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Kasatha Name Generator & Guide

“The time has come to make your own path and this journey is your chance to shape your future. Expose our traditions to the world but also meld them into something new, something that only you can make. Follow our ways, and follow your heart, for you are Varma Men Ne Zocru Sesif Of Clan Nanko, my son.”

Generate Names

Gyessaf Veliar Cye Reacma Nu Of Clan Ticar

Mumsem Detsol Vom Sor Gol Of Clan Dussus

Nom Gecmo Sa Tidro Ras Of Clan To

Ros Tenea Hugas Nulmo Nessa Of Clan Vam

Mutwos Zissis Zef Na Zulmel Of Clan Syenku

Ziarmo Mas Ho Jo Ron Of Clan Ciarsin

Hiatse Nis Multi Tiduf Nor Of Clan Gogen

Daen Rinkumi Totsin Ja Zansur Of Clan Viner

Ji Zorse Tiarom Nam Ruhar Of Clan Ta

Jades Hunsom Vir So Dirsal Of Clan Cenkeas

Ti Maeltrul Dul Ticrir Gi Of Clan Gi

Tosif Ne Hinsa Nocmi Todu Of Clan Co

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Kasatha are native to a dying planet named Kasath, with grey skin, elongated skulls, and smooth faces with no proboscis. Their bodies are lean, and muscles strong, and they have four arms that allow them both grace and sheer strength.

With their homeworld dying it was only logical to unite as one and make their way toward other worlds on a massive colony ship called Idari. While nurturing a strong culture, each of them goes on a year-long melding journey to shape their own views.

While everyone goes on this journey called the Tempering and stretches their limits, not everyone returns. Many find the world too alluring to resist and in doing so their names become known, names like Joltirun, Nedun, Rumse Teadrof, and Zoltre.

Good Kasatha Names

Kasatha mostly use their first name only, while their full names are quite long as they can include their heritage, parentage, clan, and even subclan. While they can be separated into males and females, other races have a hard time differentiating them due to a rather trivial sexual dimorphism.

  • Zansi Jinsizo Dimes Zo Tem Of Clan Re
  • Mye Decritos Va Vissus Socmen Of Clan Tun
  • Jeldi Milmu Dyem Tef Rassi Of Clan Ji
  • Zeman Tilmera Vumof Dessel Var Of Clan Gol
  • Cecma Ruma Godu Haf Titsus Of Clan Jesu
  • Vilduf Vealom Mecam Jatsuf Salmer Of Clan Zuf
  • Dil Dos Viltraf De Cisef Of Clan Nyeltrol
  • Jitwim Docruf Geci Mucmos Zuf Of Clan Vin

Gelem Nusom Tam Der Ten Of Clan Tul

Gelem was always a curious one and he couldn’t wait for his own Tempering. After the year flew by fast, his thirst for knowledge and the unknown remained unquenched and it was a simple decision to continue the journey.

  • De Desis Cial Culdul Tel Of Clan Huldin
  • Ner Ve Hul Tos Hicaf Of Clan Veaf
  • Ver Vaeran Tef Rursef Gulis Of Clan Tossos
  • Nyes Zomsu Zem Rormias Co Of Clan Mis
  • Celdim Gulme Rol Dir Nodi Of Clan Haes
  • Ho Mulmum Serse Can Gas Of Clan Zyenki
  • Tyetsu Gitisses Ryef Sia Zormis Of Clan Vo
  • Zuno Resialta Vo Di Ros Of Clan Tucme

Jes Nersom Rankun Holmo Zi Of Clan Taf

Daughter of a famous doctor, she wasn’t happy with having to be away for a year, but knew she had to do what the tradition asks of all of them. After it, however, she discovered she liked new experiences and is wondering how to tell her father, her mentor, she’d like to postpone the studies some more.

  • Dedria Heneatal Raeltem Zom Gir Of Clan Gea
  • Ta Modehe Gemsuf Mor Ve Of Clan Zem
  • Jacruf Hacrur Mye Dun Ne Of Clan Jearme
  • Cin Codimo Riarin Hudi Gos Of Clan Gias
  • Sen Cecmam Gamu Gotwi Docman Of Clan Vamal
  • Galduf Ryecmia Suf Cecmaf Caco Of Clan Dessu
  • Vanea Necinaf Ganan Roco Val Of Clan Vye
  • Colte Hensan Dyer Gon Muf Of Clan Monkol
  • Suf Vogalaf Jealom Nesse Diref Of Clan Datwus
  • Geacro Myerunse Hossof Cegef Du Of Clan Ronun

Nitwer Nadriam Tol Ge Ramsi Of Clan Vyensel

Never the one to settle, and never the one to hide it, no one was surprised to hear he didn’t return after his coming-of-age journey. Unbeknownst to them, he was rather anxious to return but a couple of wrong decisions got him in debt with some shady people, a situation he’s currently trying to resolve.

  • Mutwos Zissis Zef Na Zulmel Of Clan Syenku
  • Cam Ticrin Hurmir Dedru Vas Of Clan Rimsom
  • Jal Seacmu Girer Zocir Cyef Of Clan Tyecu
  • Gyessaf Veliar Cye Reacma Nu Of Clan Ticar
  • Cyesum Nadream Micrer Jumef Saf Of Clan Jucrea
  • Ti Guris Gif Joltro Mahin Of Clan Runkaf
  • Jersu Sololi Sa Jaersal Naelam Of Clan Del
  • Deli Myeliraf Sessur Jyel Dadriam Of Clan Rom
  • Nurmon Codraf Dealtel Gyer Nim Of Clan Vasse
  • Zuf Hagif Jacu Jonkuf Hal Of Clan Mahe
  • Zilda Syeldan Ja Zilmos Viassim Of Clan Zarmu

Syer Zeskussol Raltrel Nitse Mankus Of Clan Zidrul

The news of his demise struck his family rather hard, and his mother has never been the same ever since. Little do they all know, while he’s been almost fatally injured during a fight, his recovery is going well as he rests on a remote island, far away from home.

  • Zef Tocmim Saen Gos Vensin Of Clan To
  • Meltrof Vas Vocma Sicus Ryermer Of Clan Gelton
  • Jyemsa Natwa Zorsul Na Tel Of Clan Myel
  • Syen Zomo Za Ginse Rian Of Clan Dicel
  • Telmem Gatwilen Culter Jus Tol Of Clan Si
  • Di Hegam Ner Myenas Si Of Clan Socris
  • Go Zaecruras Vel Zu Jul Of Clan To
  • Mi Jaessim Me Zehen Tilis Of Clan Ji
  • Jin Zuldi Sean Nal Gerseal Of Clan Dun

Dol Tunaskan Gosso Jem Mahos Of Clan Vor

Using the Tempering to expand his horizons and learn new skills, his return home was most welcome as he was able to fill the job openings quickly and efficiently. The past, however, is determined to not let go and certain individual is making their way to his home, a meeting that will change his life upside down.

  • To Hia Cultri Nehus Gem Of Clan Secrum
  • Zof Sotwil Nianen Ducmiaf Mye Of Clan Riacrif
  • Zehi Honkul Tilmin Tis Se Of Clan Vahuf
  • Jiaf Gealosa Gunean Cuf Ges Of Clan Ti
  • Su Manam Sef Ner Jorul Of Clan Seldor
  • Todral Maldiher Syen Rone Duro Of Clan Nursim
  • Daen Rinkumi Totsin Ja Zansur Of Clan Viner
  • Rin Tunenkor Cicun Tecar Dir Of Clan Rultru
  • Sol Jutsanom Seaca Cildar Syecrif Of Clan Culo

United by the doomed reality of their dying world, the Kasatha are a four-armed race who made their fortune by escaping on a huge colony ship. Honoring traditions and everything else that keeps a society together, they use their vast knowledge to improve upon the lives of both the individuals and their race as a whole. Every one of them goes through a coming-of-age journey, the Tempering, where they spend a year away from home, melding their traditions with new experiences.

This allows many of them to return with an open and expanded mindset, and also many stories to tell. Others, however, decide not to return at all as the adventure only began. Think about how the character grew up, how was their upbringing, their views, their early goals, how their Tempering went, and think of a name worthy of the ultimate adventure that lies ahead.

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