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Tengu Name Generator & Guide

The man hesitated before the winged figure, his hand visibly shaking above the sword hilt. Before he could act, the red-skinned man spoke – “I already fought with you in my head, many times over, and the outcome is always the same. I am Souzoi Kukan and you cannot defeat me.”

Generate Names

Zimu Protchok

Qrallau Onkal

Nun Vaker

Pen Sajel

Onyavo Ekkack

Qemo Rokack

Gopyo Zirak

Butunagh Sucha

Chage Zalock

Rotiku Qallen

Salyor Agit

Nonyu Krajek

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While there are many depictions of the Tengu, most portray them as demonic or a winged avian humanoid. There are two versions, one resembling a crow while the other is of a more humanoid nature, while each possesses some form of magic.

The crow-like Tengu are about two feet tall, feathery with a beak, while the other is more similar to humans, apart from the red and blue skin and their unusually long nose, and some of them lack the wings, completely, as some stories would say.

All Tengu can mimic voices, often to perfection, and this proves to be a worthy skill to have. Whether they are mentioned with gladness or uttered in fear, many whisper their names, names like Qel Dozzu, Jiye Sappok, Koila Doyar, and Shapye Puko.

Good Tengu Names

Some say there are no female Tengu and that they simply magically divide themselves into two beings, serving as an alternative to a more traditional reproduction process.

  • Ojaja Onkot
  • Allure Kremor
  • Achai Ekkir
  • Prak Ongen
  • Tack Kupal
  • Thol Chenek
  • Ezavel Vallul
  • Usegh Rollock

Deel Jage

This Tengu remains hesitant to reveal his presence as he continues to track a group of travelers. Using his abilities to spy on them, as well as tease them by mimicking animals, he’s determined to learn about their true goals before deciding on whether to introduce himself.

  • Sezul Kurock
  • Zer Varrack
  • Palumun Nute
  • Xick Opek
  • Oinaigh Vovar
  • Shepyotor Qovat
  • Kanku Qeya
  • Qeck Ajar
  • Krur Jetchik

Tamara Zayo

This crow-like humanoid knows the underground of the city as much as anyone and is someone who helps others fence items. For a fair discount, she will buy the item, only to sell it as soon as she can, for a much higher price. No one has seen her as she operates behind a closed door, and she makes sure she uses a different voice with every single customer.

  • Tchel Jazon
  • Chour Uguk
  • Keck Sotchur
  • Zholloga Zagon
  • Juchou Krakyal
  • Qrappizzu Arek
  • Kepa Jolok
  • Chupu Chokkuk
  • Raelye Tchukya
  • Eru Korrun

Bikka Punu

This Tengu was always fascinated with being someone else, anyone really, and she’s been honing her disguise and mimic act for the majority of her life. She uses her experience to look like a completely new person when she wants to, even able to look like a member of another race, and her perfect voice impersonation bolsters her performance every single time.

  • Ronal Ozzik
  • Preje Sorock
  • Xoiluye Gezzu
  • Shaleji Qazuck
  • Qegh Eyot
  • Qenek Rake
  • Ghul Tchechu
  • Praleck Kenar
  • Errarke Jerek

Chuvagh Okkur

After finding the blueprints of a certain castle, he snuck in through one of the secret entrances and has been roaming the secret tunnels for weeks. His plan is to use his mimicking ability, during nights, to instill fear into the heart of the residents and eventually drive them all away, and claim the castle for himself.

  • Pupyae Agor
  • Tero Repock
  • Tichain Nappal
  • Jorrozol Gevak
  • Nepu Kreqak
  • Alyezzu Prezer
  • Popel Somur
  • Vok Mitin
  • Grezzexegh Betot
  • Suk Mutchick

Ujol Krituck

For twenty years this Tengu has searched for a worthy opponent, one that would end his cursed existence by ending his life in a fair duel. However, even when he had luck and fought several people on the same day, he was never lucky enough as he always found a way to win and prolong his suffering.

  • Oppuzo Soruck
  • Poigh Nokkun
  • Xagh Terre
  • Akkallu Deppor
  • Atachan Zoyot
  • Krellacha Gezze
  • Oullou Bechet
  • Erilyi Zekut
  • Tchunuppe Jojuck

The Tengu are humanoids with large black crow wings, and while some have more crow-like features others are red and blue-skinned humans with unusually long noses. They are all cunning and secretive, and value privacy almost more than anything else.

They are master mimics when it comes to impersonating someone’s voice and they don’t shy from using it for whatever purpose they might have at the time. Think about the character and where were they born, is there anything magical behind it, how did they grow up, what drives them on, the goals they might have, and think of a name worthy of this creature’s exotic life they are about to begin.

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