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Ratfolk Name Generator & Guid

The dwarf paced nervously across the room, clearly looking for something. After failing to do so for quite some time he turned to his ratfolk friend. “Did you take my dagger again? I swear to Moradin, if you stole it again, Zig, I’m going to boink you on your noggin.”

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Considered rather dirty and unclean, the Ratfolk are small humanoids who look like rats, though they shouldn’t be compared to wererats by any means. The stories say how they escaped enslavement and became a more nomadic-like race.

Ratfolk have little sense of privacy and sharing things come naturally to them, often to a point where they look like they’re constantly borrowing or even stealing. They hate wererats and find other small races to be a nuisance at the very least.

They are group-oriented creatures with large families and tend to live such a life, though those who rise above such ways are the ones that get their name known. Names like Amzig, Stavdok the Wise, Sesesh, Ciggam, and Zraz the Mighty.

Good Ratfolk Names

When some Ratfolk achieve certain things their names become more widely known, and it is precisely then they expand their name, looking to add a certain flavor, uniqueness, and pride into it.

  • Jik the Smart
  • Gres Manyeyes
  • Chat the Fat
  • Rel Weapons
  • Ghot Bestfood
  • Nin Manymother
  • Fris the Happy
  • Tith the Tall

Skkorr Mannyarrows

While he thinks highly of himself as a scout, archer, and hunter, others feel his personality overshadows his abilities to the point of avoiding him. Still, no one can deny his skills that are in dire need on a daily basis.

  • Sin Nicemanner
  • Knakkir Foemuncher
  • Tecrer Breadcrumb
  • Orgek Manypocket
  • Annot the Annoying


If you think ratfolk are dirty, wait till you see him. Unkempt, full of stains and marks from dirt, mud, grass, and more, he is one of those that can give a bad name to his kin. He does have use, however, as his brilliant mind is well verse in herbalism and alchemy.

  • Ghil Greatlover
  • Bim Treeclimb
  • Zen Burrowmore
  • Cahl Highsqueek

Chich Chewy

If someone would see her without munching on something, even if it’s not food, it would be all but a miracle. Others tease her for having to bite everything, like a little pup, but she doesn’t mind as she feels that is the best way to get a sense of what something is.

  • Jassi Furskin
  • Vhiggaks Blackmane
  • Razo the Merchant
  • Jillo Neverrun
  • Sobi Sleepmuch

Female Ratfolk Names

Females usually stay closer to homes, and their society in general, as they often also a mother to many children who need some sense of care. That said, there are some female ratfolk who venture bravely into the world and find their luck in distant locations.

  • Vharre
  • Cahl
  • Nhete
  • Nhom
  • Pir
  • Muf
  • Riks
  • Sire


A lively character, even more so than the rest of her kin. She has been blessed with the innate ability to cast magic. It is low-level magic, for now, but her keen mind should be able to realize her potential and rise up in the ratfolk society as a grand sorceress.

  • Dhikem
  • Fherrech
  • Nhuccith
  • Bhech
  • Fer


She loves nothing more than to move around, travel, or simply go somewhere so that she’s not at the same place for a long time. Managing to convince some of her kin to follow her, she led several expeditions outside of the community, which discovered many things, both positive and negative.

  • Vher
  • Fich
  • Cekohm
  • Berresh
  • Miffes

Male Ratfolk Names

While they aren’t physically strong, they work well in groups and they rarely fail to revenge a fallen friend, or at least try to. They understand the numbers will dwindle in fights, but a strong group always prevails, so they tend to do their part of the job.

  • Staq
  • Zroc
  • Giggac
  • Knimmam
  • Scandos
  • Kravom
  • Skravkem
  • Gnat


This feisty ratfolk sees a challenge in everything. He has to jump further, squeak louder, fight harder, and do everything else better than whoever he just saw do it. There is no malice in him, however, and once you get to know him better, you realize he simply has a highly competitive nature.

  • Brik
  • Scros
  • Vres
  • Vrevan
  • Scandas


After finding a small gem and a tome, he didn’t discard any of them. Unbeknownst to him, the gem is magical and is slowly affecting him, where it will soon open his mind to new possibilities, allowing him to understand the strange scribblings the book contains.

  • Kricdin
  • Crokkem
  • Vris
  • Stat
  • Piz

Funny Ratfolk Names

Ratfolk can be ideal characters to add humor to the mix, and there are multiple ways of using their small stature and unique abilities to entice laughter and joy.

  • Whisky the Risky
  • Squeaker
  • Nata Wererat
  • Ratunzel
  • Ratsaman
  • Aristorat
  • Julius Cheesar
  • Ratatattat

Olway Sclean

He hates when other races think he’s a wererat or worse, thinking he’s dirty, unkempt, and generally sloppy when it comes to personal hygiene. This is precisely why he washes at least twice a day, though the water he bathes in isn’t always the cleanest.

  • Rat Damon

Ratfolk are rat-like humanoids, unkempt and far from clean, who live in large societies and groups and have little sense of personal space or ownership. While other races expect trickery, they act professionally, especially when trading, and they are known to be very brave in dire circumstances where avenging fallen comrades is an unwritten law. The ones who manage to adapt to other cultures can find prosperity in the world and certainly succeed in the game of life. Think about where the Ratfolk character was born, where they lived, why they left their people, and come up with a name worthy of magnificent things they will certainly come across upon.

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