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Deep Gnome Name Generator & Guide

The miners stopped as a gnome suddenly came rushing in, a silent scream on his face. “Drow” – the leader thought. “Thulwar, run back and warn the others. We’ll try to lure them away!”

Generate Names

Grinnela Spinelscratcher

Bentreck Depositbleacher

Schnellerre Coppersplitter

Alvilli Pelletmoulder

Schaglud Limecleaner

Disnarta Limeseizer

Kesgalna Peridotswitcher

Frarshann Crystalcollector

Daicktall Bronzegetter

Kemkeishi Wedgefeet

Dergeerti Sandear

Snaallig Dirtcounter

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Table of Contents

Deep gnomes, also known as Svirfneblin, are of similar stature to other gnomes, though their skin is gray, while their body is rock hard. Their natural habitat is the dangerous Underdark, deep under the surface and away from prying eyes.

They are expert miners and artisans, with a special love for gems. They are perfectionists and always in pursuit of excellence. Svirfneblin are determined, tenacious, diligent, and very industrious and productive creatures.

They are very suspicious and wary of other races. On the other hand, when someone goes out of their way to befriend a Svirfneblin, they are usually rewarded by gaining a loyal and faithful friend, one who brings a new outlook to life.

Deep Gnome Last Names

Deep gnomes usually have either a family surname or a clan name. A surname often has ties to natural raw minerals, such as rocks or precious metals.

  • Clayeyes
  • Copperfist
  • Geodebone
  • Lumpshoveler
  • Pelletheart
  • Bronzegetter
  • Jointcarver
  • Stonycollector
  • Rockchiseler
  • Goldbone
  • Mineralmask
  • Rubylegs
  • Garnetbender
  • Peridottrader
  • Claybringer
  • Wedgefeet
  • Marblelifter
  • Scraprecorder
  • Opalforger
  • Topazvein

Female Deep Gnome Names

Females have the eyes and skin of the same color, which is usually dark grey or black. Housekeeping is what the females mostly spend their time on.

  • Nente Emeraldhewer
  • Azinn Roughknuckle
  • Tisgi Bricktemperer
  • Atedd Rockfingers

Nergelki Marblecounter

With constant dangers around, mining in the Underdark can take its toll. She’s there to listen and help with your mental problems.

  • Evyeilne Blockfeet
  • Muzadda Emeraldsmasher
  • Fralgarra Cobblebrowser
  • Ghesgairta Tileteeth
  • Zursann Gravelleg
  • Frarshann Crystalcollector
  • Eneil Terralifter
  • Kude Grimemask

Greveenn Pebbleteeth

She’s smart, interesting, diligent, and kind. Also has no front teeth.

  • Khelgilni Leadpacker
  • Wenkaishi Shelfcutter
  • Barveiri Crystalchest
  • Yeggaldi Depositmug
  • Gherbildi Quartzbrowser
  • Esgel Ingotnose

Schushai Peridvein

One of the four female miners from her clan, she’s a perfect example of how males aren’t the only ones who can dig proficiently.

  • Mudann Obsidianmolder
  • Sninkee Shelfseizer
  • Schnasgai Ironsaver
  • Hersalli Millcleanser

Male Deep Gnome Names

Tough, and sturdy, many have no hair and are completely beardless. This comes in handy when operating in close tunnels, lowering the danger of getting stuck.

  • Golkun Sapphirebone
  • Gontrurs Alabastertwirler
  • Bentreck Depositbleacher
  • Wiltren Peridotshoveler

Tuggen Adamantchin

Former champion brawler, now the very core of the Swirfneblin elite warriors. First to arrive, last to get out.

  • Zulschir Cobbleswitcher
  • Tunti Pelletmoulder
  • Sheddla Ingotsealer
  • Taiktill Cragbones
  • Breckec Dirtbone
  • Thudmind Grimecheek

Drucnur Nickelfoot

One of the few smiths in the clan, best known for his skill at making weapons and sturdy tools that can dig through almost anything.

  • Banta Scrapsurveyor
  • Schithi Lapisleg
  • Frethrir Gemcollector
  • Snuttag Amethystcollector
  • Zirthmul Stonybiter
  • Zhugill Soilsearcher
  • Duttlars Groundwatcher

Kharthmet Jademerger

A skilled artisan and gem cutter. Rare are those who can work the precious metals like he can, turning them into potent items.

  • Tignirs Gravelscratcher
  • Sheedli Claybasher
  • Tindin Tincarrier
  • Brenthers Alabasterskin
  • Tedlet Leadvein

Determined, hard-working, secretive, and suspicious creatures with a deep appreciation for gems. While most keep to their natural habitat, those that do venture outside are usually the ones that managed to conquer their fear, letting the curiosity take over.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Deep Gnome name.

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  1. Hiya. Just wanted to say I love your page here. I’m curious how you came up with your names, though. I’ve been writing short stories and play-by-post RPGs for close to twenty years, and for me it’s as much random BS as derivations from multiple sources. I’m always curious about naming conventions, both real and imagined.

    1. guillaume brodeur

      Hi Wayne, that’s a great question! I spoke with many writers since creating Codex Nomina, and lots of them have difficulties finding names. I’m so glad to know our generators are somehow helpful.

      We use different methods to come up with names, but the main ones are (fantasy) dictionaries, forums, and our creativity. It is sometimes very challenging as our readers look for specific names, such as a funny name for a female gnome fighter. Recently we have been playing with AIs to come up with more names.

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