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Catfolk Name Generator & Guide

“Have you already forgotten? This year you do not get a gift or search for one. This year, you are free to leave for the great wide world, where nothing’s impossible. Soon, my dear Gawam, you will embark on the journey of your lifetime.”

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Catfolk are feline humanoids, where looks can greatly vary when it comes to how much they resemble cats or humans. They are free-spirited creatures who see themselves as explorers and wanderers, always ready for something new.

While not overly religious they accept deities as powerful spirits, and they are sometimes blessed by nature, or some other source, which gives them the innate ability to perform and cast magic. This usually puts them on top of society as well.

Catfolk like to wander and discover things new things, and they are all encouraged to leave their homes as those who don’t travel are said to be unlucky in life. Traveling offers many ways to get their names known, names like Parar, Fomu, and Mumkis.

Good Catfolk Names

Naming your catfolk character can be somewhat easier if you think about how you want the name to sound. You can make it gruffer by using more r’s for males, and more f’s for female names.

  • Jiffyt
  • Garkigbym
  • Drerrogim
  • Qraurqu
  • Koffim
  • Prorkrom
  • Qardan
  • Grukkam


Before you even ask, he already volunteered, always ready to do something first. Whether it’s going where no one went before, searching for something that can’t be found, or simply venturing into the unknown, his curiosity is rarely matched.

  • Krirrum
  • Pofekk
  • Cethioffi
  • Preirerke
  • Elfary


A wise old sorceress whose magical ways are no more, or so her kin says. And while she hasn’t used her powers for a long time, she better remember fast as a terrible danger is approaching the community to eradicate them all.

  • Goryoh
  • Vilnif
  • Sumfy
  • Eryatya


If he ever found himself in deep trouble, it was now. Surrounded by dire rats, he stands in the corner, sword in hand, thinking where did it all go wrong. Still, he does see one last potential opening in this situation, and he’s about to try the impossible.

  • Repharhis
  • Poffolru
  • Gumre
  • Ruffus
  • Venru

Female Catfolk Names

Female catfolk can sometimes experience undeserved scrutiny, as they are expected to be both wanderers and mothers. Despite that, all of them are more than capable of doing so, and there are some very famous females within this race.

  • Ziryalya
  • Geye
  • Reyu
  • Tulne
  • Kiphri
  • Nifu
  • Danho
  • Velyolhu


After giving birth to more than a dozen children, the call of the unknown has begun to make its mark. Having resisted until her children could take care of their own, it was now too much for her and so she decided to leave her home in haste. Today, wandering the road, nothing makes her happier than this new nomadic lifestyle.

  • Tenhasheh
  • Henirhi
  • Telne
  • Fusra
  • Jeshi


While others think she lost her wits, it was her discovery that truly possesses her attention, a tiger-like statue that spoke to her in a commanding voice. She is to gather followers and worshipers, and then make way for the promised land as she calls it. She had no luck in finding anyone willing but she’s far from giving up.

  • Luyeh
  • Lirya
  • Molisha
  • Palipheh
  • Omayi

Male Catfolk Names

Their inquisitive minds make them well suited for travel, although their ability to get into trouble certainly doesn’t help. In the end, whatever happens, they are in for lots of excitement in their life which they learned to embrace long ago.

  • Firucbar
  • Qycdor
  • Kykki
  • Cerrith
  • Kracban
  • Joqan
  • Pegdu
  • Proktym


If there was ever a shining example of what a true catfolk can be, it is him. Tall, agile, handsome with shiny fur, brave, and trickster to the bone, he is fun to be around. His ego, however, often bites more than he can handle and that’s when the real trouble starts.

  • Grugbouqes
  • Qrembegbi
  • Kygtus
  • Jaqhith
  • Kaqur


As a former runt of the litter, he had no luck when it comes to size as he never managed to grow much, though this does present both pros and cons. While he was never much of a fighter, he has an uncanny ability to spot any changes in the environment which made him one of the best scouts and guards out there.

  • Monkus
  • Ginkuth
  • Grocba
  • Graqhambaum
  • Jucbirqom

Catfolk Last Names

Catfolk usually live with their own families and often have no need for a last name. However, even if that’s the case, as they wander away from homes the need for a more precise introduction rises, and so they come up with a surname of their own.

  • Whiskers
  • Furrybrow
  • Copperskin
  • Windpaw
  • Meowise
  • Pouncival
  • Buttons
  • Smallshanks


The world is a dangerous place, so he introduces himself as Mr. Sharpclaw, something he hopes will deter anyone from trying to cause any trouble. The truth is he’s not well versed in fighting, and he’d rather stick to this illusionary safety than anything else.

  • Boxbane

Catfolk are cat-like humanoids, curious in nature and ready for anything. They are free thinkers, explorers, and wandering away from home is a way of life. Having chosen an item to bring with them on their journey, an heirloom of the sort, they venture out with an open heart and mind. Consider the nature of the character, their likes, dislikes, what they are good at, and come up with a name worthy of everything they will discover.

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    Please add non-binary to the menu. Thank you,

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