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Sylph Name Generator & Guide

Come, let me introduce you to someone.” The invitation was clearly made in good faith but the hair on her neck still rose up. While her mind raced with questions and possibilities, she managed to find her composure in the end, at least enough for a proper greeting. “Hi, I’m Vadenni. And you are?

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Slyphs are offsprings of mortals and creatures of elemental air, remarkably resilient compared to their pale and delicate build, and while they can pass off as humans, the wind that follows their every move speaks volumes about their true heritage.

Often raised by humans, where their true nature is frowned upon, they grow up to be shy and suspicious, calculating every possible outcome before engaging in a social conversation, for a true Slyph has to have the means to escape any potential danger.

Many become adventurers, regardless of the reason behind it, as it also means they get a fresh start, a new beginning, a life where they guide their own destiny while the winds whisper their names, names such as Afel, Zalle, Eeyaaya, Nini, and Gawesh.

Good Sylph Names

While one can’t be certain without knowing their language, it is often said their names have a meaning that goes beyond a single word, although not everyone believes these stories to be true and rather think of them as pure fabrication.

  • Cidum
  • Lizash
  • Lezam
  • Lulish
  • Vegim
  • Zugesh
  • Ilin
  • Hesush


Showing extraordinary ability to perceive even the smallest facial expressions since a young age, regardless of the race in question, he has become one of the best investigators in the region, and more than one war was prevented thanks to his actions, both on the field and in the interrogation room.

  • Misun
  • Umed
  • Mumash
  • Ezun
  • Adee


Leaving her home well before reaching adulthood, life was rough for her but she managed to survive and find a place of her own, although it wasn’t what one might think. “The road is all I have”, as she says from time to time, hinting she can’t and won’t ever settle permanently, no matter how alluring the location might prove to be.

  • Vammee
  • Reha
  • Tevi
  • Kisase


As one of the less shy Sylphs around she enjoys working as a tourist guide, where her history knowledge helps tell grand stories behind her race, thus passing the mostly forgotten knowledge to the younger generations. This is her true calling as she enjoys nothing more than teaching kids about old times.

  • Wissada
  • Illanna
  • Ihamme
  • Niwi
  • Ewe

Female Sylph Names

Female Slyphs are sometimes even warier than their male counterparts, often using their intuition to guide them through potential dangers that could be lurking at every corner, and this all but inborn talent continues to prove to be a most fruitful asset to have.

  • Lenne
  • Leni
  • Sifah
  • Asa
  • Fimmele
  • Feffale
  • Levehee
  • Lisive


As soon as the engineers managed to craft the first airborne vehicle, she was the first one to volunteer. Since then, she has gone from being a test pilot and flight instructor, all the way to achieving a high-ranking status in the army, as well as being a leader of their now formidable aerial forces.

  • Famma
  • Winne
  • Tile
  • Iha
  • Ade


Having come across a powerful djinn who saved her life, she pledged her allegiance to him and vowed to help him in any way he can. Today, she acts as his diplomat who travels different planes and goes wherever the need for diplomacy arises, though there are rumors her duties are more than mere negotiations.

  • Kallasa
  • Hidiwa
  • Melasee
  • Fiffahi


Her research has led her to believe a part of the real truth behind her race’s heritage lies in the ancient books and scrolls hidden deep inside a certain long-forgotten temple. Determined to find be the first one to find it, no matter how impossible it may seem, she’s now traveling towards the supposed destination after acquiring an important relic, proof the place really does exist.

  • Memme
  • Assi
  • Vida
  • Esa
  • Dayilli

Male Sylph Names

Their love for secrecy often leads them to join secret organizations, a place where they can satisfy their curiosity and thirst for information, which in turn allows them the means for much easier and convenient spying of other people.

  • Vulush
  • Lemaal
  • Enam
  • Nuugud
  • Umel
  • Gevil
  • Iizim
  • Zumaam


Born to human parents, it was quite a shock for him to learn about his true heritage on the day a certain Sylph passed through the town. Questioning everything he learned up until then, he became so restless that he knew he needed to leave his home as soon as possible. Without saying anything, he packed the few belongings he had and left the town during a moonless night, never to return.

  • Niful
  • Fugad
  • Zumem
  • Jewash
  • Cidul


Having known the king for quite some time, he now serves as one of his spies, and his current mission is to discover any and all dangers lurking in the king’s court. With many nobles having several potential reasons to rebel, he certainly has his hands full at the moment, though that won’t stop him from believing in himself and his abilities.

  • Wugad
  • Fuliish
  • Aniin
  • Aafiil


Having little luck when growing up, as well as being an orphan, he had to resort to anything that meant bringing the food on the table, legally or otherwise. As the years went by, he visited several towns and cities, only to settle a bit more permanently in the capital as it proved to have the biggest number of opportunities even for someone like him.

  • Diined
  • Fewam
  • Cadum
  • Idush
  • Gimed

Slyphs are usually descendants of a genie-like creature and a mortal humanoid, pale and delicate, who end up growing stronger than their looks would first suggest. They love living wherever the strong winds reside, and a gust of wind seems to follow their every move as well, and while they tend to be neutral-minded and wary of law, they obey it if it doesn’t ruin the nature of their life. Think of who their parents are, how and where was the character raised, what was the most valuable lesson they learned, why they decided to venture out into the world, and create a name worthy of all the secrets they will surely discover.

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