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Undine Name Generator & Guide

Agreed. As long as our community and the lake are treated with respect so shall we respect yours and we thank you for this opportunity and hope for a new start where we can all prosper together. I am Wehhy, and I hereby swear me and my people will honor your ways under those conditions.

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Undine are offsprings of mortal humanoids and elemental water creatures. With skin as blue as the ocean, webbed hands and feet, and their graceful build, they are excellent swimmers who prefer staying close to the water as often as they can.

While they can’t actually breathe underwater that doesn’t stop them from making habitats on the coasts, and sometimes even creating floating islands made of ships. They are also fairly religious people who hold little resentment towards others.

Many become adventurers for different reasons, and while they may be possessed by wanderlust, trying to find help to defend their home, or simply exiled, their names often become known in the process, names like Lihraa, Vojegok, Zaba, and Zognar.

Good Undine Names

Undine names can vary both in length and sound and while some sound guttural, others can be more melodic compared to the rest.

  • Ghemamdom
  • Zekvenbik
  • Mininbid
  • Vak
  • Dham
  • Dimmim
  • Rhookod
  • Shacdak


Having left his home a long time ago, he now presides over a small community made by fellow outcasts and anyone else wanting to start over, where his word is the law. For now, leading others proves to be far more demanding than he thought it would be but he wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.

  • Shagnidok
  • Arirder
  • Danakvoj
  • Zinryn
  • Wema


Serving in the army for quite some time now, the moment the invasion was hinted at he volunteered to be a part of a group that was to be sent in advance, not only for scouting purposes but to also gauge any enemy forces and other potential defensive measures.

  • Abun
  • Buhma
  • Pamfundy
  • Waabulu


The search for a suitable location to build a camp continues to be futile as the terrain so far seems rather inhospitable. The fact it’s been a month since they started only adds to her anxiety caused by the lack of any large body of water, and now others are feeling it too, a fact that made the leaders start discussing whether they should all turn back despite failing to find success.

  • Wenhiru
  • Lannummaah
  • Haamy
  • Mylbi
  • Imni

Female Undine Names

Undine are a unique race which also means they are capable of having Undine offsprings, and on many such occasions the newly born babies are taken care of by their parents in a smaller community, further away from the main one.

  • Niladhya
  • Penulga
  • Fifzina
  • Bube
  • Fybe
  • Leffa
  • Refe
  • Fuby


She never understood why they all felt the urge to stay near water without being able to breathe in it, though she never denied it’s how she felt too. However, after reaching adulthood, she was fed up with the feeling as it prevented her from any real exploration. After talking to several friends, they all decided to venture out into the world, determined to let go of their instincts and achieve complete freedom in the process.

  • Siry
  • Mevryni
  • Luharih
  • Demfyde
  • Dafzu


Ever since she was little, she displayed a higher sense of justice, empathy, and loyalty. Family and her community were the only things that mattered, and she would do anything to protect them all. It was no surprise that she took the role of a future commander, and did it with great success, where she has dozens of guards under her command and the times were never as peaceful as they are now.

  • Wefen
  • Nehly
  • Luhmaa
  • Calnemfa


Greed and thirst for power slowly crept their way into the very fabric of her community, and the consequences have long been felt. The sheer injustice and unequal possibilities among her people made her escape such a life one night, under the cover of darkness. She kept going as far away as possible ever since, without any real destination, stopping only to rest and recuperate before continuing where her legs would take her next.

  • Dalifi
  • Hirhuny
  • Imenra
  • Raha
  • Yammu

Male Undine Names

While some other races might call their behavior erratic, the truth is that they are simply more melodramatic, putting great value on everything they do. Thus, other races usually see them as drama queens while Undine can’t seem to find the words to explain the importance of their troubles.

  • Gomdem
  • Dagak
  • Ghanoosh
  • Eresh
  • Dakinij
  • Dhigagdaaj
  • Orvevem
  • Shin


Proud of his origin, with a great sense of what’s important for his race, he’s now well on his way to find as many ancient scrolls as he can, preferably the ones that mention the history of his kind. The first stop is the underwater temple of the old, a place which many dare not even seek, let alone try to enter.

  • Sher
  • Gikaanbir
  • Ocihz
  • Gaadik
  • Diboj


While he might not be the smartest of the bunch, he is loyal to a fault, and he managed to achieve the dream of being one of the Temple guards where they protect the biggest collection of books, scrolls, and other relics, all tied to his race one way or another.

  • Nindagdej
  • Okdojaj
  • Rish
  • Vev


Always wondering what’s out there, far beyond the mountains to the west, the sense of wanderlust has nagged him throughout all his youth. Now that he was finally an adult, one that could make choices of his own, he decided to prepare for this journey he was destined to make and leave as soon as the winter snow melts.

  • Ghodehz
  • Jem
  • Gikdik
  • Dokvin
  • Bammomaar

These long-living humanoids have water elemental blood flowing through their veins, and as such have a natural affinity for water. While they don’t have gills, their bodies are made for swimming, and most get anxious if they stay away from large bodies of water for too long. Undine don’t hold any real grudges and they are tolerant of other creatures, and as long as they get the respect they deserve they will honor any and all traditions. Think of where the character was born and where they grew up, what would be the reasons for wanting to leave the community, what are their future goals, and create a name worthy of the exciting world that they are about to plunge into.

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