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Sahuagin Name Generator & Guide

Get back over here.” The tone of the order sent ripples across the chamber, after which the two Sahuagin turned and walked back to their leader. “I’m not finished. Before I let this slide, you both will attack both the castle and the city, and prove your loyalty by bringing their leader’s heads. Return without succeeding, and I will have your head, or I am not Trivrallolob the Supreme.

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Sahuagin are an aquatic race where most are over seven feet tall, with a humanoid body with two arms and legs, and a piscine tail that ends as a fish’s tail. Their fish-like head has a gaping mouth and a set of sharp teeth that can easily tear flesh.

When hatched, dozens of newly born Sahuagin fight among themselves for a whole year, after which the survivors are claimed by the parents or the community as a whole. This ensures only the strongest survive as they all strive to rule one day.

Their race as a whole wants to dominate the seas, and there are many reasons why they all try to carve their way towards power and glory. Such aspiration leads to actions that make their names known, names like Ibrabllolop, Yesgos, and Vostbollol.

Good Sahuagin Names

Sahuagin speak some form of an ancient lost dialect of the Mermish language, where most names resemble a sound when someone’s blowing bubbles. Sometimes, however, the names of the Sahuagin who maintain contact with other races sound more mundane, for the sake of easier communication.

  • Kokles
  • Zovgysk
  • Krabloloiblolo
  • Testris
  • Pybloloas
  • Ayypos
  • Oskyskrablolo
  • Ynaskallolob


His earliest memories reach all the way back to the first year of his existence when he had to act on instincts only, clawing and biting his way through life itself. All those fights left a scar, a mental one, which keeps disturbing his mind on a daily basis, and he has been having more and more trouble with staying calm and not attacking someone.

  • Ybagryllolob
  • Novkallolob
  • Piklor
  • Krikyllolob
  • Kraskrin
  • Giknyn
  • Opegyblolo


Having laid several hundreds of eggs during her lifetime, which is considered a worthy achievement within the community, she has certainly done her motherly duty. While she enjoys that much fame and success, she always wondered if she should have been known for something else, something closer to her heart’s desire.

  • Italeblolo
  • Itysgros
  • Ephyllolobosk
  • Visgysk
  • Tarollolob
  • Frygryllolob
  • Bivon
  • Phaldablolo
  • Ydotkis


Having climbed the ranks using nothing but his own ferocity and skill, this King of All, as he named himself, has been ruling what used to be three different tribes in the past. Now, after preparing for over five years, he has gathered an army that will not be ignored and the invasion starts now, with him leading by example.

  • Otraldyblolo
  • Ivytrellolob
  • Ogakrallolob
  • Phytkollolob
  • Brabloloellolob
  • Kosgin
  • Sovker
  • Syrrher


The hunting hasn’t gone well in recent weeks and it’s starting to bother her to the point of getting fits of anger where many innocent sahuagin end up being hurt. This has led her to participate in some risky fights already, and unbeknownst to her someone hired a mercenary group to make sure she is never to be seen again.

  • Isyrrhallolob
  • Yviven
  • Atriskryblolo
  • Irygryllolob
  • Follolobisk
  • Zigrysk
  • Phorlin
  • Drokras
  • Asivrollolob


It doesn’t matter how he gets what he wants, as long as he gets it in the end. The first couple of years of growing up told him all he needs to know about how tough life is, how much survival is involved, and that being strong is pretty much the only way to go if one wants to succeed.

  • Ekysgyllolob
  • Ykotrillolob
  • Idathresk
  • Orerlek
  • Tebloloyllolob
  • Vrevgyllolob
  • Gritryblolo
  • Grorles
  • Pesgris


Every plan he set into motion succeeded, from the smallest schemes to big life-changing events, and everything he did was an utter success. He climbed both the social and military ranks with astounding effectiveness, and just yesterday he become the commander of the army and one of the five best-known Sahuagin in the region. Alas, it was all for naught as today his life was extinguished by a well-timed and perfectly-placed dagger in the back.

  • Iyekren
  • Ybrathrys
  • Iwosgillolob
  • Ovorlillolob
  • Rolzes
  • Faltror
  • Prikok
  • Drellolobys
  • Krogror

This aquatic race of piscine humanoids is one of the more known species, at least when it comes to the seas they live in. Their inborn bloodlust and tenacity to rule over others appear in their every move, and to most other species they are as aggressive as hungry sharks tasting blood. Their own hunger for conflict makes them attack any and all surface dwellers they can find, and they continue to do so on a regular basis. Think about where the character was born, how did they survive their first year, what role did they take once they grew up, the main reason for leaving their home, and think of a name worthy of this future ruler of the sea and beyond.

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