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Steel Dragon Name Generator & Guide

“You are the only person I trust.” – said the dragon to his elven friend, now showing his real form for the first time. “This is who I am, a dragon, and my name is Zeildroan. I have chosen you, and you only, to be my soulmate, my ever-lasting friend, who I can find in this life and the ones that lie ahead.”

Generate Names

Citiad – The Powerful

Edhi – The Quiet

Jazzurrei – Lord Of The Green

Gughanth – Giver Of Life

Jomberth – The Victorious

Riemmai – The Tall

Dennerinth – The Powerful One

Froty – The Stubborn

Gorlissa – Gentleheart

Ayrsoin – The Clean

Ralzrydur – The Fierce

Molboinin – The Magnificent

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Steel Dragons have wings as if they were made out of overlapping feathers, while the scales on their body look like steel shields. They have long spine protrudes around their face, and their movement is rather feline-like.

They polymorph into the same human until the body ages and they need to use another. Such cases demand Vaulting, a memory cleansing process where they put aside all they lived through, and prepare their minds for the new experiences ahead.

Steel Dragons like to invest in various things, property, businesses, art, books, magic items, and even servants. They use appropriate names depending on who they live as, though some of their true names are Memrayr, Zorarth, Dotheg, and Rathonth.

Female Steel Dragon Names

Despite being polymorphed into a human, they still possess some powers, including strength and resilience. Even their human skin is impervious to normal weapons.

  • Gayrveth
  • Fridyr
  • Pydin
  • Bonnai


Currently living as a nobleman’s wife, a duchess in fact, where she manipulates her husband into her own plans and strategies.

  • Gyndraly
  • Qysiranth
  • Hezaphe
  • Cirvyn


Living as a monk, she travels along with a group of priests. As they spread their word, she uses the time to learn as much as she is able, before they go on a move again.

  • Tiermy
  • Pesernylas
  • Aygenth
  • Moannai
  • Nonnilth
  • Yrsarrelth


Living as a wizard who teaches neophytes the arcane ways, she uses spare time to read all the books the wizard academy possesses, as well as researching spells and magic items.

  • Darsessun
  • Enarliarmy
  • Arlarromag
  • Rumryss
  • Shaghess


A Queen of a rather small kingdom, she makes everything works flawlessly by inspiring or intimidating others, whichever proves more useful at certain times. Everyone seems to be thriving and she’s loved by all.

  • Lyvnyn
  • Seorralth
  • Ymederoreth
  • Ommeontuth
  • Norgeli
  • Ennolth


She’s living a life of a master swordsman, participating in duels and other tournaments, earning gold and glory as she travels across the kingdom. She’s so good, she had to use magic to make it seem like she’s been cut a few times during a duel to make it seems more natural.

  • Chainneth
  • Nildrys
  • Hildrith
  • Sendriss
  • Duzyr

Male Steel Dragon Names

While in human form, which is almost always, none can satisfy their hunger, so they have to find excuses to leave their homes and go eat in their real dragon form.

  • Auntyrlothtor
  • Jalanvaloss
  • Quituryte
  • Stalagma


One of the five members of an adventuring group, known mostly for their ability to venture into forgotten caves and temples, always returning alive with what they came for.

  • Steelheart
  • Zundaerazylym
  • Zymroir
  • Tagesdam
  • Eithycry
  • Brydren


Lives as a chieftain of a barbarian tribe in the north, soon to unite all of the clans into one homogenous horde that will soon wreak havoc and destruction to the southern lands.

  • Oseoss
  • Zuvreir
  • Braydir
  • Nythocre
  • Chezorag


A noble and a true politician in a corrupted king’s court, he enjoys the mind games and subtleties of such a life. He’s working his way on the ladder, increasing his influence and notoriety.

  • Zylron
  • Jaiddrorth
  • Rielzrarth
  • Tolbacro
  • Tyvrorrom


Living his life fully as a soon-to-be-famous pirate captain, he commandeers a ship secretly hardened by his magic, and a die-hard crew of unquestionable morale and loyalty.

  • Gyted
  • Ordag
  • Kiavror
  • Miergag
  • Arreintiag


Traveling the lands as a human musician, a storyteller, and a performer, he’s a famous bard. His performances inspire, his words instill hope, and his music fills the soul.

  • Molboinin
  • Culbiss
  • Numryg
  • Chondrycrirth
  • Xyndred

Steel Dragon lives lives after lives, always transforming into someone else, creating a certain cycle. After each life, they go through vaulting, cleansing themselves from a former life, including memories. However, during each life, they will make something worth saving, which they will store with the rest of their hoard. As they can live a very long life, this could turn to be a substantial amount indeed. Create your own Steel Dragon name, but know that they will need more than their true name during their existence.

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