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D&D Gnome Name Generator & Guide

“Is it valuable? Is it valuable!?” – the gnome exclaimed with a shocked look on his face. “This stone is worth more than everything you own, my friend, or my name isn’t Everfart Minkibolt!”

Generate Names

Wilziver Whistlegrinder

Beagan Quillsharpener

Friktit Tinshaper

Teagan HoneyBuns

Tunti Pelletmoulder

Tafyx Klunetlua

Orgyra Waywocket

Ninkih Ironsorter

Runt Loadedpants

Merfan Nuttlattle


Loben Glems

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Gnomes are small creatures, averaging around 3’3” tall and weighing around 40 pounds. They have pointy ears and often grow facial hair. They can live for a long time, often even surpassing more than several centuries.

They have a natural affinity for arcane arts, especially illusion related magic. Gnomes also have a knack for tinkering and inventing, and they are often shopkeepers and blacksmiths, though they leave the armor and weapon making to someone else.

They are jovial creatures who love pranks and games, especially ones that involve hiding. They rarely leave homes, as they mostly have everything they need, but those who do leave are actually well suited for adventuring.

Gnome Last Names

Gnomes can have various surnames, ranging from strange-looking words, to more familiar ones and a mixture of words which many consider rather funny.

  • Dustseeker
  • Nuttlattle
  • Bernfitlacks
  • Ipswoms
  • Pelletsniffer
  • Tinkerfoot
  • Gemhair
  • Blaesocket
  • Sabblewloth
  • Muwlebra
  • Giobibaar
  • Woh
  • Apleldosp
  • Mirlon
  • Peedlupnon

Female Gnome Names

Gnome homes owe their coziness and warmness to the females. Their expert touch can turn any cold burrow into the most pleasant environment you have ever seen.

  • Shanaddi Ironshaper
  • Matailni Alloychest
  • Snudleini Wirebrander
  • Nipsy Dalfoodle
  • Jenna Tinkler
  • Myqaryn Higacen
  • Spikasys
  • Aithne Dinwiddie

Thumgeinni Garnetcleaner

With her family owning a jewelry business for more than 6 generations, it was only natural for her to continue doing so.

  • Tafyx Klunetlua
  • Spili Grath
  • Myqaryn Higacen
  • Isolys Bliclisp
  • Welkini Jepplaedriad

Welza Krid

The oldest gnome in the village, after the old Foodle died. Her knowledge about nature, animals, and plants is unrivaled in the whole region.

  • Fenqaryn Togglesprocket
  • Xyromyra Whistlegrinder
  • Gallina Bangcontraption
  • Snaslani Rockchiseler
  • Letradi Onyxsmasher
  • Khigadi Bedrockface

Fentina Wast

Works in a tavern as a waitress in a town on the rise. Also a member of the smuggling gang that owes their success to a corrupt mayor.

  • Usiaryi Slatewarper
  • Bankasys Bernfitlacks
  • Elwyse Poodloolpacks

Male Gnome Names

Gnome males can be sweet souls, harmlessly pranking others, but they can also be dangerous opponents utilizing illusion magic to keep you guessing.

  • Bratlic Turfsurvey
  • Fruklu Terratemp
  • Schnartank Eartwister
  • Gigget Pilwicken
  • Krankle Slyfox
  • Bink Leffery
  • Dugguld Lapisseizer
  • Wilfiz Klulnulme

Dellig Steelback

Had a horrible accident and what seemed a fatal injury. Thanks to a genius inventor, and a certain cleric, he gets to live his life again.

  • Frelwic Littlefoot
  • Gontull Claymoulder
  • Warver Eyeswitcher
  • Xogim Flintsweeper
  • Tanziver Cobblemug
  • Merfan Rapleth

Kelgim Milkgetter

No one actually knows his real name. Having the biggest farm in the whole land, he’s well known for very tasty milk.

  • Graziver Slatenose
  • Merzu Shelfbender
  • Warkas Coppersnatcher
  • Dokli Rubyforger

Dradlar Orepusher

Went against his family of miners, deciding such a monotonous life wasn’t for him. His curiosity fuels his constant travel.

  • Tildrull Dustsnorter
  • Snegick Boulderforger
  • Drendan Dirtcarrier
  • Figglar Gemfinger

Badass Gnome Names

Some gnomes enjoy more fame than others, though the reasons might vary to the point where the reason itself feels utterly ridiculous.

  • Dipple Sprocket
  • Zeph Nocktonick
  • Blink Millybonk
  • Felix Bignoodle
  • Bombus Clockmort
  • Ronybar Kimbingne
  • Zirthmul Stonybiter
  • Zita Gummen

Snaps McKraken

Some laughed at him in the open, but when the notorious ship intercepted their own, with him stepping onto the deck, the laughter turned into sheer terror.

  • Fenthwick Fizzlebang
  • Braggett Nickleplenty
  • Filius Fillydook
  • Marlo Grimboodle
  • Sharkey Finn
  • Fats Rumbuckle

Chug Dignugget

The only digging Chug ever does is digging someone else’s pockets. Having been to jail 7 times now, he’s starting to think it’s best to change towns.

  • Rondo Dimbuckle
  • Lucky Nimbledigit
  • Balabar Muckbuckle

Pranksters, tinkers, inventors, illusionists, ready-to-have-fun creatures. Couple that with a specific reason to leave their homeland, and you have a great recipe for an interesting character. If you always wanted to have fun, even during serious situations, play a Gnome.

Did you enjoy this guide? Tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Gnome name.

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      Guillaume Brodeur

      I’m guessing that you refer to the introduction of the female Gnome paragraph. Nothing weird here. It’s based on the lore of the race. Their stories are not happening nowadays anyway. And if you keep reading a bit, you’ll find stories of badass female Gnomes. In the end, you’re free to choose the story of your own character.

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