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Kitsune Name Generator & Guide

The way the girl moved was playful and enticing, and a single look at her was more than enough to send a man into a whirlpool of emotions. Her gaze caught the man off-guard, to say the least, and before he could realize he glimpsed a furry tail behind her, she spoke with a smile that could melt ice. “My name is Hikari..what’s yours?”

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Kitsune, best known from ancient Japan’s folklore, are supernatural foxes who can shapeshift into a human form. They often transform into beautiful women to lure young men, and by the time they realize who they met, they are already lovers.

As they get older and gain more power they grow more tails, up to nine at most. They are considered magical spirits by some, witches and trickers by others, all the while there are stories saying they are guardians, lovers, and faithful friends.

Regardless of where they come from, Kitsune are intriguing creatures with whom you’re always on your toes. Considering their playful nature, it’s no wonder their names are remembered, names like Kihiro, Twotails, Hiroko, and Blackpaw.

Good Kitsune Names

Some Kitsune are referred to using a name that was shaped only after the stories about them started, which essentially give birth to a mythical creature whose real name is all but unknown.

  • Blossom
  • Eternity
  • Starspark
  • Blueeyes
  • Springstep
  • Sixtails
  • Redfur
  • Spiritfox


A strange creature has been making its way around the forest and the nearby lake. The local ranger noticed these peculiar tracks only appear in moonlight, and now he’s waiting, hidden on a night of a full moon, wanting nothing more than to see what this creature really is.

  • Shefox
  • Sunhair
  • Longtail
  • Softpaw
  • Rincewind


Many adventurers wanted nothing more than to see her in person, hearing both wonderful and horrific stories. Some wanted to talk to her and perhaps share some knowledge, while others looked to hunt her down, dead or alive.

  • Blacktail
  • Wildfur
  • Keeneye
  • Brighthair


It is said a magical creature lives in the northern mountains, powerful and all-knowing. Many climbers and mountaineers alike swear this mystical creature saved their lives during storms that occur there frequently.

  • Windrun
  • Nightstep
  • Spiritblossom
  • Mistdweller
  • Bushbrow

Female Kitsune Names

There are places where only female Kitsune live, often alone and free to follow their own desires. Most people never encounter them, however, and so the stories that speak of Kitsune as a single female creature whose powers can rival a deity are widely accepted.

  • Atsuko
  • Hisako
  • Kurize
  • Raino
  • Tasaji
  • Yaro
  • Miyeko
  • Etsuko


It is said a mysterious woman lives alone, in a cave in the hills, and is responsible for much of the bad luck the travelers recently experienced. After many unhappy months, the local townsfolk have hired a mercenary group to deal with her once and for all.

  • Junko
  • Nochiha
  • Wazuki
  • Hamika
  • Esami


This old Kitsune has been living a life of an old man, preferring to mingle with the people and sharing stories with them. Unfortunately, she fell in love with wine a bit too much, soon after she starting this life, and it has already put her in danger one too many times.

  • Mika
  • Riko
  • Chinatsu
  • Momo
  • Rifumi

Male Kitsune Names

While they like to transform into beautiful women, seducing almost anyone they want, this ability isn’t limited to females only. Different situations require adjustments, and all Kitsune have a rich arsenal to draw their tricks from.

  • Tomio
  • Noboru
  • Teruo
  • Boko
  • Satsuna
  • Damichi
  • Atada
  • Tetaru


Using his extraordinary ability to shapeshift into a beautiful woman, he uses his charms to seduce rich noblemen and steal their money. The word of these deeds already reached the ears of the local sheriff, and a patrol is on their way to investigate the area.

  • Sadao
  • Yasuhiro
  • Shigeru
  • Seitane
  • Kokoto


This six-tail Kitsune is a powerful creature who lives in seclusion, high in the mountains. He is said to battle giants in his spare time, as well as testing his magical limits against dragons. Whatever the truth may be, perhaps it’s for the best he stays far from human civilization.

  • Hyotora
  • Ganshiro
  • Takeo
  • Yoshiro
  • Ryuu

Japanese Kitsune Names

Kitsune take a large part of Japanese culture as they are considered magical and intelligent foxes who possess many powerful abilities. It is said that the more tails the Kitsune has, the more potent are her capabilities.

  • Ichiyo
  • Kamai
  • Mitsami
  • Sayoko
  • Noriko
  • Sachi
  • Inoue
  • Kazuko


Katsue is a name familiar to pretty much everyone in the region. The stories say she is a pretty sorceress, living alone in the woods, who is able to cast powerful magic at will. Some even pray to her, and there is also a shrine on the nearby road where travelers leave their offerings for safe passage.

  • Yutsuko
  • Natsuki

Kitsune are fascinating fox-like creatures who possess magical abilities whose power grows with time. As they get older, not only do they grow in power, but also in the number of tails, up to nine. Stories say their power resides in the tails and many are hunted for exactly that reason. They can be tricksters and con-artists but also guardians, loyal friends, and even lovers. Due to their peculiar nature, they are open-minded and ready for all kinds of mischief. Think about what the Kitsune is all about, where they come from, what their life goals are, and come up with a name worthy of the exploits the character will surely live through.

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