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Oread Name Generator & Guide

“You are more than welcome to stay, be it for a night or for a drink only but Do not mistake acceptance for weakness, however, or you will taste my wrath.” The Monk’s eyes flickered with temporary rage, though the calm demeanor returned shortly after. “Oh, but where are my manners. I am Irmum, a pleasure to meet you.”

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Oreads are stocky with shiny skin and stony hair and are natural descendants of mortal humanoids and creatures made of earth elements. While some hide their features, others show them off on purpose, remaining honest about their heritage.

Raised by humans, most love peace and quiet and feel the need to be in secluded places where they can easily focus on their thoughts. Though they dislike most of the unexpected actions or chaotic decisions, the young ones do enjoy adventuring.

Most middle-aged Oreads start feeling an almost irresistible urge for adventuring as if something was pulling them, and through such actions, their calm personality turns into passion, making others remember the names like Etran, Techinsa, and Bersha.

Good Oread Names

Most Oread names are rather suited for slow pronunciation, something one can hear when they themselves say it, and they can also have a certain melodic feel to it, as well.

  • Sedo
  • Pahdan
  • Nafterdun
  • Lurse
  • Gulludut
  • Bhinilsha
  • Bumduhvir
  • Tuther


After finishing the academy, he’s been working as an explorer and a geologist for a famous mining company. They frequently send him to new undiscovered locations where he’s able to use his skills to find minerals and other raw resources before they send the rest of the mining crew to do their job.

  • Ennun
  • Orhum
  • Rirlernyr
  • Verorse
  • Dhensucu
  • Jomdam
  • Othom
  • Mervetrot
  • Addyr
  • Orlyr


Having been declared mad by most of the community he lived in, he quickly isolated himself in the not-so-distant hillside. He’s been living alone ever since and hasn’t spoken to his kin or any other intelligent species, and the only companion in the last two decades has been a strange animal that looks like a mix of a large cat with eight legs.

  • Hershoma
  • Hehli
  • Bhenna
  • Unhomme
  • Sumhun
  • Himme
  • Nutha
  • Ponnuhvo
  • Galtallom

After spending most of his time at home, leaving only when needed, he recently felt something akin to a call, albeit one that was happening in his mind. Some strange force was suddenly luring him towards a place he only heard of, and he spent two weeks preparing before leaving on this unexpected journey.

  • Ilmithar
  • Samtonna
  • Madhomme
  • Rahnos
  • Arelvos
  • Tesle
  • Shuhla
  • Osne
  • Pafhidhi
  • Barhiha


It seems that whenever he reaches a destination set before him, some new location calls to him, like a never-ending cycle of search, discovery, and desire to immediately move on to the next one. Unbeknownst to him, an ancient powerful relic reached out to him in his sleep and has been guiding him ever since.

  • Musma
  • Godanhys
  • Suvralthim
  • Pethros
  • Tihvasnu
  • Guvry
  • Ammi
  • Wishta
  • Bhihla


This all but mad alchemist has no time for anything else other than his job. Secluded in his laboratory, deep in books, scrolls, herbs, and potions, he continues with his grand schemes of discovering a new kind of antidote that will change the course of the horrible war his people are currently having to take part in.

  • Banmudor
  • Lumho
  • Shilnalso
  • Rhelselmi
  • Sahdorvur
  • Hoha
  • Unthofthi
  • Thayo
  • Varnohvem

As descendants of humans and elemental earth creatures, Oreads are calm and collected beings of a stocky build, with shiny skin and stony hair. They prefer solitude and bask in peace and quiet, although young and middle-aged ones tend to go on adventures.

Despite their serene approach to life, once angered their rage can reach all but limitless heights so it’s best to stay on their good side, and once they feel the call of the unknown world, they find a goal that leads them on in that direction. Think about where the character was born, how did they spend their early years, how the adventuring life called to them, what might their goals be, and think of a name worthy of the pilgrimage they are surely about to take.

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