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Half-Elf Name Generator & Guide

He rolled aside, deftly evading the blades. Barely a moment later, all three opponents were on their backs and disarmed, while he was already drinking from his cup. “Aye, that’s Colrin the Half-Elf, alright. They call him Needledancer” – said the old man in the corner.

Generate Names

Jeoffroi Crazana

Flinar Otmar

Gylledhia Rosedust

Lyari Lamarr

Zilyana Greatstrider

Solana Fistspark

Iolrath Windflower

Calarel Keyvyre

Rina Humbleeye

Roial Loraydark

Kimble Boulderspirit

Aida Bipreld

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Half-elves are usually an offspring of a Human and an Elf, and often have difficult times growing up.

For those born in human societies, it’s quite common to outlive everyone they know while still looking like a young adult. Others soon become aware of their prolonged lives, making them fearful and/or jealous.

The ones that are born among elves are often pressured and reminded of their inferior status. While living longer than humans, they don’t reach elven age, making them seem as rash and impulsive as humans.

How to Choose a Good Name for Your Half-elf Character?

The easiest way to come up with some names is by combining the race’s origins. Using a simple formula:

[Elf Name] + [Human Last name]

We get a name such as Ilran Sanford. Any combination can work for your character, depending on what you are trying to achieve.

Let’s take a look at the combinations:

  • Jack Hilmar – [Human Name and Last name]
  • Illendir Qiwenys – [Elf Name and Last name]
  • Robert Xilleth – [Human Name] + [Elven Last name]
  • Emelqarin Bailey – [Elf Name] + [Human Last name]
  • Lightfoot – Alias, that can go instead or along with the name, often given by others.
DM tip
The type of game often dictates what kind of name is appropriate.

Games can be light-hearted, allowing funny names such as Milky Honeybutt. They can also be more serious games where names such as Galan Cleargust are to be expected, even demanded. Think upon the type of game you’re playing and adjust to it for maximum effect.

The history and current state of both races, Humans, and Elves, in the game you’re participating in, can help you as well. Perhaps Elves are mostly gone, scattered across the world, making them a rare sight. This could very well tip the scale in favor of choosing a certain combination over the other.

DM tip
Deciding if your character is hiding one side of his heritage can simplify the naming process.
female half elf ranger
Female Half-elf Ranger – Image credit: Crawfall Wiki

Personal Approach on How to Name Your Character

We all have some certain practices that help us in deciding a name, but it’s not always easy. For most of the games, you’re going to be playing that character and what you come up with will stick with you till the end. I, personally, take great care in choosing a name as it’s one of the most personal things for a character.

A friend just presses random letters until his brain spots a name. I tried that. Though the results were mixed, maybe it can work for you. What I do often, though, is to go through the random name generator and see what I get. Generators are great for fueling our imaginations and I usually end up with a modified version.

In the next section, we have several lists of names, and naming tips, that can be a solution for you. At the very least, they should spark your imagination and creativity. Go through them, and think how you’d modify them to suit your needs also check our Half-Elf Names & Backstories page.

Somewhere, between all the ideas, lies the name you’ve been waiting to create.

Half-elf Last Names

They can be heavily influenced by your character’s childhood. Many half-elves also have an alias, often given by others. Take a look at a few examples below:

  • Hilmar
  • Grondal
  • Sanlen
  • Rosefist
  • Xyrdithas
  • Chaemyar
  • Presrora
  • Dreambow
  • Silentgrain
  • Peacewing
DM tip
You can use an apostrophe to embellish your Last name. i.e. Rin’daal.

Female Half-elf Names

  • Leonela Astusti
  • Willa Glaz
  • Livvi Norkrana
  • Hanna Lalilab
  • Elenaril Amberkeep
  • Lea Kelhice
  • Zilyana Greatstrider
  • Aimer Krisnelis

Lucette Bha’kal

First daughter of House Bha’kal. Living in a human kingdom, she got a human first name to better fit in.
  • Hanna Lalilab
  • Lysanthir Cailynn
  • Anhaern Elxidor
  • Merlara Umetris
  • Pauletta Mian

Kindreth Ara’jor

Lived a secluded life. After finding an ancient tome, she started traveling to seek further knowledge.
  • Elaith Neridithas    
  • Rieke Virgolor
  • Marina Heleralei
  • Arianne Zumwynn

Jalyn Bowtingle

Mostly lives in the woods, talking to small animals. Loves nature and protects it at all costs.
  • Syndra Chase
  • Faylen Grady
  • Keya Redd
  • Nithenoel Corbett
  • Gaelira Ernst
male half elf ranger with a hood
Male Half-elf Ranger – Image credit: Witcher Wiki

Male Half-elf Names

  • Fritz Bardisk
  • Jan Forechaser
  • Brod Regaldraft
  • Guifford Dhudei
  • Erlareo Daejeon
  • Siward Reysalor
  • Vulre Sarnan
  • Gael Reyhice

Clovis Marshshine

Only druid in the region, famous for alchemy. Knows about the evil amassing in the east mountain.
  • Saelethil Ianzana
  • Illendir San’veen
  • Aubron Hel’can
  • Arryn Zylquinal
  • Maxim Greenash

Aire Zinran

Born to nobles, but was abandoned for fear of magic which courses through him. Potent Sorcerer in the making.
  • Illendir Sanveen
  • Aubron Helecan
  • Aire Zinran
  • Thallan Sardove

Anakiir Walters

Born to a human mother and named after his late father. Known as „Mayda’s boy“ in the village.
  • Thallan Sardove
  • Vulre Sarnan
  • Lyari Olaran
  • Othorion Putnam
  • Mythanar Towns

Half-elves are often able to adjust to new surroundings and become skilled diplomats and ambassadors. They have kept the human interest for the unknown, yet possess certain elven grace and wanderlust.

Half-elves have all sorts of callings in life and sometimes those can help you in the naming process.

DM tip
Depending on your game type, you can use your class to help you with your last name.

Half-elf Names by Classes

Looking for a name for a specific class of character? Don’t look further, we covered the basic classes here.

Bard Names

  • Ian Sparrow
  • Elyse Stringsong
  • Iolas Tunebringer
  • Riluaneth Drumstick
  • Alluin Wordsmith

Cleric Names

  • Liam Godsend
  • Jonnie Faithless
  • Falben Humble
  • Lamruil Lightbringer
  • Ilphas Loveword

Druid Names

  • Hasko Yellowbranch
  • Joel Mistletoe
  • Brea Oakentree
  • Ruvaen Blackfur
  • Gweyir Shapeshifter
DM tip
Character’s physical or mental attributes can help: i.e. Valania Keeneye or Henry Strongwill.

Monk Names

  • Volmar Sharpeye
  •  Ewo Nickledancer
  • Valeria Gracewill
  • Gantar Fivefist
  • Tanyla Legsweep

Paladin Names

  • Fon Strongarm
  • Aiden Oathkeeper
  • Blythe Ghostbane
  • Thacina Roseheart
  • Wynat Sunward

Ranger Names

  • Royce Foxtail
  • Esra Bearclaw
  • Elinia Wolfhowl
  • Mady Hillwalker
  • Aleratha Lightfoot
DM tip
Character’s vocation can influence the name. i.e. Will Bladeslip or Elarya Trueshot.

Rogue Names

  • Tom Fingertwitch
  • Keanu Silvertongue
  • Merlyn Copperhand
  • Jastira Goldsnatch
  • Aywin Hidewell

Sorcerer Names

  • Noell Spellgem
  • Wenda Wildsurge
  • Farryn Jolttouch
  • Shanaera Dracoblood
  • Hastios Charmvale

Warlock Names

  • Killian Loreseeker
  • Carissa Hexditch
  • Vulre Necroten
  • Ilbryen Darksight
  • Elenaril Deepwil

Hopefully, this guide will help you to come up with a perfect name. I’m always interested in how others come up with their character names, so let’s hear your reasoning. Leave a comment, tell me your thoughts on the article and your naming process.

What are your favorite names?

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  1. I love these names! I combined two of them and my new characters name is Brea Sardove! Thanks so much for making this!

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