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Frost Giant Name Generator & Guide

“For too long have we defied our own needs and wants.” – the Jarl said, raising his voice so that others can hear him. “For too long have we stayed passive, waiting for good fortune to come to us.” – he continued as the rest started nodding their heads in confirmation. “No more. Today, in honor of great Filkir, the greatest King we have known, we take destiny into our own hands! Today, we march to Hell and back!”

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Frost Giants are around 20 feet tall and weigh around 2800 pounds. Their skin is white, and sometimes slightly bluish, while their hair is mostly white or yellow. They live in cold and mountainous environments and are immune to cold effects.

They are loosely based on Vikings, portrayed as strong creatures who live in harsh environments, and love to raid, fight, wrestle, and boast. They live in communities led by a Jarl, who is most likely the strongest Frost Giant of them all.

While they can have similar names to other types of giants, they can also have more Viking-like names as well. Some receive nicknames, but they are only used by others. Names like Tremgant, Leimdall, Matver, and Frolia are common.

Frost Giant Female Names

Females can be somewhat smaller, about 15 feet, and weighing less than males. However, there are those who rival males even in physical attributes, and actually putting some of them to shame when it comes to strength.

  • Petrard
  • Botri
  • Ygfur
  • Hukif
  • Gisria
  • Uthsa


Being the Jarl’s wife, she enjoys a large amount of respect, as well as other males actively wishing to be her mate. She often helps other females with advice on how to run their homes and lives.

  • Erdike
  • Serahild
  • Driyf
  • Maevfrodi
  • Erdilief
  • Sonjmir


Best hunter in her community. She routinely catches the most prey, thus contributing to the food reserves more than others. Her mighty 12-foot warbow is a sight to behold, and the arrows that she fires could kill a bear in one hit.

  • Sappar
  • Ingearte
  • Annbi
  • Mararte
  • Rigmdolyn
  • Marrida


She prefers to go into combat with other fighters rather than staying behind and taking care of the homes and the community itself. Relying on her dexterity and fast movement, she uses both hands to inflict fatal wounds with precise blows.

  • Joldlfrodi
  • Eisaorta
  • Thuri
  • Vigdith
  • Eldair
  • Lainmund
  • Finir


As a druid, which is quite rare among her kin, she studies the lycanthrope effects on her people and is trying to find a way to harness and control such power.

  • Erisnhilde
  • Braur
  • Nilsrior
  • Freing
  • Hreitilde
  • Valaarn

Frost Giant Male Names

The strongest rule, where those who can wrestle and boast well are respected the most. All of them have a strong sense of community and when they work together, they are extremely dangerous indeed.

  • Sabrgar
  • Hoagbrir
  • Regnom
  • Agmakjorg


One of the oldest members of the community, he can still fight. Even though he’s not as fast as he used to be, his experience, skill, and expertise carry him a long way in a fight. One small mistake and he’ll always know how to exploit it and show you he’s far from done.

  • Haesfgar
  • Botreld
  • Benkul
  • Kjarreid
  • Olfratar
  • Yngldur


Not all Frost Giants prefer fighting to other things, and such is the case with him. As the community’s skald, a bard if you will, he makes sure all the deeds of his people are written down and saved for all eternity.

  • Engast
  • Nystud
  • Asltar
  • Thalrnskar
  • Urflar
  • Hakotus
  • Istdgeir


Having defeated the previous Jarl in one on one combat, he now sits upon the throne. However, he knows he needs to quickly make new allies if he intends to reign for a long time.

  • Gutgvir
  • Kodthar
  • Lygimk
  • Erikmk
  • Olfrgun
  • Lynokjorg


A warrior, through and through. He despises procrastination, loves to fight other creatures, and tends to go on prolong hunting trips to stay away as long as possible. When he does come back, wrestling, competing, feasting, and drinking are his choices until he’s ready to move on once again.

  • Kibemm
  • Savait
  • Eimst
  • Briedmund
  • Akarild
  • Odariarco
  • Olfrik
  • Idlathjolf

Big and strong, they like to hunt and raid, although trade is fine at times. Due to their size and strength, they can be formidable foes they often do as they will. When their Jarl has them working together, they form a truly terrifying force to be reckoned with. They can be one of the more interesting NPCs and more than a few deserve to have a name that will distinguish themselves and make others remember them.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Frost Giant name.

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