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151 Half Elf Names & Backstories

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A Half-Elf is a descendant of a Human and an Elf, and the nature of their name often comes down to where they were born and raised, meaning human names in human societies, and elven names in elven communities. However, Half-Elves are often considered foreign compared to the pure-bloods, and Humans might give them Elven names, and vice versa. This also means that two Half-Elves might have a similar name despite being raised in different types of cultures. Examples of such names are Thaciona Rosepetal, Marcus Thunderglow, Lydia Blackwell, and Cornaith Nerikian.

Good Half-Elf Names

Regardless of the familial side, they were raised by, most Half Elves can’t escape feeling uncomfortable as they grow up, and there’s always someone or something that reminds them they are not the same as the rest of their community. This is also the reason why there’s a person called Alvin Rivertown living in an elven family, while Taenya Elmbranch found her place among the Humans in a small mining town on the edge of civilization.

  • Keya Redd
  • Mady Hillwalker
  • Leilena Zekon
  • Elenaril Amberkeep
  • Michele Hammu
  • Gael Reyhice
  • Hagred Zane
  • Merialeth Welford

Miirphys Morningsteam

Unlike many of his kind, he was lucky to grow up in a loving and caring family where both parents took great care of him. His father taught him all about survival, while his mother showed him how to approach animals, and which plants can be beneficial and which are poisonous, and today he’s an adult who knows the region like the back of his hand, and can survive in the wilderness all on his own.

  • Celestiel Noryra
  • Corbar Seawhisk
  • Zeno Omajeon
  • Killian Loreseeker
  • Aleesia Beidithas
  • Colrin Needledancer
  • Nolan Ennala
  • Sariandi Cloudcatcher
  • Carissa Hexditch
  • Flinar Neuman

Vulan Oatcut

While he was raised by elves, he could never hide his human size as his physique clearly showed. He wasn’t as graceful and agile as them, and couldn’t do many of the things they did, but his tenacity and perseverance allowed him to fight any and all adversities along the way, and for that, he earned all but eternal respect.

  • Aias Colton
  • Lyari Lamarr
  • Fon Strongarm
  • Taeral Mortoris
  • Gaelira Ernst
  • William Avogo
  • Falben Humble
  • Berta Mursk
  • Yessenia Grezeiros
  • Gylledhia Rosedust

Female Half-Elf Names

While there are no particular naming conventions when it comes to Half-Elves, we can use an Elven first name followed by a Human last name to provide a sense of exoticness and familiarity at the same time. Examples of female Half-Elf names would be Soliori Cragband, Metora Daybrook, and Earana Longbottom.

  • Selussa Marbleorb
  • Ashemmi Steelsoar
  • Puorlaas Hammerstrength
  • Arasne Softcrusher
  • Ynshael Whitewhirl
  • Valeria Oceanshine
  • Myrin Watershadow
  • Tarasynora Mildseeker

Ciyradyl Nightstrike

She’s always been handy with a bow, and one of the better shots in her community, and it was no surprise she was admitted to one of the hunting groups. Unfortunately, during her very first hunt, the group got ambushed by orcs and she and one other survivor are now running for their lives, though the blood from their wounds keeps preventing them from successfully hiding until the danger passes.

  • Qesethe Blazeridge
  • Aneirin Feathersoar
  • Mynrethe Ironcreek
  • Ychaerve Prideshadow
  • Lyrei Fourdew
  • Meorise Woodstar
  • Hycis Wildstrike
  • Chaenath Tuskbeam
  • Roanmara Blueshield
  • Urmicca Grandbend

Neshenra Strongsteel

For some reason, she was always intrigued by blacksmithing, and the elven community she was raised in recognized her talents and allowed her to practice it from an early age. Today, more than fifty years later, they are about to tell her who her real father was, a fact that could change her whole outlook on life and the very course of her destiny.

  • Seldanna Brightlance
  • Schimae Spiderwoods
  • Kythaela Distantdream
  • Viansola Flatstrength
  • Filaurel Hillbinder
  • Elaith Boulderbeam
  • Mirthal Nosehide
  • Chin’nesstre Frozengrip
  • Valindra Ashsprinter
  • Talindra Freeguard

elf mutant

Male Half Elf Names

As mentioned, the type of name a Half-Elf has greatly depended on where they were raised but we can simply choose one of the archaic English names, and add an elven surname to show they aren’t just another commoner of simple origins. Examples of such names are Blake Quibalar, Eldon Thramfhaer, and Gilford Larethiane.

  • Arley Pettris
  • Landon Ianvyre
  • Penly Qiris
  • Doyle Yelkalyn
  • Ralph Magzeiros
  • Gilford Uripetor
  • Mace Norrona
  • Alder Uriynore

Nyle Miraleth

Given to a lovely human family by an elven druid when he was a child, he was raised by loving parents. Still, as he grew up, he always felt different and learning the truth behind his origin left him even more conflicted and torn between staying with his family and venturing forth to search for his past. Today, many years later after his parents died of natural causes, he’s making his way toward the west, searching for the last person who might know more about his true heritage.

  • Fulton Cardan
  • Bradley Crasalor
  • Edwin Miacan
  • Tostig Iarydark
  • Halbert Qisandoral
  • Ives Rocaryn
  • Nelson Iarrona
  • Osbert Palen
  • Oswald Zyllen
  • Eldon Ralosatra

Blake Phisys

Bullied in his youth, he grew up resenting most humans and the anger kept swelling inside of him, resulting in occasional bursts of rage which usually ended in someone getting hurt. Despite the victims being the ones who bullied him, he was shunned by the community even more because of those actions, and last night he had no choice but to flee his home and never come back.

  • Darren Eladove
  • Cedric Perrel
  • Shaw Yesceran
  • Raymond Torralei
  • Trent Helenaei
  • Millard Lubalar
  • Wayne Olanorin
  • Kenton Loralee
  • Spencer Wynhice
  • Cade Daethyra

Funny Half Elf Names

To come up with a funny Half Elf name, think about their daily lives, what they might see, hear, and do, what might be the things others could tease them about, and use that in a more comedic fashion. Examples of such names would be Smallie Bigears and Blynd Stargazer.

  • Tootsie Tater
  • Eg Nog
  • Sane Bonkers
  • Buttlik Esliquer
  • Nothelf Norrhuman
  • Ackchully Fahnny
  • Saddy McJolly
  • Dullface Sharpears

Nathyor Fren

Despite being very polite and courteous, many people he meets seem to immediately be wary of him, giving him strange looks, only to then be cold afterward, one way or another. As he’s fairly new to traveling, however, and he only visited two towns so far, he’s chalking it up to the nature of his origin, believing the people in this region feel resentment towards his kind.

  • Boberry Fudgeham
  • Mercy Les
  • Semi Stelltielfy
  • Leafy Evergreen
  • Dopey McDope
  • Nathahn Ellf
  • Grassy Dryfield
  • Maykina Misstayk
  • Madpoo Loadedpants
  • Perky McJingles

Faykey McFudge

Whatever he does, he seems to fake his way through it, ranging from pretending to be sick to avoid chores to straight up making things up to be seen as better than he is. So far it’s worked far better than expected but, sooner or later, he will eventually run into someone who sees through his shenanigans, and how he will react to that remains to be seen.

  • Dimple Twinklebutt
  • Dhry Sprinkles
  • Halfelf Halfamazin
  • Kjoot Bathaglee
  • Suggary Sugarplum
  • Minty Bedbret
  • Climbup Atree
  • Laffin Tears
  • Wichalf Izbettr
  • Merry Cranky

half elf monk

Cute Half Elf Names

What’s cute and what’s not is probably subjective in many situations, so to make it easier on yourself use pet and baby names for inspiration when it comes to cute half-elf names. It’s also better to leave out any potential last name but if you must have it make it a secret one, and introduce the character by name only.

  • Dori
  • Tiny
  • Precious
  • Chives
  • Parsley
  • Buttons
  • Nutmeg
  • Pups


This baby was found by a human family living on a small farm on the edge of town after one of the children heard a cry coming from what appeared to be a cradle floating down the river. Thanks to the quick reaction of the father, and his steady hands, they managed to pull it to the shore with a rope, and since that day this half-elf has been considered one of their own.

  • Bucky
  • Cinnamon
  • Sage
  • Babs
  • Cayenne
  • Minnow
  • Lillian
  • Bitty
  • Pepper
  • Pixie


As a baby, whenever she saw or heard a bird she always reacted with a smile, and after being able to walk she kept running after them whenever she could, laughing all the time. This was too adorable for the family raising her and the name they chose for her seemed like a perfect match.

  • Bunny
  • Ginger
  • Pippa
  • Rosemary
  • Munchkin
  • Periwinkle
  • Budgie
  • Goose
  • Buttercup
  • Duckie

Half-elves are often seen as the so-called black sheep of the family, where they are all but constantly reminded they are different from others, either due to some physical difference or the fact that their life is longer or shorter compared to others from the community they are living in. The names depend on where they were raised, and many elves give them human names, and vice versa. Using old English first names, as well as elven last names, for inspiration is a nice and simple way of coming up with a Half-Elf name, and you should always know who named them and why they chose that type of name. For more ideas on how to create a Half-Elf name, make sure you visit our Half-Elf name generator.

How do you feel about Half Elves? Are they constantly torn between the two worlds, never truly belonging to either, and can they find peace within those communities? Share some of the ways you follow when coming up with a Half-Elf name, as well as the names you have used in the past by leaving a comment below.

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