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Stone Giant Name Generator & Guide

“Wirdus, are you coming or not?” – asked the stone giant as he walked into a huge cave opening, where his friend sat and was patiently crafting a rune. “Yeah, just give me some more time.” – he answered. Now visibly angered, the first giant replied – “You told me the same thing just a few months ago!”

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Stone giants are about 18 feet tall and can weigh around 1700 pounds, though some historians say they were even bigger in times before. They are quite artistic and rather reclusive creatures, preferring living in groups with others of their kind.

They usually live underground, in vast caves, sometimes even in the Underdark itself. They can live up to 800 years, which allows them to hone their artistic skills to perfection, as well as gain vast amounts of knowledge on multiple topics.

Stone Giant Female Names

Stone Giants are capable creatures in all manners possible. Artistic, strong, wise, and able to live for a long time, some females were actually one of the best known Stone Giants in the world.

  • Balvag
  • Sratig
  • Nigint
  • Diles


One of the wiser stone giants in her underground region, she has great plans for her kin. Always resentful of the other giant species, apart from maybe Hill giants, she’s about to try something truly remarkable that may prove to be the greatest success, or failure, in the history of her kind.

  • Resog
  • Husis
  • Faznis
  • Zevig
  • Fotheis
  • Vethis
  • Dragber


Having no real artistic ability compared to the average Stone Giant, she now roams near the surface, sometimes even emerging out of the cave that leads deeper underground. Having nearly lost her mind, a high price was put on her head by the surface dwellers. At least half a dozen adventure parties ended their career by chasing the reward.

  • Dlikres
  • Rigres
  • Alacrig
  • Glulgen
  • Isoser
  • Efti
  • Gagtheis
  • Munser


After having several of her murals destroyed by a certain purple worm, she vowed to find it and kill it. She also mentioned something about using its body to make a purplish color, which will adorn the new mural that will be made in the wake of the worm’s death.

  • Axnir
  • Bugdir
  • Tramaleg
  • Alulris
  • Hulgir
  • Ugler


The real reason for her leaving the underground caves and venturing to the surface world remains unknown. She found her way to a Hill Giant tribe and somehow soon found herself leading them. Rumors say she bred with the strongest of them, resulting in deformed and strange-looking giant children.

  • Glosveg
  • Justheis
  • Truwbes
  • Miwther
  • Xawbir
  • Wratrien

Stone Giant Male Names

They are big, strong, and can be very wise, especially compared to their other types of giants. In combat, they prefer to throw stones or enemies themselves, while relying on huge stone clubs for fighting in melee range.

  • Drelwor
  • Nafom
  • Brerdhor
  • Gibvar


Secluded in one part of the vast underground opening his kin lives in, he spends his time crafting different runes and trinkets, spending months and months on each of them, resulting in magnificent work.

  • Dlulog
  • Ecog
  • Dulog
  • Dingrog
  • Cruzsar


Currently searching and hunting giant bats, along with a few of his friends. The goal is to find enough of them to make a replenishable source of food, something that can sustain them in the hours of greatest need.

  • Cloxnir
  • Sloog
  • Atbrog
  • Mukbrog
  • Revar
  • Xirion


The most skilled stone carver there is, at least according to his claims. The reality, however, is that he’s still new to this and his work is rather disappointing.

  • Tabar
  • Zlogrog
  • Mokvag
  • Helvog
  • Wogar


One of the best rock throwers in his community, he actually leads a group of stone giants whenever they go to combat. While they wreak havoc from afar, they are quite formidable in melee combat as well.

  • Flucgrog
  • Groxthor
  • Kuggrog
  • Grizas
  • Zakbar


Also known as Rune Carver and Mural Maker, he’s the greatest chiseler in the whole Upperdark. Rumor has it, certain dwarves with enough courage visit him, looking to learn the craft.

  • Dessog
  • Dlamnar
  • Klillith
  • Zikaros
  • Jixbog

Storm Giants can live for a long time, allowing them to grow wise, along with becoming excellent artists and craftsmen. They usually live in more secluded places, mostly underground, which means it’s not likely you’ll ever encounter them. However, they can make for some interesting characters, whether as NPCs or even PCs, so it could be a good idea to come up with a name for one or more of them.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Stone Giant name.

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