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Lashunta Name Generator & Guide

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Lashunta are humanoids, psychics, who possess natural telepathy and many other mental powers that are all but magical. Once they hit puberty, they decide on which of the two subspecies they will be from that point on, damaya of korasha.

The damaya are taller, intelligent, calm, and more observant, while the korasha are stockier than the two while being quite boisterous and diligent. Both subspecies, however, possess psychic powers and can be equally dangerous.

Most other humanoid races can sense Lashunta’s natural pheromones and are attracted to them, at least on a subconscious level. This also makes them remember their names, names like Cimaite, Raemiyan, Kalavaethi, Palan, and Suvaethura.

Good Lashunta Names

Most Lashunta names are easy on the ear, even to the point of sounding melodic. Sometimes other humanoid races aren’t able to differentiate male from female names, at least not until they actually see them in person.

  • Berteus
  • Eegai
  • Jaenitha
  • Nilseus
  • Kalar
  • Frimaia
  • Varnimar
  • Raemahan


Always fascinated by social behavior, especially during answering questions one might not necessarily like, he tried to learn as much as he can about any and all nonviolent interrogation techniques which eventually landed him a job in the infamous International Interrogation Organization.

  • Sathy
  • Kaesihen
  • Aima
  • Nimas
  • Morvaeshan


After highly distinguished service as a soldier, and later a high-ranking officer, she eventually started her occupation as a personal bodyguard for the elite members of the society. Using her connections from the past, she is currently protecting a very important scientist on a verge of a fantastic discovery that will change life as she knows it.

  • Sarvaen
  • Haezaya
  • Grima
  • Ratha
  • Naesha

Female Lashunta Names

Due to all Lashunta possessing strong pheromones, even the simplest of the names can cause wonder in someone’s eyes, at least on a subconscious level.

  • Zol
  • Keievafu
  • Lesa
  • Limiss
  • Reaneloss
  • Sheizavi
  • Ora


This korasha loves combat so much that she enrolled in one of the most famous fighting academies in the known region, and has been honing her skills for years. Her ability to read surface thoughts allows her to stay one step ahead of her opponents, which results in some of the best performances in the history of the arena she’s fighting at.

  • Daona
  • Theies
  • Vololl
  • Ohho
  • Vash
  • Veielen


Books and scrolls have always been on top of her list of priorities. After spending years studying the ancient history of her people, she now roams the worlds in search of ancient texts referring to a certain relic she feels will play a major role in the near future.

  • Vosh
  • Vimari
  • Sih
  • Veiemi
  • Hirush
  • Zhis

Male Lashunta Names

Most other races find male Lashunta names too similar to the female ones, while their race has no trouble differentiating them due to tiny nuances when speaking such names aloud.

  • Thofezo
  • Dely
  • Sakarull
  • Shas
  • Sevameall
  • Zeme
  • Lesyve
  • Keaemen


Finishing at the top of his class, this damaya makes almost everything look easy. The skill, the grace, and the sheer creativity when it comes to solving any problem has proved to be more than enough for him to be hired by a top analyst organization that extends their services across multiple star systems.

  • Iridos
  • Hall
  • Nadefash
  • Anelos
  • Isaka


Less talk, more action is what he would say if he actually wanted to say anything. He’s first to act, first into the fray and the last to come out, and no matter how much the odds might be stacked against him he never waivers, not one bit.

  • Zimeni
  • Sekiniss
  • Thorass
  • Mofoll
  • Zheiamos

Lashunta Last Names

Lashunta don’t really use last names, though many earn nicknames that sometimes stick. In fact, so much so, that they often either provide more explanation on who they are, or simply raise even more questions.

  • Chalk
  • Aspect
  • Bones
  • Eternity
  • Bells
  • Oneeye
  • Longshank
  • Clocks
  • Mindtwist
  • Checkmate
  • Brightmind
  • The Fixer
  • Hacks
  • Stitch
  • Answers

No Lashunta leads an ordinary life, if nothing else because of their borderline magical psychic abilities. The mere fact every one of them decides on how to continue growing up once they hit puberty makes them one of the more peculiar races in the existence. Regardless of whether they go the more direct route, or use their cleverness to avoid obstacles, most are well suited for travel and exploration and make for quite adaptive adventurers. Think about where the character was born, what values did they grow up with, how and why did they use their abilities, what are their current goals, and think of a name worthy of the extraordinary life that is surely in front of them.

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