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Vishkanya Name Generator & Guide

Don’t worry, I don’t bite. Not unless you ask me to.” The wicked smile revealed a split tongue, yet another of her serpent-like features. “Oh, come, if I wanted you dead you wouldn’t even know I was there. I’m Racixosa, and you are most welcome to pass through this land, although only if I see you through.

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Vishkanya are ophidian humanoids with scaly skin, pupilless eyes, and a split tongue resembling that of a serpent. They are rather intelligent and insightful creatures, and they enjoy using poisons, deception, and all-around secrecy wherever they go.

While they are quite perceptive, they can also be quite irrational where their actions portray a different type of personality than they usually possess. Most other races find them rather graceful and alluring, at least in their own peculiar way.

They make for great spies and assassins, but also teachers, and their abilities are greatly appreciated by other races. This fact allows them to pursue those jobs with ease where their names become known, names like Irjise, Ykoeses, and Xseilkso.

Good Vishkanya Names

While Vishkanya names are somewhat similar to human ones, their serpent-like tongues make it hard to pronounce the names clearly, creating something seemingly new in the process.

  • Irnala
  • Dhiryaji
  • Udritrashtra
  • Zurjikh
  • Korszakh
  • Ataitix
  • Zsotrirtie
  • Okzedu


One moment she’s dazzling you with her wits, the next you feel more than just a tip of her cold dagger in your back. Having been trained since an early age, she’s equally skilled in both diplomacy and combat, and no matter which one proves to be the appropriate one for the given situation, she does the job to perfection.

  • Ana
  • Kshahaksha
  • Ardapta
  • Iswatrasri
  • Hertath
  • Zhecit
  • Hikhotziss
  • Sisarhasj
  • Exelzi


The sea always called to him and so he found his place on an ancient island, brimming with life, and it wasn’t long before he managed to stand out among the other cutthroats and become a captain of his own ship. For years, when not actively working on strengthening his own position on the island, he’s been roaming the so-called Great Lake and being a potential danger to any ship brave to cast away.

  • Inja
  • Ujija
  • Hrurdilwa
  • Sudgantiptu
  • Cashesz
  • Xeksakh
  • Disheexhat
  • Cedhazsat


Having been on the run for quite some time now she recently got with a group of three other people, adventurers on the move, which proved to be a welcome change of pace and the main reason for her to be able to forget her past life. The danger is not over yet, however, as two assassins are traveling closely behind them, patiently following their every step.

  • Prarna
  • Mashka
  • Ormija
  • Donshtrabha
  • Irmavyushtri
  • Iraikh


Being well-spoken, insightful, and a master assassin for more than three decades, she is now the finest teacher in the secret school of death, into which only the chosen and those invited can enroll in. The school is the place to be when it comes to the arts of subterfuge, assassination, and spying, and she’s long made sure her job is the only thing in her life.

  • Crusoxhe
  • Celsitisz
  • Elaksa
  • Apta
  • Nintha
  • Krayaga
  • Maradras
  • Dhaksholm
  • Shoru
  • Thiella


His secret organization has tasked him with not only meeting the unknown drow but also helping him with anything he might need. Knowing fully well who the drow was and that he could learn so much from him, he is determined to show himself in the best light possible, and he will not hesitate regardless of the situation at hand.

  • Chirszatosz
  • Okalse
  • Ava
  • Khidga
  • Davishna
  • Sulwipa
  • Ayittumvra
  • Lucesh
  • Zarthush


After being trained by some of the best martial artists, spies, and assassins for two decades, she was now ready for the ultimate test. Venture out into the world, find a way to contact a certain secret organization whose tracks are all but invisible, infiltrate their ranks, and return once the goals of the mission are all accomplished.

  • Zsodiccuth
  • Alaci
  • Abha
  • Krirma
  • Krintaswa
  • Chajurka
  • Vattrastakshat
  • Iecshor
  • Locee

With scaly skin and pupilless eyes, these ophidian humanoids have split tongues and sharp minds. Graceful like the elves, they have a certain allure to them, something most other races can’t deny. Their natural inclination to poisons, coupled with being masters of deception, makes them highly suited for spying and assassination, and many other races decide to hire them for their talents. Think about where the character was born, how they grew up, what do they believe in, what do they feel their destiny is, and create a name worthy of all the turmoil their deceptive ways will surely stir up.

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