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D&D Triton Name Generator & Guide

“Nonsense.” – the triton said, a disgusting look on his face. “The surface world should be aware of my race’s crucial role. If it wasn’t for tritons such as Navnas Daralath, none of you would even be alive.” – he finished matter-of-factly.

Generate Names

Jovnos Gahmolnath

Whustanyn Venemnath

Zurnus Naguxath

Wemlyn Navuxath

Dhelmes Nehromnath

Numnus Guhraxath

Dholdos Buhrumnath

Elryn Ranudath

Jhalgas Suhlurath

Jherzes Sehransath

Jhirvis Dugalmath

Merves Duvanath

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Tritons are humanoid creatures who come from Elemental Plane of Water. They came to the Material Plane chasing after great monsters who attacked them. Settling in great depths of the oceans, they could live for centuries without anyone knowing.

Since they essentially protect the rest of the world from the monsters that could ruin the balance, they see themselves much more important than they are thought of. This makes them seem prideful and arrogant, while they are actually misunderstood.

Some say Tritons are isolated aquatic elves who had too much time to work on their pride. Their names can be similarly melodic, though not always, and names such as Dhilgis, Vuhnus, Bhithlyn, and Nohlaren are some of the typical examples.

Triton Last Names

Triton last names always end with -ath, and are often longer than the first name, especially when it comes to males.

  • Dahramath
  • Ulellath
  • Alorath
  • Lumansath
  • Nohlolnath
  • Muhlamath
  • Vehragath
  • Junelmath
  • Dhehmegath
  • Leduzath
  • Nugaxath
  • Rabodath
  • Rahnalvath
  • Zudalmath
  • Bhubellath
  • Bhavallath
  • Anallath
  • Ragarath
  • Sahranath
  • Venemnath

Triton Female Names

Female names are usually 2 to 3 syllables long and quite melodic. Sometimes they can more easily put their race’s purpose aside, resulting in a more tolerant nature when it comes to the surface world and those who live there.

  • Vlaltyn Sagosath
  • Elryn Ranudath
  • Edryn Bhalansath
  • Mosahyn Amonzath
  • Horyn Gahnunath
  • Lonreren Zabozath
  • Uhlen Jobanath
  • Nahlyn Uhnasnath
  • Iryn Mavarsath
  • Itomyn Ponurath

Fornuryn Rumemnath

Having lost her partner in the everlasting war, she decided to leave for the surface world, doing her best to let those above realize how important her race really is.

  • Neslulyn Zudalnath
  • Altulyn Lonuxath
  • Ethlehyn Ahronath
  • Wemlyn Navuxath

Shimlyn Davalnath

Being a part of the army that battles on almost a daily basis, fighting great creatures of the depths, she is now a veteran, highly respected, and sought for her knowledge of the enemy species.

  • Anthyn Jahradath
  • Hodryn Soluzath
  • Flirlyn Mahnamath
  • Dahnunyn Nahrezath

Sornehen Nehlumnath

Her inquisitive nature led her to the surface world where she’s having quite a problem trying to figure out why the surface world races put so much importance to their meaningless bickerings.

  • Wetrahyn Saghalath
  • Doglilyn Juhlorath
  • Urludyn Ulolvath
  • Omlyn Juhnagath

Athyn Varasnath

After an impeccable career as a soldier and a high-ranking officer in the army, she lost her life fighting a Kraken. Due to her crucial role in destroying the very same creature, a statue was made after her so that she may never be forgotten.

  • Whonthyn Umalnath
  • Misyn Bhurogath
  • Yotlyn Egozath
  • Bhadranyn Nubanath
  • Natohen Bomanzath

Triton Male Names

Their just basis for self-righteousness seems to blind many, to the point where the dealings of the surface dwellers seem trivial to the grand scheme of things. This is why so many consider the whole race as arrogant and completely self-centered.

  • Vuhnus Dahrexath
  • Nozos Zegholmath
  • Dalgas Aragath
  • Danas Ganalmath
  • Numnus Ravalath
  • Khalgas Raghudath
  • Dimis Gughasnath
  • Vamnas Rudurath
  • Dhaldas Reghogath
  • Dirzis Dhagaxath
  • Vilis Alorath

Zudus Zurollath

Having lived on the surface world for quite some time now, traveling with a few adventurers, he adjusted pretty well to this new and strange world. While he tries to learn and accept new things every day, he’s still having trouble with the water drinking concept.

  • Cenres Nahrasath
  • Cohlos Bulonsath
  • Dhorvos Guhlolath
  • Jurlus Ruhrasnath

Rimis Uhlemnath

Used to hang out with whales and creatures alike when he was younger, thanks to which he now has a lasting friendship with more than a few of them. More than a few important information was shared by those very same animals which proved to be essential for some of the fights.

  • Khaldas Arasnath
  • Jhuhlus Gulenath
  • Molos Janallath
  • Dholmos Bululmath

Jovnos Gahmolnath

Being a young ambassador at the start of his career, he’s about to make a mistake that could cost his race the support of the elves of the region. The battle of egos seems to be starting, where both sides don’t want to take a step back, something that’s needed if they are to work together successfully.

  • Relges Ahnugath
  • Jovos Zaghomath
  • Jhigis Ubulmath
  • Jhaddas Luhmelmath

Jherzes Sehransath

As a prince and an heir to a triton kingdom, he’s constantly being both praised and warned for his involvement in the front lines during this horrible war. His actions are debated so strongly and often, that they are dividing the council members in two without even being aware of it.

  • Khahras Bhaghusnath
  • Jomros Ahronath
  • Dulgus Noramnath
  • Molzos Bumorath

Good, proud, and very aware of their race’s role and significance to the point of arrogance, Tritons are making a true difference in the world, no matter what other races say. They are the first to take up arms to protect all others, and they continue to do so, even when they seem to belittle the very same world they protect. Thanks to this fact, there are multiple roleplaying options you can have playing a Triton.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Triton name.

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