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Hill Dwarf Name Generator & Guide

“Is that a problem?” – the stocky dwarf asked. “Well, we are traders, no? That said, Meldan, you know me so tell me the plan.” – came the much-expected answer.

Generate Names

Bellela Tronumzunu

Thomun Stedz

Ermgus Deathwing

Kaitbera Xeim

Lassleil Fithufk

Hjalthrum Stardew

Muirrus Forestblower

Brallesora Glask

Daerris Hallowedclaw

Ingthiel Nan

Brammus Gergelbi

Gwynmura Rejuhkak

Illustration courtesy of Alexandre Cano

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Hill dwarves have long forgotten their mountain homes, and, in fact, if you asked them they would tell you they always lived “in these hills”. They are usually around 4ft tall and weigh as humans do, making them quite bulky.

Opposed to their mountain counterparts, they are much more friendly and open to cooperating with other races. While they still have many craftsmen among their ranks, hill dwarves are also traders and fortune seekers, even ready to find a new home.

They adore gold and all sorts of precious metals, crafting wondrous jewelry out of it. They honor traditions and are known to be reserved, often having set goals given to them at an early age. Arranged marriages happen often as well.

Hill Dwarf Last Names

Living in more populated areas, they learned to adapt to a different kind of life. Going even further, many now have last names that sound more akin to the human ones.

  • Ponage
  • Khukol
  • Dhassi
  • Warcleaver
  • Forestblower
  • Nersk
  • Casseim
  • Cihrod
  • Crestmane
  • Clansword
  • Rig
  • Stirkarsk
  • Flintdreamer
  • Whitbeard
  • Dunthapred
  • Menzek
  • Stuvurkere
  • Ruburgu
  • Stedz
  • Starag

Female Hill Dwarf Names

Some female hill dwarves are known to have and groom beards. They are versatile, handling exotic animals and crafting magnificent jewelry.

  • Bonnglia Meadowleaf
  • Lasssyl Fogsurge
  • Brallesora Glak
  • Maerlyn Vurdug
  • Maermyl Hillspear

Jinlyn Strongsworn

Coming from an honorable family, their word is their bond. Any promise followed by an oath was fulfilled to the end.

  • Anvian Buzraprut
  • Solwaen Fuzift
  • Nasnyl Rumzurima
  • Baernora Munzama
  • Dimdeth Yua
  • Solra Zao
  • Jennthiel Rabrozen

Mistmyl Ernidrul

While she is nice herself, many townsmen like and admire her for her ability to bake the most magnificent bagels in the whole region.

  • Eddielle Nakod
  • Marryn Cekha
  • Jintin Glowdust
  • Daerris Hallowedclaw
  • Kaitla Menskal

Lassleil Fitufk

Her husband, a trader, is more than a week late so she’s actually thinking of packing her things to go look for him.

  • Bryllemora Gakokomo
  • Bralrin Stokave
  • Kaitbera Xeim
  • Gwynglian Yua
  • Lassryl Menzek

Male Hill Dwarf Names

Brave warriors and cunning traders, they cling to materialistic things, such as precious metals, using them to craft enchanted weapons and armor.

  • Doldur Jildub
  • Doldain Merulmako
  • Balkom Dukded
  • Krommyl Trubega
  • Daermiir Elin

Tydar Tin

First to make a local animal fur and leather business, propelling not only his own wealth but the town’s prosperity as well.

  • Thalbrek Zenibar
  • Hjalgg Fulduz
  • Thelthran Celied
  • Horgrum Margado
  • Grandal Pala

Gimmek Sao

A meticulous alchemist, very dedicated to his work. Also very prone to greed, who often makes potions of questionable legality.

  • Tharigg Fazohil
  • Bharmir Tolbos
  • Emthrun Rasad
  • Kartharn Fisttrack
  • Banrum Thunderridge
  • Ebnom Zakdez
  • Kramgrom Hakor
  • Thelrom Chinamaki
  • Berig Jessu

Baermus Skybrow

Has no known family, but is well accepted by the locals. His left eyebrow is uncommonly high, hence the name others gave him.

  • Grilkuhm Swiftwatcher
  • Huldal Vov
  • Thydor Nordiz

Friendlier than most other dwarves, they are well suited for travel, and they like interacting with others. Strong, steadfast, resolute, and well trained, they make for great adventurers. If you meet a dwarf in your travels, it’s almost safe to assume it’s a hill dwarf in most cases.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Hill Dwarf name.

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