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Fire Giant Name Generator & Guide

“I cannot finish my work if you keep pestering me!” – the fire giant exclaimed with more steam coming from the top of his head than the forge beside him. “You do understand the King sent me, Alektus?” – he said calmly which seemed to infuriate the weaponsmith even more. “King or not, if he wants quality, he needs to be patient.” – Alektus snorted and chose to ignore the further conversation, focusing on the work instead.

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Illustration courtesy of Donovan Valdes

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Fire Giants are very tall, about 18 feet, and they seem heavier than they should be, weighing around 7000 pounds. With dark skin, orange to red hair, and such stocky build, they resemble oversized dwarves.

They live in hot places such as volcano caves, in small family groups, where the community as a whole is being led by a king or a queen. They are expert craftsmen, especially blacksmiths, who make weapons and steel armor of exquisite quality.

Fire Giants are also known as determining raiders who utilize tactics to fuel their brute strength. It’s not uncommon for some of them to receive a nickname worthy of boasting, though Eurytus, Pallas, and Agrius are some of the common names.

Fire Giant Female Names

No Fire Giant will look at the gender when it comes to determining one’s competence as everyone’s work and fighting skill speak for itself.

  • Katig
  • Dlofles
  • Tesrien
  • Fersig
  • Zazis


Having found the ancient runes of a forgotten deity, she managed to learn their source and meaning. Wielding powerful magic, she quickly became the King’s advisor, though many consider her to be the real power behind the throne.

  • Trumkis
  • Ruglith
  • Grobler
  • Sradzir
  • Xerkais


Only a handful of giants know she was the one who actually crafted the first armor that is now standard equipment for their whole community. Using a special type of iron that only existed inside the volcanoes, along with a specific smithing technique, she created something that the whole clan would be famous for in the years to come.

  • Srocbes
  • Vosir
  • Girdir
  • Rimser
  • Mokkais


After more than a millennia of Kings, she now sits on the throne as the so-called Fire Queen. It wasn’t easy at first, but she soon proved to be a better leader than all her predecessors combined.

  • Wuffem
  • Clugthir
  • Cramir
  • Ruvar
  • Xorien


Seeing how the King’s actions led them from one disaster to another, she decided to end his reign and bring salvation and hope to her people. All went well until she realized she didn’t plan for the counter-ambush which happened due to a certain betrayer among her ranks.

  • Tisor
  • Glaziar
  • Turkaes
  • Nesdes
  • Aias


Showing great aptitude for fighting, she quickly became the most notorious member of the army’s vanguard, the very tip of the flame as they like to call it. Her brutal ways made sure she was one of the most feared warriors in the entire kingdom.

  • Jamlith
  • Arusrech
  • Wubes
  • Brothis
  • Hakrig

Fire Giant Male Names

Smithing, raiding, fighting, those are the things a Fire Giant lives for, although not necessarily in that order.

  • Dlubgan
  • Vuas
  • Trerus
  • Vogthor
  • Lodnas


As a general of the army, he has led his kind into many fights and victories. Even though he suffered some losses, they all happened for a reason, and none of his soldiers resent him for it. In fact, all losses were avenged one way or another, which adds to the trust between them.

  • Rawlas
  • Femir
  • Sizvar
  • Kukgrog
  • Kobar
  • Drarion


Having crafted the Sword of Merkan, the infamous vulkanite sword that ended more lives than one could count, he enjoys his time creating one of the most masterful weapons that any Fire Giant ever made.

  • Kemag
  • Defum
  • Numkaos
  • Futtag
  • Arixsius


Despite having a rather short life for a giant, King Cobar is still mentioned in various tales of war, most of which occurred in what many believe to be their golden age.

  • Kobdor
  • Elog
  • Aexlas
  • Visbarg
  • Graag


Acting on instinct and his own beliefs, he will soon betray his people in an unimaginable way. Little does he know, his name will be uttered by his kin with disgust in the centuries to come.

  • Zlocgir
  • Kreos
  • Oas
  • Wrezar
  • Loam


Having shown prowess for fighting and war tactics from an early age, it was no surprise he became a member of the war council after getting almost fatally injured. Despite his youth, his analytic mind quickly allowed him to seamlessly integrate with the others and contribute from the very start.

  • Guwver
  • Lebrog
  • Brebor
  • Blottag

Strong and rather stout for giants, they tend to be very dwarf-like in appearance and in nature. As disciplined tacticians, along with the fact they have a fairly strict hierarchy, Fire Giants tend to be very interesting characters. With so much potential, both in their abilities and personalities, most of them deserve a memorable name.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Fire Giant name.

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