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Grippli Name Generator & Guide

As the party slowly made their way through the swamp a small arrow lodged itself into a tree trunk and stopped them dead in their tracks. To their left, several small frog-like creatures appeared and spoke in broken Common. “We meen you no harm, but you com wit us. Boubbluf the tribe mother wil want talk to you!”

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Grippli are small bipedal humanoids that resemble a frog. They are around two feet tall, their skin can be almost any color there is, and each of them also has a distinct pattern that allows all other known Grippli to recognize them immediately.

Led by a tribe mother, they make their homes close to the water and large numbers of insects, and while they are usually shy and unintrusive they are quite intelligent and will not shy away from a fight, especially against spiders and snakes.

Sometimes the curiosity takes over and certain Grippli decide to venture further away from their community, seeking the unknown. In doing so, they encounter many ways to make their names known, names like Gropp, Flycatcher, and Drogux.

Good Grippli Names

While the Grippli don’t actually need names to recognize each other due to everyone having quite distinct patterns, they do have them. Sometimes they use rough translations of their name when they need to communicate with other species.

  • Zooldaff
  • Zampplef
  • Spiflaaps
  • Leafshank
  • Trumpank
  • Tarblooth
  • Trondliid
  • Longjump


Gampoo was never one of the brightest or bravest of his kin but his tenacity deserves compliments on its own. While he certainly won’t be the first to enter a battle, or even cause a verbal fight, once he starts he finds himself enthralled by the rush of adrenaline and often forgets about everything else, with his mind solely on the enemy in front of him.

  • Sparbblops
  • Phoofs
  • Troopiis
  • Duuglip
  • Splobbops
  • Bundlox
  • Troifgiff
  • Zpaumpluus
  • Moglook
  • Gifguax


This Grippli adores water. If he’s not doing any chores, which he tries to avoid at any cost at any point in time, he can be found swimming, diving, and jumping in and out of the ponds.

  • Blaaltef
  • Toobblos
  • Tripsoo
  • Nunpepsa
  • Dupssa
  • Ruonpeth
  • Droogonk
  • Ziklaar
  • Zuffoora
  • Garblopsa


This cheerful Grippli never fails to find a positive in any situation she finds herself in. While there are those who are actually bothered by this unrealistically positive approach, most of her kin appreciate her presence as she keeps proving to be a pleasant company.

  • Mouggleff
  • Goltisam
  • Blanpuffs
  • Milbox
  • Tramplod
  • Bablus
  • Rumpleth
  • Blugles
  • Bloux


The name was given to him long ago, when he was just a couple of months old, thanks to his love for jumping around, even when it’s not required at all. Stories say he began to jump around long before he would actually start walking, and this allowed him to become one of the skilled hunters and ambushers in his community.

  • Zpumpik
  • Dublop
  • Grop
  • Boubbluf
  • Drublups
  • Sploff
  • Spirted
  • Bink
  • Boflup


While others loved swimming, jumping, fly hunting, and snake fighting, he always welcomed the challenge of climbing something, where trees proved to be his favorite adversary. His all but magical ability to climb fast saved him more than once, and he continues to use the skill to its fullest potential.

  • Gartuff
  • Grumpop
  • Splindlenk
  • Biglith
  • Ragod
  • Trougglup
  • Mirlix
  • Zpildink
  • Phunk

Grippli are small frog-like humanoid creatures, bipedal and able to move both inside and outside water. They are very agile, known for being able to jump high and far, and will always fight to defend their home, especially when it comes to snakes and spiders, their racial enemies. Most are have an inquisitive mind and it’s not surprising to see some of them go out and explore, even never returning back. Think of where the character was born and where they lived, what made them leave their community, what might be their current goal, and think of a name worthy of the unknown world that is just a jump away.

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