, who then challenges others to a contest of riddles.

  • Gyrsyrreor
  • Chylrirerth
  • Bykaesyr
  • Vudairth
  • Ayrsiaell


An ancient wyrm who’s been blind for more than a century. While he won’t tease you as much, he often goes on a tangent, making you wait and listen for much longer than you expected or wanted in the first place.

  • Nugaeth
  • Poldrointh
  • Eirloigal
  • Iodophyrth
  • Xukaephon


A smart and witty adult copper dragon, he and some dwarves have been keeping the snake people in check, limiting their number and expansion. Soon, however, no one will be able to stop them from spreading.

  • Xitarhara
  • Chimmityr
  • Chilrideros
  • Dagatella
  • Ennazhira
  • Chiarra


Flying away from a furious red dragon, he’s trying to lure him to a series of caves where a flight is nearly impossible, hoping to use his climbing and jumping expertise to full effect.

  • Ramridus
  • Zethicrid
  • Chylberrem
  • Zyndugolr
  • Qorlunth


He met an interesting halfling bard who immediately peaked his interest with his funny songs and stories. So much so that he carved a whole room for the bard inside his very own lair.

  • Geleonyrh
  • Chionulraeth
  • Usunthiriath
  • Frarryth

Jokesters, pranksters, and charmful, a Copper Dragon is a powerful creature of good heart. Perhaps selfish and self-absorbed, ultimately they wish well despite the fact they believe they deserve it all. They adore wine but can’t actually get drunk as they are immune to poison, opening some interesting roleplaying possibilities. Each of them is unique in their own way.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Copper Dragon name.

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