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179 Half-Orc Names & Backstories

half orc hunter

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Half-orcs are often shunned in the human and orcish communities, and it’s no surprise they would be given a name that would allow them to better fit into those societies. That said, they could easily have a derogatory name if they were a slave living among orcs, or a nickname used to mock them if they lived among humans.

Don’t be afraid to really think about what the purpose of the character is, and then you’ll know whether you want to use names like Dargal Khelir, Mornir Fallensong, Jarvis Starstrike, and Garrita Deepmark.

Good Half-Orc Name

Decide where the character was born and who raised them; this way you’ll know whether to use a more human or orcish-like name. Alternatively, use one kind of a first name, like Uzzugg and Grokkar, or John and Martin, and then choose a more fantasy-like surname, such as Fallenleaf, Wolfhowl, Goretooth, and Spikefist.

  • Grimabar Thundersworn
  • Drotar Willowdraft
  • Ketamira Sunhorn
  • Ariel Rumblestrike
  • Uguz Hellgrip
  • Renarall Rainbrew
  • Ekorook Willowdraft
  • Norman Nickleblaze

Atug Bladestream

Fighting with two swords at once, his ambidexterity is a sight to behold, and when he fights it seems as if there’s an endless stream of swords cutting their way through anything and everything in his path. This extraordinary prowess has allowed him to climb the ranks, challenge the orcish leader to a duel, and ultimately lead the clan himself with which he now wages wars wherever he wants.

  • Sunonur Dirgebinder
  • Marurim Skycrusher
  • Senna Bladestream
  • Magazar Daywind
  • Puyozi Feathercrusher
  • Elizabeth Denhowl
  • Mortion Ambergrove
  • Jasper Icegloom
  • Moridark Dawnkeep
  • Arnold Highwind

Eludu Stormhide

This half-orc was left to die as a baby, deep in the forest during a particularly harsh winter. However, as fate would have it, she was found by a certain druid living in the vicinity, and the old elf took care of her as if she was his own. Over almost two decades, she has grown into an adult who now possesses various powers of nature, a true druid in her own right.

  • Broz Hellmark
  • Wulfgar Covencrag
  • Kamogark Highwind
  • Borerash Ragewood
  • Joscelin Longsprinter
  • Sinawar Lightningshard
  • Tumogri Woodfang
  • Dorrob Dirgebinder
  • Katara Hallowhorn
  • Faglog Stoutbrooke

Female Half-Orc Name

While human female names are, more or less, self-explanatory, if you choose an orcish first name end it with a vowel, such as Uggri, Borvoda, or Kirazi. As far as the last name, use one that can provide some insight into the character and her personalities, such as Stronghand, Highjump, or Oneshot.

  • Zeniki Wintersting
  • Sunasha Ironhelm
  • Garita Deepmark
  • Mereshi Strongwind
  • Gizara Ambergrove
  • Mamara Havenrun
  • Rotuvi Sunhammer
  • Rosha Sunaxe

Fulini Bearstalker

If courage had a different name, it would be hers. Tall and as strong as most of the males in her clan, she is considered an expert tracker, hunter, and fighter, and the necklace she wears, made of simple strings and bear teeth, is a clear sign of what she’s capable of.

  • Zenori Ragewood
  • Ketogu Frozenflaw
  • Fulora Hellgrip
  • Umagi Sageslayer
  • Felemi Daywind
  • Rohema Fastsail
  • Kutomuri Starstrike
  • Sametir Sharkstalker
  • Sinima Richmore
  • Merazara Coldcutter

Sana Firelick

Blessed by the ability to cast magic using nothing but her will, many clan members share the fear and awe they feel toward her, and her spells have proven to be a decisive factor in many recent battles. This, however, made her rather notorious among the other clans, and she is now a prime target, both on and off the battlefield.

  • Zani Dawnkeep
  • Sumegu Glowbeard
  • Temaga Unforgiving
  • Falata Dragonbelly
  • Umozu Fallensong
  • Urazi Oceanscream
  • Kugura Icegloom
  • Sineta Caltred
  • Zonoki Wisehorn
  • Gryoda Goldpunch

Male Half-Orc Name

For male Half-orc names, you can draw inspiration from orc names, where they sound rough, uncivilized, and sometimes not even as a name. Make frequent use of the letters “g”, “h”, “k”, and “r”, use double consonants, and end the name with one to get, as well. Examples would be Berrogg, Krringar, and Haggor.
Of course, if the character is unlikely to have an orc-like name, use the race of whoever raised them to see what might have been chosen instead. For example, an elf would never give an orc name, regardless of the child’s true origin.

  • Makogark Pinechewer
  • Komumak Khemmil
  • Kruotur Talllash
  • Aggotur Fecosta
  • Okedur Dosk
  • Zotar Redirsk
  • Ukunar Heartscribe
  • Tugar Fuseflaw

Zaggarr Daywind

Roaming the roads, going anywhere but back to where he came from, he encountered four friends as they were fighting off a larger group of bandits. After jumping to their aid and slaying half a dozen enemies, they welcomed him as a fellow adventurer, and he now travels as one of them and enjoys his life even more.

  • Zavutur Rodradrir
  • Kabak Zuam
  • Dradurk Laughingpike
  • Crubash Sosomul
  • Harom Highwind
  • Harodur Nuhur
  • Arnigul Havenspirit
  • Lumom Bouldersorrow
  • Agumur Glurosk
  • Betar Wain

Ganegg Swifttaker

He was a slave for a long time, in a certain orc clan, but destiny had different plans for him, and when the clan got attacked one night, he used the chaos to free himself and flee the premises. With heavy rain obscuring the sight he was able to slip away without too much trouble, despite having to kill three attackers along the way, and today he keeps running west, to the first civilized place he can find that will accept him.

  • Ugotar Ambergrove
  • Urthamir Hellmark
  • Oratir Ragewood
  • Tanen Zuma
  • Zurodar Distantdancer
  • Ugamak Serpentguard
  • Kararsh Starfall
  • Gorigall Sagejumper
  • Malusk Bimol
  • Oguorth Neg

female half orc

Badass Half-Orc Name

Becoming a badass half-orc is done mostly by achieving great things, such as slaying a dangerous monster, or some other accomplishment worthy of a song. Try coming up with a name that can inspire, or a name that alludes to some grand deed they’ve done, such as Thormgar Dragonbane, Irnira Firegaze, Malik Twoaxe, and Darfina Elfslayer. You can also use a title instead of the last name, resulting in names like Krogguk The Silent, Mirina The Worthy, and Fogrukk The Insane.

  • Nuz The Ugly
  • Shak The Barbarian
  • Zhutag Nosesmasher
  • Larnnarr The Cold
  • Dheng Eyemuncher
  • Brar Stormkiller
  • Gunn Chinshatterer
  • Rhuam Deathbringer

Rallgorr Gianttosser

While most half-orcs are weaker than true orcs, this one could be considered a giant in his own right. Standing over seven feet tall and as broad as a bear, his strength is legendary to the point none dare fight him. Luckily for the current leader, he has no real ambitions to lead, and as long as there are fights to be had, the more the merrier, he would follow without question.

  • Rhardon Scalecleaver
  • Lanzan The Enormous
  • Nev The Volatile
  • Guthao The Colossal
  • Brugvun Brasshammer
  • Ova Brainsmasher
  • Ilvo The Prime
  • Zhobrok Blooddrinker
  • Bukkrug The Disfigured
  • Movo The Crooked

Brutthug Brainscalper

This particularly brutal half-orc has long been determined to show other clan members he is just as good as them, if not better. While his skills are decent, he makes up for it with cruelty and savagery, making sure he scalps every single enemy killed by his axe. He then later uses those scalps as a scaring tactic, having them attached to his armor, one way or another.

  • Gruddakk Nosegouge
  • Ovie The Crazy
  • Bhivgon Ribflayer
  • Rharlor The Outlandish
  • Urlok Doomsword
  • Ghun The Fearless
  • Beefforr The Mutilator
  • Narrkar Toespear
  • Rhivnuf The Violent
  • Rokkr Pummelfist

Funny Half-Orc Name

Let yourself be creative when making up a funny half-orc name. Take existing names and modify them with words that could be associated with them, things from their everyday life, their surroundings, and their personality. Mix the words up, and have names that don’t seem to allude to anything until they are read out loud.

  • Jentll Broot
  • Brian Damage
  • Wontu Fahyt
  • Olvays Vaiohlent
  • Smoltusk Bigbrain
  • Tikk Skeen
  • Toes Niffer
  • Grins Kin

Gudwid Sorrd

Despite having a kind heart, and never feeling the need to boast, everyone seems to think he’s doing just that, and it seems that anyone he meets for the first time thinks he lacks proper manners and instead brags how good of a fighter he is.

  • Agglee Mugg
  • Borne Tuleed
  • Raygin Daylee
  • Nothas Avege
  • Byep Olar
  • Ahnor Phan
  • Formah Slayv
  • Hart Tookil
  • Nathahn Orkk
  • Toobe Trrahsted

Bazikli Hooman

He always makes sure his orc features are well hidden, wearing enough clothes to cover his coarse hairy skin, a hood to hide his ears, and speaks through his teeth so that the two small tusks seldomly show themselves in the open. To those who don’t know him, they can easily consider him as a Human.

  • Laykork Onlynatt
  • Frees Peerit
  • Ahlmos Torrk
  • Noth Payshnt
  • Princes Plahnder
  • Hal Fork
  • Laikstoo Raidalot
  • Orky Balboa
  • Neym Les
  • Bettrdan Oreegeenl

half orc paladin

Half-Orc Clan Name

Feel free to draw inspiration from orcish clan names but keep in mind that half-orcs aren’t usually found in bigger groups. Still, there are many reasons for such a clan to exist, so think about what kind of message they want to send by stating their clan’s name. For example, the “Orc Slayers” name speaks for itself, while “Free Spear Tribe” can have multiple messages, from “We’re free to do what we want” to “We don’t need anything to fight for the right cause”.

  • Night Demons
  • Skull Breakers
  • Green Storm
  • Silent Axe
  • Chest Carvers
  • One Tusk
  • Limb Slashers
  • Ruby Eye

Sharp Spear

All warriors in this tribe start learning how to use a spear from the moment they turn four years old, and by the time they reach adulthood, all of them are considered master spearmen. However, the hardships and the training during growing up are so hard and strenuous that many die along the way, making the status of an adult warrior even more prestigious.

  • Black Bear
  • Red Blade
  • Ear Cutters
  • Thousand Arrows
  • Hundred Axes
  • Blood Moon
  • The Berserkers
  • Round Shield
  • War Lords
  • Masked Legion

Great Khar

A black wolf’s head has always been on the clan’s banner, ever since their first leader saved a baby wolf and encountered the mother, many years ago. This huge black dire wolf seemed to be far more intelligent than the leader thought, and instead of killing the half-orc, she left a hunk of meat in front of his feet, and from that day on they hunted together and etched their names into the region’s history.

  • Single Hand
  • Iron Souls
  • Storm Bringers
  • Scared Face
  • Elf Slayers
  • Blood Fang
  • White Dragon
  • Fire Stone
  • Gut Rippers
  • Broken Tusk

Half-orcs usually have a human or an orc name, or a mixture of both, depending on where they were raised and who named them. When using orc-like names, use letters “g”, “h”, “k”, and “r”, as well as double consonants, and end them with a vowel for female names, and a consonant for male names. Create the last name worthy of remembering, and use titles and nicknames instead if it makes more sense. Make sure to also check out Half-Orc name generator for more information and inspiration.

How do you see Half-orcs? Do they deserve to be shunned by so many, in both human and orc societies? Is there any go-to type of character you think about when you hear half-orc? Share how you create such a name, and let us know of some of the names you used for your half-orcs by leaving a comment below.

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