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D&D Human Name Generator & Guide

“But…ghh..” – the man struggled for breath as he kept bleeding on the ground. “Why kill me?” – he then managed to ask in terror. “Ever a fool, eh Alwin? It is our nature to adapt”. – came the answer that preceded the sword tip by a mere moment.

Generate Names

Brunneth Nav

Gustav Hastu

Audrey Zavimve Igorkudo

Anika Shachin Zogolda

Gilon Shanin

Laciann Lalmarsi Mivrebuka

Marcelina Sohreh Rahom

Celeste Zuduhmul Dhihrem

Ravinia Velasir

Hetdt Yai Qing

Doreen Efne Ragesong

Carolina Hufizel Rhuku

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Table of Contents

Humans come in different sizes, their height ranging from 5” to slightly over 7”. Their weight can equally vary, as some are skinny as 100 pounds, while others are well over 200. They all have different physical appearances and tempers.

Humans can live pretty much anywhere and, in fact, they do so. They have always accommodated to the new surroundings, assimilating themselves wherever they went. They are quick to adopt or form their own traditions and laws.

There are good and bad, but almost all of them are greedy, at least to a certain point. They can easily fall prey to almost any sort of addiction, which is based on the aforementioned trait. Best friends or worst enemies, sometimes even both at once.

Human Last Names

Human last names take many forms, sometimes coming from a place or a region, while sometimes they are completely made up by their ancestor.

  • Carden Uan
  • Barkley Cieng
  • Mikel Jindurne
  • Oskar Gizulda
  • Larry Zammed
  • Arnhold Cidu
  • Lindon Rapidscribe
  • Byron Hydrapelt
  • Otto Sesk
  • Hans Merdosk
  • Per Mournclaw
  • Warley Rockbreath
  • Darrion Lehrihpafk
  • Brayton Biltram
  • Jacque Zuvintetve
  • Junior Dulmugu
  • Wassilie Ian
  • Marden Dua
  • Tomke Acustes
  • Lincoln Bidrinil

Human Names for Female Characters

Many would say Human societies are patriarchal by nature, while others would like to point out both genders are considered equal. In the end, it all comes to where they live.

  • Loga Yalve
  • Hetdt Qing
  • Juliette Nei
  • Bridgette Sulilda
  • Kyleigh Sethildrud
  • Isalda Daoy
  • Mathilde Mournspire
  • Alhertine Ironstone

Lillian Sandl

Raised on a farm, she now owns a general store, doing pretty well for herself. Working too much makes her romantic life sadly nonexistent.

  • Aggy Merdosk
  • Wilf Mournclaw
  • Blanche Rockbreath
  • Liealia Lehrihpafk
  • Tiara Biltram
  • Dasia Zuvintetve
  • Jacalyn Dulmugu

Wileen Ianzin

While there are female soldiers, rare are the ones more skilled than her. General Ianzin leads the Silverhelms, a company of elite knights.

  • Luciane Dua
  • Sophia Acustes
  • Josefa Bidrinil
  • Juliana Hastu
  • Alysha Zeimmu
  • Shelby Mossbinder

Edeline Forestmight

Found and raised by a half-elf woman, Nature calls to her from a young age, slowly revealing her destiny.

  • Chauntel Susk
  • Bernadina Sokrosk
  • Delilah Riverblight
  • Dorette Runetoe
  • Edithe Vuntezd

Human Names for Male Characters

Soldiers, knights, diplomats, merchants, kings, and emperors, humans were all of it and will continue to do so. They would get far if greed and pride didn’t exist.

  • Dean Hiltred
  • Pell Chubok
  • Reese Tururnya
  • Ryland Qao
  • Varkag Jassi
  • Hein Dodatsk
  • Mol Fusefury
  • Beldon Vanzuehd

Korbinian Tiang

A young and talented monk, training hard at a forgotten monastery. His potential is being tainted by his lack of discipline.

  • Ravin Velas
  • Normal Estorus
  • Nelles Cakum
  • Rodolf Khussom
  • Bastle Treeforest
  • Joey Boulderflayer

Herve Menzok

Once a poor miner down south, now owns a mining company up north. Wanted for stealing precious gems.

  • Spenser Danaz
  • Silvester Ironstone
  • Guifford Grandorb
  • Vardon Sethildrud
  • Brooks Hankab
  • Marquise Trodurgano
  • Pierce Mokyadze

Hollis Wie

A low-level wizard who was expelled due to excessive drinking, well before he finished the academy. Searching for the meaning of life at the bottom of a cup.

  • Rudi Wing
  • Akim Dao
  • Blaine Gilerus
  • Levin Sasciscor
  • Luther Zula

Humans are almost born for adventures. With relatively short lives compared to many races, many are eager to experience as much as they can. Their variety provides many roleplaying opportunities, and every human has the right to write their own life story the way they want.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Human name.

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