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Orc Name Generator & Guide

Orcs continued to charge as the warhorn echoed throughout the forest, making humans scramble in panic. One of the orcs rushed in, splitting a man in half. “Hah! Weakling..” – he muttered, then yelled: “You are NO match for Kringar Skullsmash!”

Generate Names

Zukk The Disfigured

Zumag Bone Clobberer

Ghez The Grim

Nol Teeth Slicer

Rhog The Reckless

Lukk Skull Hammer

Hen Muscle Hacker

Avug The Infernal

Vil Venom Defacer

Shuv Spite Splitter

Nyek Elf Flayer

Bovrur Thunder Breaker

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Table of Contents

Orcs are humanoid creatures of greyish-green skin, coarse hair, gutting jaws, and prominent lower canine teeth; tusks. They are of a similar size of humans, but much more muscular, making them strong, brutal, and merciless.

Orcs have a wardriven culture, usually living in tribes. They prefer action and simple solutions to philosophy and planning. When the tribes come together, they form terrifying hordes that sweep the lands, destroying everything in their path.

They prefer to raid and plunder, taking what they need. Work is for the weak, and they are known to own slaves, usually a weaker humanoid race. If there’s anything an orc hates the most, it’s an elf. Needless to say, no orc ever took an elven prisoner.

Orc Last Names

Orcs don’t have families or a family name. However, they often get names akin to the last name that ties to something they did, achieved, or something they are alike.

  • Skullsmash
  • Razortusk
  • Strongfist
  • Mulekick
  • Bearhand
  • Ironskin
  • Brokentusk
  • Stonethrow
  • the Vicious
  • the Great
  • the Giant
  • Sharpspear
  • the Angry
  • the Maker
  • Wolfslayer

Female Orc Names

All tribe children call every female orc a mother; if they are ever considered as such. They take care of the tribe’s needs, staying behind, and protecting the weak.

  • Shaka the Brave
  • Molze the Smart
  • Mel of Khar Tribe
  • Dhevgi of Spear Tribe
  • Halu The Shady
  • Ghez The Grim
  • Nom The Vicious
  • Kuan The Wretched
  • Ghedgan Foot Trampler
  • Midduv The Outlandish

Zola Wolfbane

Once killed a wolf with bare hands, saving multiple young orcs in the process.

  • Imzoh the Silent
  • Hegve Ironhair
  • Vivna Twoblade

Somzi Stinkbreath

Has an unfortunately smelly breath. Seldom bullied, she grew up to be friendly, while others avoid her at every chance.

  • Nigi the Hairless
  • Borba the Wicked
  • Dura the Ugly

Ushat Wolfhowl

Known to howl when angry, especially if drunk. Needless to say, she drinks always and a lot. Surprisingly, she’s a mother of 7 so far.

  • Shel of Bear Tribe
  • Bula the First

Male Orc Names

All male orcs love to fight and do so often. A prolonged time of peace unsettles them, to say the least. Dying in battle is a great honor and something most prefer.

  • Dag Stormskin
  • Zhug Humanslayer
  • Kelog Axethrow
  • Gardoll The Mighty
  • Rhub Pest Burster
  • Rhagroll The Delirious
  • Rhog The Reckless
  • Gordol The Rotten
  • Bog The Ugly
  • Zukk The Disfigured

Drunbar the Brutal

As the biggest orc in the tribe, he is well respected by others. He’s also one of the finest orc warriors, wielding a large maul.

  • Varbuk the Crazy
  • Omok Hornblower
  • Grugzar Bonecrusher

Lobrakk Frogjump

Ever since he was little, Lobrakk could jump far. So much so, in fact, he even perfected it for battle.

  • Rokrull the Wicked
  • Mozog the Hungry
  • Ojak Rabbitfeet

Mondull Onetusk

Lost his right tusk during a particularly vicious fight when he was ten. You should see the other guy.

  • Dodruk Brainsmart
  • Grakk Humanlover
  • Shuttuk the Worthy

Badass Orc Names

There are many orcs, but then there are those who rise the ranks, carving their own path to glory. They are chieftains, shamans, veterans of war, and great warriors alike.

  • Kringar Elfslayer
  • Grishnaar Stormbringer
  • Dunsik Chin Splitter
  • Vedgem The Vengeful
  • Drukzon Vein Carver
  • Brogran Blood Queller
  • Arag The Ancient
  • Uvuk The Miscreant

Kertug the Fallen

Having been declared dead at least four times by now, Kertug is also known as The Undead.

  • Azogg the Destroyer
  • Urgan Shieldbreaker
  • Dall Deathbringer
  • Zaar Twohand

Grimgor Ironhide

A vicious orc, with a particularly nasty greataxe, laying waste to anyone on his path.

  • Corgak Chainsplint
  • Orgrim Doomhammer
  • Grull Fistcrusher

Yagnar the Shipbuilder

Once in a lifetime, you meet someone special. Once in a lifetime, you meet an orc that can make such ships you wouldn’t believe.

  • Azukk Oreshaper
  • Murag Beastmaster
  • Durbull Giantblood

It’s your turn!

Orcs are can be fun and scary enemies or an interesting character who’s trying to find his own place and way in the world. They are a good mix of strength and martial prowess, and their gruff personalities offer a variety of roleplaying options.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, share your thoughts on what you liked and what would you have done differently. Tell me what are some of your own methods of coming up with an Orc name.

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