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Come meet my sorceress, brother. The powers she possesses continue to prove to be beneficial for me and our people, while equally dangerous to our human enemies, and everyone would do well to respect her powers. This is Mhiiraa, and she is one of the keys to our successful future.

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Strix somewhat resemble humans but with several differences like jet-black skin, fixed pupilless eyes, slitted nostrils, pointy ears, and two large dark raven-like wings. They are nocturnal creatures, able to see in the dark, and highly territorial.

Their society is small, and most form tight-knit groups where individuals are very much valued, while murder is unheard of unless done by an outsider. They also possess deep hatred towards humans, though the reasons behind it are now lost.

While most Strix would like nothing else than to be left alone and live in seclusion, some aren’t content with their lives and so they decide to venture into the world where they become known, with names like Eesfaan, Niirnaa, Uunkiir, and Aandii.

Good Strix Names

While there are many stories about Strix, only a few tell a tale behind their names. Those who heard the explanation behind those stories realize that if we were to reduce the double vowels to a single one, we would actually get names much similar to the human ones.

  • Caaqduuth
  • Buurlii
  • Criibroouus
  • Erfaa
  • Gaachuuln
  • Iaamzuust
  • Yoondaard
  • Diiree


During recent years humans started to settle across the land her clan considers their own and, in time, this has led to numerous confrontations with casualties on both sides. After seeing the horrible consequences that followed every battle, she is has been working hard on convincing her partner, the leader, not to fall prey to the squabbles between the tribes but rather focus his effort on uniting their race against the common enemy.

  • Bhoolbiit
  • Beeluu
  • Suufruu
  • Mooruuuust
  • Rookmoon
  • Juuthuu
  • Huulpeen
  • Suusfii
  • Riirduuk


His parents and grandparents all died in battle against the vile humans that seem to be settling closer and closer to the tribe’s territory. The ever-present hatred in him keeps fueling his desire to plot and scheme, and he is never far away from a new plan that will spell doom for the so-called pinkskins. The latest plan, however, could prove to be fatal for him even if he doesn’t realize it yet.

  • Oteenn
  • Ryfnii
  • Broostreeg
  • Noohee
  • Unuugr
  • Voonkhood
  • Kreercook
  • Zaakaat
  • Ojee


As one of the main scouts of her clan, she’s been scouting the region for a more suitable area to which her whole community might relocate. While their current habitat is more than acceptable, the dangers that recently arose in the vicinity have to be avoided at all costs and that is the main reason for moving as soon as possible.

  • Juurreer
  • Khoonduu
  • Eeeqee
  • Qiiriig
  • Ormaauus
  • Nhoograauuc
  • Odhuu
  • Asliiee


Long ago, under the leadership of his great-grandfather, the tribes united under one banner and fought the sudden human incursion, securing victory at the end of the day. Today, crouched on a small cliff, overlooking the assembled people from many different clans, he delivered a speech that instilled a newfound belief and unity into the hearts of every present soldier and showed them that victory was once again more than possible.

  • Khaatuuiih
  • Ustiim
  • Maahhuu
  • Raassuu
  • Qoorluuc
  • Roomraaiik
  • Seedoo
  • Dhiilroon


She was never the one to live in a larger community, even compared to Strix standards, and she lived her whole life in a secluded cave, high in the mountains. Lately, however, the unusually unpredictable weather has become more and more troublesome with each passing day, and she suspects it’s all the work of the blue dragon she saw not that long ago.

  • Juubeeoosh
  • Raaiirboooor
  • Daakmuun
  • Ogaa
  • Kiibriik
  • Reemiiaa
  • Roorreel
  • Joosneek


After hearing countless war stories from both of her parents and grandparents, she realized she’s rather lucky to have such a peaceful and happy life, far away from danger, where everyone can spend their time pretty much any way they want to. Life, unpredictable as it always will be, had different plans for her, and the first sign of change will be brought by a wonder soldier bringing terrible news from the east.

  • Euuphyf
  • Nuuknees
  • Immuush
  • Suurnaa
  • Poomaa
  • Giighuum
  • Svaargaaee
  • Gaallmii
  • Looguus

While Strix have a rather sinister look to them, with dark skin, pupilless eyes, slitten nostrils, and two large raven-like wings, they would like nothing more than to be left alone for all eternity. Living in close communities they value each other, everyone tries to contribute at all times, and while they live in one place the stories claim their ancient real home is actually far away. Their language is a strange mixture of Azlanti and Infernal, a fact that only adds to the overall mystery of their race. Think about who their parents are or were, how the character was raised, what goals they might have, what might be the reason for leaving the family, and create a name worthy of the higher cause the character is acting upon.

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