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Fetchlings are descendants of humans who got trapped on the Shadow Plane, only to be all but cursed by its essence. They are of slender build, with either pure white or black hair, and pale yellow eyes, although most dye their hair in rather vivid colors.

While they often act as middlemen between the Shadow Plane natives and the outsiders, in both diplomacy and trade, many also decide to become adventurers, where the Material Plane proves to be the most interesting destination of them all.

Once out there, they use all their abilities to survive and make the best of every situation, and their actions often speak louder than words. These actions, in turn, make their names known, names like Rasremva, Nofza, Lagnu, and Qrucix.

Good Fetchling Names

Fetchling is actually a human-given name while they prefer to call themselves Kayal, which means Shadow People. Their names tend to be rather simple and have a somewhat dark and exotic feeling to them.

  • Xorix
  • Ikoc
  • Girunvuh
  • Qrunit
  • Ajum
  • Senvefzuh
  • Salzuhzo
  • Risa


Knowing fully well his kind would seldom be welcome on the Material Plane, he found his way to a religious organization where wearing a mask is a rule, and this allows him to roam the city without any danger of revealing his identity and origin. Lately, however, the duties have been interfering with his real intentions and plans, and he’s been looking for a way to stop having performing them at all.

  • Silvu
  • Hushoh
  • Cume
  • Drihu
  • Grelut


Having now accumulated enough power to travel to other Planes freely, the plans for the search of the ancient scrolls have been finally put into motion, and since the research proved to be a grand success, the outcome of the real work that begins now may prove to be crucial for the future of the whole empire.

  • Drolac
  • Nigis
  • Nacox
  • Zisa


She always had a knack for getting what she wanted, be it through tactful diplomacy or smart trade, and this allowed her to not only get on well in life but also get hired by the best trading company in the region. By now, she’s been at the front of every major company trade in the last decade, proving both her business abilities and natural talent.

  • Tugi
  • Relra
  • Zomzo
  • Ilim
  • Enam

Female Fetchling Names

Female names are often slightly longer than the male ones as they can also be 3 syllables long, though it is sometimes hard to guess a gender by just knowing the name.

  • Girhera
  • Thorratnu
  • Momzulsa
  • Hasrimvih
  • Homzah
  • Yonves
  • Yeme
  • Nilvu


Having loathed her life up until the decision, she now travels the roads after taking a one-way ticket to the Material Plane where she takes all matters into her hands. Making sure to profit one way or another, without realizing it, she became an adventurer and a mercenary, someone who will get the job done if the price is right.

  • Gemze
  • Thurhuho
  • Thirsutvu
  • Vimretno
  • Thisralse


As far as she’s concerned, she was always an orphan until a certain kayal took her under his wing, both raising and training her to become one of the most feared assassins alive. Today, she serves various kings, queens, emperors, and anyone else that can afford to part with such a vast amount of money for her skills.

  • Sihvu
  • Soshi
  • Yulu
  • Thulso


Somehow, after many years of plotting, scheming, and having the courage to put those plans into motion, she is now the head of a secret organization that rules the region. They are the power behind multiple thrones that are now firmly in their hands, where the rulers are merely their puppets waiting to be commanded.

  • Namze
  • Hocima
  • Rinverhi
  • Colvashi
  • Yugve

Male Fetchling Names

Male names are most often 2 syllables long and they usually have a more serious and darker tone to them than their female counterparts.

  • Zoku
  • Izar
  • Memix
  • Negex
  • Oduc
  • Branim
  • Jitec
  • Jacal


As a part of the group sent to the Material Plane to scout, he was tasked with finding a viable outpost location to establish a foothold in the region. All plans went flying off the table, a mere day later, when the local bandits ambushed them along the road. As the only survivor of the attack, he’s currently hiding in a secluded cave, wondering if he’ll live to see the sun rise again.

  • Drater
  • Zatox
  • Sede
  • Droto
  • Utum


Once a small-time thief in a middle-size town, he now prowls the streets of the capital, lurking in the shadows from which he strikes whenever he pleases. Stories say even uttering his name will put a curse upon you forever, and it’s no surprise that there are only a few brave enough to mention it in public or out loud at all.

  • Trotih
  • Nake
  • Qumul
  • Tradum


It was obvious that he was different than the rest of his kin, even from an early age, as he showed an unusual amount of empathy and an overall sense of fairness. Once he grew up he realized he didn’t fit in this rather cold and neutral way of life, he packed all his belongings and found a way to the Material Plane where he now travels the roads in search of anyone or anything worth spending his time on.

  • Nusum
  • Mija
  • Drajet
  • Onin
  • Yoru

These slim humanoids are direct descendants of the humans who ended trapped on the Shadow Plane. Its essence and powers slowly but surely started afflicting them until they became Kayal, or Fletchlings as the humans call them. They are agile, deceptive, and adaptable, though somewhat less perceptive on a larger scale. Many decide to become adventurers, seeking glory, riches, fame, and more, and the Material Plane continues to be the most desirable destination for generations. Think about where the character was born, who were their parents, what talents did they discover as they grew up, what is the main reason for leaving their home, and think of a name worthy of the adventures that are surely waiting around every corner.

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