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Cloud Giant Name Generator & Guide

As the young dragon landed on top of the mountain, the sky-skinned giant dispersed the mist. “Welcome, dragon, welcome indeed. I’m sorry to say today you encountered Cletis, which means this is your last fight. I expect the best from you, though it won’t make any difference.” – the giant said, his voice as cold as the wind as he stared deep into the creature’s eyes.

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Standing about 18 feet tall and weighing around 5000 pounds, Cloud Giants wear fine clothing and jewelry, and prefer to live on the highest mountain peaks or even higher if possible. They rarely talk to others and so think very highly of themselves.

They live in small individual families but are known to unify as a temporary clan should the need arise. While they don’t need much gold and gems, they are very fond of the jewelry made out of those materials to prove the family’s worth.

Cloud Giants consider themselves to have the highest status there is, especially compared to the rest of the world. Therefore, their name is one of the things that defines them very much, and Cidhor, Logir, and Slarog are some of the examples.

Female Cloud Giant Names

Females tend to be shorter and lighter, though their martial prowess can easily exceed the expected.

  • Kisoir
  • Sulith
  • Crenir
  • Kixver


She converts every gold, gem, and material alike to finely crafted jewelry and home decorations, showing all the glory and splendor of her family by doing so.

  • Avir
  • Nifzes
  • Krazthis
  • Banir
  • Grines
  • Braddis


Uses her powers to influence a frost giant clan that does as she bids, mostly to raid and plunder. The clan actually likes being led by her as she tends to be fair, as far as the Cloud Giants go.

  • Rannir
  • Bigant
  • Fofgent
  • Drobsil
  • Cugi


As a notorious bettor on the outcome of the lesser race’s events, she finally met her end as she tried to influence the result. Having been discovered, not only was the bet void but so was her life as well.

  • Jomgan
  • Setkaos
  • Nufziar
  • Tavig
  • Dogroin


Unbeknownst to everyone but the group who captured her, she now lies wounded and shackled inside a frost giant cave. As the members argue how to proceed, her faithful pack of dire lions gathers in front, looking to slay those inside and free her from an uncertain future.

  • Fabirg
  • Sleddhir
  • Srifrog
  • Gobem
  • Bregdius


Looking to strengthen her family, she recently employed a couple of fire giants in order to craft high-quality weapons and armor. She will admit, though, they will most likely be used to embellish her already ornamented home.

  • Ritag
  • Slulthor
  • Tavir
  • Sofvar
  • Raxvog

Male Cloud Giant Names

Preferring solitude and minimum interactions with other races, their ego finds no place for second-guessing, and their perceived value tends to be somewhat subjective.

  • Dlikrus
  • Rigrus
  • Alacrog
  • Glulgan


Bored out of his mind, one day he came down the mountain to a large clan of Hill Giants. Quickly proving a too mighty of a foe, he now uses them to attack the neighboring dwarven kingdom as the “pesky little hairy people” continue to mine deep inside the mountain he lives atop.

  • Efto
  • Gagtheus
  • Munsor
  • Wixsius
  • Axnir
  • Bugdor


Many of his kind come to him in order to have their pets trained for battle. While he does the job fairly quickly and efficiently, no one is aware of the fact he makes sure they would obey him before his current masters.

  • Alulrus
  • Hulgir
  • Uglor
  • Brudag
  • Glosvag


First to unite a dozen families in the region, they are now on their way to exact revenge upon the three black dragons that have been terrorizing them for more than a decade.

  • Truwbos
  • Miwthor
  • Xawbar
  • Wratrion
  • Ximver


As a powerful wizard, he’s able to control the weather and has been causing terrifying storms that threaten to destroy all human crops in the region.

  • Alostag
  • Fluflor
  • Sarion
  • Umfur
  • Kiwnir


No one in the history of his kin has ever worn as extravagant clothes and jewelry as he does. In fact, if you asked him he couldn’t stop talking about all the reasons why nobody can ever challenge him in that sense.

  • Klerder
  • Setor
  • Zodor
  • Fikkaros
  • Vewrion

Living in small family groups, their ego is what stands in the way of greater accomplishments. However, when more of them do manage to unite under one banner, the result can be devastating. They can summon fog and mist, something that their dire lion pets can also take advantage of. A Cloud Giant is a truly deadly creature, capable of great things, and they certainly deserve a praiseworthy name.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Cloud Giant name.

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