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As the chaos raged around the spaceship that was all but destroyed, the captain turned to the android. “ADA, set course towards the enemy ship. And yes, I am aware there is a 97.3% chance we will all die, don’t mention it again, please.”

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When we’re talking androids, we’re talking about humanoid robots that are made using flesh-like material. They can be anything, from old and outdated machines with basic functions to modern and state-of-the-art bionics capable of great things.

Both in fiction and the real world, androids have always been a fascinating topic, often used in books, movies, and other means of entertainment. The sci-Fi genre has been particularly fond of having them as one or more roles in the stories within.

Androids don’t have to sleep, can function as well as humans, and can possess higher levels of physical abilities. As they are often more unique, they can leave quite an impression, with names like Dopha-6, Iphol, Blue, and Jacob.

Good Android Names

Oftentimes, it’s the android’s behavior and deeds that make their name memorable and worthy of praise. While they are simply following their programming and protocol, to others it can seem as if they have a mind of their own.

  • Zogon-4
  • Hinneph
  • Lashi-5
  • Ege-3
  • Nisegoh-9
  • Flame
  • Scratch-10
  • Texture


This Android serves as a clerk at the reception during the day and a bartender at night. He seems to be everywhere, all the time. This makes him the person to seek when you have a problem, and nothing is too hard for him, regardless of what the guests might ask for.

  • Voyage
  • Dannorron
  • Sigis-13
  • Devesan-3
  • Innel


This android was made by a do-it-yourself engineer and sold at the local market. While lacking some of the advanced capabilities, he is perfect for helping around the farm and guards duty overnight.

  • Peace
  • Jade
  • Quiet
  • Ido


This android is the first updated version of a model that has been in use for almost a decade. It represents the very best technology humankind has ever made, and she’s about to embark on a long journey that will make or break the entire race.

  • Sepho
  • Orran
  • Heshoh
  • Luxury-9
  • Twist

Female Android Names

While androids don’t have genders of their own, they are usually made a male or female, depending on the specific purpose they have.

  • Matchy
  • Hennila-5
  • Bapha
  • Haven
  • Orah
  • Hogaph
  • Aspect
  • Still


This android was specifically made for assisting in spelunking, construction, repairs, and other similar physical activities that require many tools. Somehow she is able to provide exactly what you need, from seemingly nowhere, as if it had some empty toll compartments inside her body.

  • Turn-2
  • Status
  • Ashas
  • Negen
  • Yili


She is one of the five androids that were assigned to visit the newly-found planet, explore it, and report any and all findings. Unfortunately, her ship was badly damaged during the crash landing, and she is now trapped alone on the planet, without any means of communication.

  • Sky
  • Dream-1
  • Procedure-14
  • Selfira
  • Eride

Male Android Names

Androids often take the roles of mentors, pilots, and drivers, and through the conversations we can see what rich and complex characters they are, to the point where we ask ourselves what is real and what is not.

  • Future
  • Emerald
  • Pause-10
  • Sona
  • Skip
  • Otis
  • Mechan
  • OwitronCylinder


Mr. Crowby, as he introduces himself, is a cheerful and polite android with a British accent. He’ll happily debate your philosophical stances, play a game of chess, and try to engage himself in as many social interactions as possible.

  • LEDA
  • Rob Oto
  • Ikexator
  • Af
  • Cylinder


A new breed of soldier, one that does not tire, lose morale or ever waver in the face of danger. He will execute all orders without question, though he does tend to deviate from the plan as much as necessary as he’s more than capable of adjusting to new situations.

  • Nozzle
  • Cole
  • ETB
  • Ichi
  • Corius

Androids are artificial humanoids, often possessing high-level abilities whether it’s math, quantum physics, psychology, or physical labor. They embody everything that humans are and would want to be. They don’t sleep, don’t age, don’t breathe air, and can function for a very long time. Think about the purpose of the android, who built it, how and why, what are their plans and commands, and think of a name worthy of their synthetic yet very much real existence.

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