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D&D Dwarf Name Generator & Guide

“Well, well, aren’t ye three brave.” – he smirked, making the bandits stop harassing the poor woman. “This isn’t your concern, dwarf!” – one responded, clearly emphasizing the last word. “My name is Tormin, and I’ll be the judge of that.”

Generate Names

Haggerlig Dragonforge

Thozzoudrid Coincloak

Sarlen Copperblade

Kotgrer Barbedpike

Lasssyl Fogsurge

Grandrak Bloodforge

Hjaldohr Mudguard

Snardug Leatherborn

Lasslin Bronzeview

Krosgrugit Strongbow

Sarniss Grumblejaw

Omwoginn Steelbringer

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Table of Contents

Dwarves are sturdy humanoids, 4’5” tall, weighing around 180 pounds. Males being slightly taller and wider, their skin can have various different colors. One thing that doesn’t change is their love for beards.

A dwarf without a beard is like a unicorn!

They are tradition-oriented, law-abiding, and highly-organized, showing great love for craftsmanship. They are wary and careful, taking their time in liking someone, let alone becoming their friend. Once a friend, though, only betrayal truly ends it.

They live in clans and their elders are highly respected. They often live in a hereditary society, led by a King. Their militaristic nature makes for great fighters, and quite the experts in mining, masonry, blacksmithing, and jewel crafting.

Dwarf Last Names

Dwarves often use their family names to go along with their first. It shows confidence, loyalty, stature, and can often open doors pure force cannot.

  • Axebreaker
  • Copperpot
  • Mithril-born
  • Silverbeard
  • Bluemountain
  • Craghaven
  • Ironhelm
  • Craghold
  • Crannog
  • Boatmurdered
  • Alderfist
  • Ashenforge
  • Elderbeard
  • Hollystrak
  • Junipkil

Female Dwarf Names

Female dwarves have plenty of facial hair, though many keep shaving it off, and even the strongest male warriors don’t have the last say when it comes to their homes.

  • Galiggs Wyvernmail
  • Torthiel Whitfinger
  • Kardryn Bonebelly
  • Brilra Wue
  • Arnora Strongsunder
  • Brynnia Wildspell
  • Elthel Rihre
  • Raendille Venzuvi

Tishmera Battlerock

Ever since she killed a goblin by throwing a rock, she was known as Battlerock, the Goblin Head Hitter.

  • Gernis Rubyhelm
  • Nastarra Ashmaul
  • Bronnura Trollfury
  • Sarnar Heavychin
  • Bretmera Cragpike

Lasdryn Longfall

As a kid, she somehow climbed a side of a mountain, only to fall from more than 200 feet, hitting every shrubbery on the way down.

  • Sarlen Copperblade
  • Mystyn Greathand
  • Lasglia Shatterview
  • Bryngiel Orebow
  • Braendryn Anvilbraids
  • Sargiel Ashriver

Myril Blackfinger

Ever fond of herbs, spices, and alchemy, it only took one experiment gone wrong to have a left hand permanently injured.

  • Kardielle Ingotbuster
  • Reynsela Beastmaul
  • Brallera Deeprock
  • Torra Blesseddelver

Male Dwarf Names

Male dwarves are often gruff, suspicious, loyal, stubborn, and strong. They are coordinated and always make for one highly-disciplined army.

  • Hjaldohr Mudguard
  • Gerdur Onyxpike
  • Germund Shadowmane
  • Eridmot Minecoat
  • Tydar Ti
  • Thurthrum Nersk
  • Grazzour Duskgrog
  • Hardur Bimme

Thalmor Bloodhorn

Besides himself, the only other survivor of the infamous Riverford Ambush battle was his bloody horn.

  • Grilgarn Frostbeard
  • Krumdrus Nightbrand
  • Rotgrun Winterhill
  • Amdrom Cragshield

Thodain Copperbeard

Since Thidain was born, he had a bushy bright-copper beard, making it easy to earn such a name.

  • Bardur Redmaster
  • Vongram Bristlecloak
  • Umdek Amberjaw
  • Muirdar Trolltank
  • Kramgrim Blackbone
  • Kharmek Ashbuckle

Gulkahm Jademaster

First to discover a new sort of jade, he quickly, and successfully, started a jewelry business, which is still going strong today.

  • Bharnom Silvertome
  • Emtharm Forgehide
  • Emrik Greyfeet
  • Benmun Caskbasher

Funny Dwarf Names

  • Kromdren Thickbottom
  • Grenthar Picklenose

Bramdek Ironball

Torgal burst in laughter as his friend finished the last orc. “Oi, Bramdek, you mad bastard, you’ll get your other ball ironed as well!”

  • Galkum Kegstand
  • Hormek Drinkage
  • Grengrun Bentfork

Galiggs Halfdagger

Losing all weapons during a battle, he found a broken dagger and proceeded to slay half a dozen orcs, before finding an axe again.

  • Torthiel Stoneeater
  • Tishmera Sleepyhead
  • Gernis Baffleface
  • Gruzzon Shortpants

Runglia Gnomefoot

While of an average height and weight, she has an unusually small feet, making it the focus of any teasing thrown at her.

  • Nesrin Softhammer
  • Gymlynn Saladtosser
  • Eddelle Boarhead

A loyal friend, protector of the weak, tavern lover, or a brave fighter, all of it is an authentic representation of a dwarf. Their stubbornness, suspiciousness, and the love for creating material things make for an excellent roleplaying groundwork for you to work on.

Did you enjoy this guide? Let us know your favorite Dwarf names.

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