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Mountain Dwarf Name Generator & Guide

“There, look!” – the young mountain dwarf said, visibly excited. “Aye, it’s a beauty, alright.” – the other one answered, marveling at the sight. “Glahrin, my boy, we are rich.”

Generate Names

Siggaes Heavybuckle

Nasnyl Blazingflayer

Vatraethra Platefeet

Whugnoubella Oakenheart

Throlirlun Longforge

Hendoulsia Brownmail

Hordram Nightbeard

Detheak Bristleshield

Bhardus Strongshoulder

Farnom Honorbeard

Murdohr Koboldtoe

Glorinulir Magmahelm

Illustration courtesy of Nathaniel Himawan

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Table of Contents

Mountain dwarves about 4’5” tall and usually weigh around 160 pounds. They are strong, tenacious, diligent, and gruff. Dwelling deep inside the mountains, they dig ever-deeper, searching for that great score, that gem cache waiting to be discovered.

Mountain dwarves honor family, clan, and tradition. While pushing the mining and the craftsmanship beyond the scope of most other races, they are also well trained in all military aspects from a young age. They prefer strict discipline and tactics.

Their greed and pride can often cloud their judgment, while their traditional ways guarantee absolute loyalty to their own family and clan. They rarely venture out of the mountains, preferring their marvelously crafted underground halls.

Mountain Dwarf Last Names

Mountain dwarves take great pride in their family and their clan. They will speak their last name proudly and loudly, letting it speak for itself.

  • Bloodforge
  • Woldrock
  • Strongshoulder
  • Honorrock
  • Icebranch
  • Flaskhide
  • Oakbuster
  • Largehorn
  • Nightbeard
  • Forgesunder
  • Snowmantle
  • Dragonbane
  • Platebreaker
  • Grimriver
  • Chainbrewer

Female Mountain Dwarf Names

While perhaps they aren’t as skilled and proficient at war as the males are, they are just as good at craftsmanship, often surpassing them in terms of ability and quality.

  • Jinsael Mithrilmail
  • Brynthiel Beaststone
  • Gwandryn Leatherforge

Dimla Runeforge

The best forge master in the clan, capable of enhancing magic weapons using power enchantments.

  • Arnora Strongsunder
  • Gymnura Fierybraids
  • Arnyss Brickbranch
  • Tyslyl Anvilforge
  • Lesslyl Strongdigger

Nysdille Magmahelm

Her family heirloom is a helmet made from enchanted magma by his great great great grandfather, Isnor Magmahelm.

  • Byllenys Bronzehead
  • Ingvia Bitterhead
  • Krosgrugit Strongbow
  • Noralgebelyn Cavebeard
  • Torefroline Greatbow
  • Khouggeahilda Lavafeet

Eddryn Boulderbelt

Eats too much, even for a dwarf. “Her belt could carry a boulder, aye, a fine work that is”.

  • Solnas Longback
  • Vatraethra Platefeet
  • Koviserd Thundergranite

Male Mountain Dwarf Names

Trained for combat from an early age, they are disciplined, honoring the chain of command. They are reserved, but ready to protect their own whenever needed.

  • Amkuhm Forgeview
  • Belbek Bronzehand
  • Thulgram Flaskhide

Gimdal Oakbuster

First son of Kramron Oakbuster, the first dwarf to own a tree farm, and the best wooden shields and weapons manufacturer for trainees.

  • Hjoltharn Largehorn
  • Fordram Nightbeard
  • Adrom Runesunder
  • Bhardrom Leatherborn
  • Amdur Granitechin
  • Kardohr Longblade
  • Murdohr Koboldtoe

Baerdrak Gemshield

Having found a large gem cache, everything they own is ornated with gems, often more than even a dozen.

  • Gimrig Cragbrow
  • Daerdohr Bonebelly
  • Bromkom Koboldbane
  • Umram Ironcloak
  • Baerdrak Treasureshield
  • Thulkahm Metalspine

Grantharn Noblefinger

The family has a long history of holding high social positions, a large number of military, diplomatic, and economic roles.

  • Regrus Pureheart
  • Bergus Bitterfeet
  • Addohr Longforge

Strong, protective, sturdy, and hearty, the mountain dwarves can be a loyal and kind friend, but also an unrelenting and decisive enemy. It’s not often you see a mountain dwarf adventuring, but when you do, you know he’s made of something else.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a mountain dwarf name.

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