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Bronze Dragon Name Generator & Guide

“Bah, humans..” – the dragon snorted in clear disgust as his mate listened on. “They are weak and fickle, prone to greed, and lack honor. They…” – he paused to sigh, then continued somewhat reluctantly – “They do not deserve my time, and certainly not my words. Besides, I’d rather stay with you.”

Generate Names

Mammir – Champion Of The White

Freogoneit – Eater Of Sheep

Vinnaentoin – Champion Of The Brown

Qozzyss – The Mysterious One

Chylberrem – Lord Of Fire

Qopor – Lady Of The Green

Iomressaet – The Young One

Deirva – Warmheart

Fridyr – The Champion

Ondonth – Lady Of The Skies

Adalyl – Champion Of The White

Mormi – The Victorious

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Bronze dragons, apart from the scale color, are recognized by sharp black talons coming out of their head, in a form of a crest or even a backward pointed crown. They are justice-oriented, but see the world in extremities, either right or wrong.

They spend the majority of their life polymorphed, often as an animal. They love water but live in dry places and prefer to interact only with other dragons. In combat, Bronze Dragons try to defeat their opponent without inflicting damage if possible.

Bronze Dragons indirectly provoke people’s reactions and enjoy watching good deeds being done. They love corals and pearls but would never ask for one as they despise greed. As for names, Daevoath, Taigia, and Shyvaphyr are some good examples.

Bronze Dragon Female Names

Females like to lay eggs near water but only so that the waves can reach the egg occasionally. They take good care of them mostly till the wyrmling reaches adulthood.

  • Kynathyria
  • Tjamaladara
  • Cemlegua
  • Glamorgana


Traveling and adventuring with her mate as a pair of elven travelers and adventurers, she is living through some of the best times of her life.

  • Rantra
  • Simmisersith
  • Torshenna
  • Tizanadine
  • Clonazepa


She’s been guarding her two eggs for quite some time and is ready to greet the wyrmlings any day now. She vowed to raise them as her now-deceased partner wanted, proud and just, with the strength to undo any injustice they encounter.

  • Nortriptyline
  • Hydrocodone
  • Meloxicanh
  • Benzonatate
  • Gabapentin


Polymorphed into a killer whale, she swims across the ocean with great speed, watching the passing ships go by, and protecting the innocent from the pirates of any kind.

  • Immy
  • Humrenth
  • Morvelth
  • Qersirth
  • Qavyn
  • Gildrath


She spends her time polymorphed into various small animals, enjoying the company of every member of a certain gnome community, living peacefully while observing their jovial behavior.

  • Yrse
  • Qynarinhitas
  • Eildrilthea
  • Limildasra
  • Mopynreah


Spends a lot of her time diving deep in the ocean, searching for sunken ships and their lost treasures, especially pearls which she finds extremely delicious, to say the least.

  • Shurass
  • Redhairirth
  • Hikon
  • Otassainth
  • Vomrayn

Bronze Dragon Male Names

Males choose a mate once in their lifetime. If something happens to their partner, they never seek a new one, no matter how long they may still live.

  • Lhammaruntosz
  • Nymmurh
  • Felgolos
  • Liiravre


Polymorphed as a beggar, he makes his way across the whole city, as large as it may be, begging, listening, and watching others. Sometimes he turns into an animal and approaches places and people he couldn’t otherwise.

  • Umsheryoth
  • Paravashtacronox
  • Rhumathradraxis
  • Kizarvexius
  • Hezzerak


Travels the roads of the whole kingdom polymorphed into an old man with a walking stick, looking poor, and even sickly. If being robbed, he springs to action as the quickest monk you have ever seen, knocking the attackers into unconsciousness.

  • Tyranthraxus
  • K’Rhazzogarr
  • Anaxamandabriel
  • Avalinadon
  • Eramus
  • Artegrenol


Living as a wolf, he befriended a certain barbarian from the northern tribes and continues to live with him as the man allows him maximum freedom while truly appreciating his company.

  • Ishjlon
  • Kissamus
  • Krookredlum
  • Selyfrias
  • Vorstlan


For several years now, he has been living in a big city, the capital of a Kingdom in fact, as a bird. His goal is to watch, listen, and observe, learning about people’s habits, needs, wants, and much more.

  • Azurean
  • Vermithrax
  • Ashardalon
  • Trantoranthus
  • Proneraptus


Swearing allegiance to a famous paladin, they are both on their way to slay a red dragon that’s been terrorizing the region for long enough.

  • Narsitalodon
  • Megcroxius
  • Nyteliscra
  • Krynathancyus
  • Tizalicam

Onwatchers, indirect provokers, and exactors of justice, Bronze Dragons are inquisitive creatures that rarely show their true form, even when alone. They can breathe underwater, though they feel truly comfortable only when they dry up. Defeating foes should involve inflicting minimum to no damage at all whenever possible, and if one was to know their name, they possess a rare knowledge indeed.

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